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Finished Quantic Dream's Heavy Rain just now. It's a good story overall, I would recommend it. Although, there were quite a few points, that bugged me, they seemed a bit out of place, unrealistic or forced. Some of them were minor, some of them seem to be related to your choices or you ignoring certain interactions or characters' thoughts. The latter could definitely use some work to make some scenes a bit more natural.

But the worst part is that there were some things intricate to the main plot that were simply "bad". Some "motivations" of the characters I can forgive, lack of or inappropriate emotions at times - as well, although they they did make me cringe a bit. But there is a certain death in the story that just... Makes no sense to me. At least, not in the way it's shown. There is no logical chain of events actually leading to it. It's simply forced to justify certain aspect of the story. Sadly, I do not want to spoil the story itself, so can't name that aspect. But that death simply forgot all about human biology and physics, at least.

In technical sense the game aged ok. We can definitely get much better animations nowadays, especially facial ones, but they are still good and textures are detailed enough for the purpose of the game.
Camera sucks, though. I'm ok with fixed camera, but it's often placed in very "uncomfortable" places and switches at even worse ones. It's especially bad when you have prompts to move your gamepad stick, you start moving it, but camera switches mid-action and fails to recognize the direction of the stick, failing the action, forcing you to move it "slowly", even if it was not that kind of the action being prompted. I am also not that fond of lack of color coding and generally too subtle button prompts: sometimes they are too easy to miss. At least some color coding and slightly larger buttons with more obvious edges would work better. Not those exaggerated ones from Telltale Games, since they would not fit the overall style, but still.

Also Madison's ass in jeans looked extra weird to me. Unnatural. It looked perfectly fine in skirt, but in jeans it was too edgy and protruded.

Despite some negatives, I still recommend it. For full price? Hm... Perhaps with a 10-15% discount - grab it then and there.