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It's difficult for me to say, whether it's good or bad. It has a lot of flaws. Story is so-so, it tries to be good through audio-logs, but you need to search for them specifically and the logs are not that good as in, say, Bioshock, where portion of the story was also told through audiologs. Some things doe not make much sense (even the "twist" in the end) and overall it all feels like it's lacking motivation.

Gameplay is repetitive in terms of combat (ability to switch bots does not help much), some things are inconsistent (like the way to open doors). Traversal mechanics are interesting (I like the spider thing, it gives proper feeling of speed), but the last portion of the story was annoying (and is if an entirely separate game).

But I like the "world" here. With some polishing (to make sense of the lore) the overall concept is interesting. And while there is desert on the surface, there are some more interesting "dungeons" (not all of them, though). It could be good to see how terraforming is done here. Speaking of dungeons: game does not give you that much of a motivation to go into those, to be honest. Yeah you get loot, but I can't say it is that much better than some random chests you can find outside. And tank dungeon is a pain, IMHO.

When I started writing this, I wanted to leave a thumbs up, but by the end of writing... Sadly - thumbs down. Lots of potential, but as many flaws.