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Definitely recommend this one. It's sometimes too weird and illogical, but that's kinda the point.


I like how it may be interpreted as dealing with survivors guilt (which I, in a sense, dealt with or rather still dealing with). If you "obey" you, actually, "accept" the facts of what happened, what had to be done to get you to this point in time. Director is like a psychotherapist helping and guiding you to health. If you "disobey" - you are blaming yourself (which is a big theme if you pickup the items and listen carefully), driving yourself into a corner and replacing yourself with an illusion: Lily is living through James, because he makes himself believe that. And if you go for "formless" you are... Well, still work in progress, you can go both ways. I guess, this can even help actual psychotherapists in determining patients' status, because I am a "work in progress" and I inadvertently got the "formless" ending and I understand why I made those choices and why they can be considered "wrong".

If a game makes you think that - it's worth trying.