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I am not a fan of "text-quests" or how you can call them, but this is a pretty decent sample, in my mind. At the least, it does try to touch upon the "darker" things of the past from perspective of a profession, that always embodied that "darkness". And while it's far from perfect (especially some grammar and general translations stick out quite often, guys definitely need a better tester and someone with more experience with English in general), this is a solid attempt.

It can make you cringe, it can make you uncomfortable through the [unnecessary] details. I know how important and risky that actually is, because awhile back I wrote a small piece, which had similar purpose (to disgust), and can't say it was received that well, until I explained the actual purpose of the text. So, yeah, if you do not want to understand what may be going on inside the mind of an executioner, do not buy it. And do not buy it "just for kicks" either. You need to be prepared for the gruesome and uncomfortable as an important part of the story and overall experience.