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It's not perfect. At least it does not feel like after first playthrough. I mean the story. A lot of things barely make sense, if at all.


For example I became Carver, but it's extremely unclear, why Ellis snapped in the end.

At least to me. The second to last chapter seems a bit too stretched out, too. And overall the setting and characters are not as fleshed out, as in Observer.

Why am I recommending this then? Because of the atmosphere. I am empathetic, too much so, it causes quite some grief to me IRL, but with stories it helps find "real" aspects behind them. And in this case, the anxiousness, the guilt, the fear, it still felt real to me, despite not making a lot of sense. It was not as acute as Hellblade, but still. And because of this, I do want to support this game, I want the team to continue making new ones. And if they want some help with making psychological issues more realistic - they can come to me and I'll gladly help.