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DONTNOD's Vampyr is quite good. Very atmospheric, not wanting to let go of you, until you learn everything about all the characters. Battle system is simple, but yet can be quite challenging still. In general it has some interesting social roleplay mechanics.

But there are some things, that bothered me: no fast travel or minimap, for example. Overall the map is not that big, but it's a labyrinth so complex that simple movement from A to B may take awhile. Especially, if you did not run a circle and did not open that gate, that makes a relative shortcut available for you. And you do need to run quite a lot to complete all the investigations or to keep all citizens healthy, and unlike, say Assassin's Creed or Shadow of War or even The Elder Scrolls or The Witcher there are no traversal mechanics (and they could be an awesome addition) or beautiful landscapes around to make this less of a chore. Lack of minimap does not help, either, considering the labyrinth of all those small streets and dead ends. Honestly, I think that a minimap with "fog of war" would have been better than a big map.

Also despite relatively good story, which is good mainly due to minor details of characters around, that help you get into all this, make it feel a bit more real, there is a plot line, which I did not like, since it was too weak: love line. It's extremely weak and forced and lacks a feeling of intimacy, which can be brought even by the circumstances the characters are. A good example could be Shinsekai Yori, for example, where love was brought under stress and it makes sense.

And another point: repetitive dialog options. There were some cases, when a question was asked and it was answered normally, and then later on you get an option to ask the same question again with different wording and reaction is as if you have never asked this before. For example I asked twice whether Elizabeth was Johnathan's maker.

But overall, do not get me wrong, this was a pleasant experience and it was very hard for me to force myself to finally go to sleep, instead of continuing with the game. I just hope, that sequel, if it comes, will have these points refined somehow.