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I liked New Order. It took me in a grip and did not let go until the end. It felt like a breeze of fresh blood scent. This one does not. Firstly, took me like an hour to finally launch it with beta patch. Then I simply could not believe what was going on on the screen. It felt like a B-movie with budget (yet not that pretty even in Uber in 4K). It felt plastic. And was utilizing even more cliches. And while I am not against cliches themselves, I think they were poorly used this time.

Also too unrealistic the way BJ moves in wheelchair. Even though they could have limited movement and make it more interesting. Too unrealistic such a crazy mother has a daughter, let alone such a fat softy one. IRL she would be either dead or insane as her mother. To predictable with forcing the girl to kill. Too predictable with the suit... And BTW, when I put it on, only lights and HUD remained on screen. NO TEXTURES. They just disappeared for no reason. And why they hell I can't change weapons on the controller? And why is everything washed out and too bright similar to what I had in Mafia 3?