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This weekend I tried Agents of Mayhem and Shadow of War. Agents of Mayhem felt empty, not really that funny, even though it tried to be, too cliched in terms of characters and shooting was dull. I guess real-life setting works better for the this genre. Good thing I downloaded a cracked version first to try it.

Shadow of War though is completely different story and I do not regret wasting so much rubles on its golden edition. Firstly, I liked the original quite a lot, even though some points were quite repetitive, even though justified. This one still has them, but they are even less of a burden because there is more randomization here. The first event, I realized how good this game is, was when a captain attacked me (not the first one, but a tougher one). After 4th or 5th jump over him and hitting him from the back he adapted to this tactic and I no longer could jump over. I tried execution, but he turned out to be immune to it. I then started stunning him, but he adapted to stuns pretty soon, too. Luckily he was running low on health and I had some arrows... A few head-shots and he went down. Like 10 real minutes.

There was also that Ukbuk guy from first area. I killed him 5 times. He did not know how to stay dead. But that's not all: there was a beastmaster, that killed me and raised up in rank to Captain. I then recruited him, but he betrayed me after I killed another captain, that turned out to be his blood brother. I had to kill him, but he was resurrected... like 10 times... Until execution did finally beheaded him.

So, as you can see, it's unlikely that you will have 2 identical encounters in here. But that's not all: there is also a nice fight against Balrog. And Bruz is awesome.

Also, there was a "complaint" about how orcs suffer from Talion... Well, the way they become deranged may actually make you pity them. I guess, that is the purpose though. And it does actually deepens the character a bit (if you play the Bruz quest till the end).