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It's not a bag game, but to me it shows how TellTale games are starting to lose something.

Firstly, the story. I did read quite a few Batman-related comics (and DC in general, even though, I am more of a Marvel guy). I know some of the stories there could be a bit silly, but nothing major, usually, since they were able to entertain you on several level. Here... It's just average. Most characters are underdeveloped, as well as their relationship, except for Bruce<->Alfred, which takes a lot of screentime and makes Bruce look like a total baby, while in comics he was an actual man, childhood trauma or not, close relationship with Alfred or not. Using Alfred as "bait" is too cliche, too. Relationship with Harvey lacks background and they seem more like partners, rather than friends. Relationship with Selina is too simple, while in comics it was quite more complex and fiery. The story also likes to reuse same noticeable locations too often. And in general it could use some more grit, and we know already, that TellTale can, actually deliver it.

But, story flaws aside it's not that bad. Average, but not bad. And it does suit the gameplay. I especially liked the fight scenes, one of the best QTEs I ever played. ALthough I still do not see the point of that shiny bat symbol. Detective scenes could have used more polishing, like allowing you to come to wrong conclusions and affect the story, while now, you won't be able to move forward unless you match them all correctly.

Now, my main beef here is technology. It's lacking. Muddy blur in some places, especially blurred Steam's overlay (in 4k in Windows 10), ignorance of some of the choices, broken necks in some scenes, stuttery animation and (rarely) delayed sound, several random crashes, when the game just closed itself, cloud sync getting broken and needing restart... I think TellTale should have focused on QA a bit more. Perhaps getting the production on a conveyor is affecting the studio slightly. I saw some minor precursors of this in earlier games, but Batman turned into a pinnacle of them for me. 

So, marking it as non-recommended, in hope, TellTale will notice and take a small step back in order to polish this conveyor and give their following games a bit more... Personality. Soul. Once again, not a bad game in itself, but I know TellTale can do way better if they try.