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Animation is like from the 90s, strange camera, blurry textures. Voice-over feels too... Overacted, I guess. As the whole beginning is, even though it's being presented as if "normal day". Steampunk elements seem illogical at times. I mean, too illogical. Also, why does Lex crouches almost all the time?

The way you are introduced to the story is bad, as well: you are thrown into it, but since it lacks proper dynamic (which should be present in such cases), it makes you feel bored, instead of excited. Even Rise Of Tomb Raider threw you in along with good dynamic and it felt right and all. Here it does not. The temp suggests that it should have been a more gradual introduction to the characters and the world, and it then would have been more realistic to present the main story as "beginning of another job".

All in all, I'd really love to see a good steampunk game, but this is just not it. Not for me.