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I tried Layers of Fear today. It's not a "horror" game per say, more like a dark atmospheric walking simulator, but it is good still. I did have a shiver a few times (mainly because of stuff I am not comfortable with IRL as well) and some moments and effect are a bit psychedelic. In fact, at some points it does force you to think outside of the box, because thinking inside of it will make you mad. Too bad it dives in really quickly without much of a premise: that way you could actually get in the shoes of the character and feel him more vividly. As is I felt more like a side-liner, rather than the actual character, even though some moments tried hard. Either way - worth a play.

I tried it using a pirated version, but bought it instantly after completion, even though I missed the discount. It may be a bit steep of a price, but devs deserve it still.