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I really liked the prologue. Good dynamics, some insanity, full of action. Then I got to the stealth part. And honestly I am getting the same feel as from GZ: empty, plastic. Well, less plastic, due to somewhat better graphics (even on extra high and on 4k textures seem muddy, but not like that matters much), but still empty.

I compare it to, say, Sniper Elite: it also has huge maps with a lot of distance to cover, yet the action seems and feels more packed. In PP I feel like I need to spend a lot of time, just moving from one stealth zone to the other. Realism - yes, but it's not the kind of realism, I'd want in a game. Also, during the 1st mission AI seemed a bit... Straight-forward and easy to fool?

Again, in Sniper Elite even on normal enemies seemed more... Cunning? I mean, some of them could actually follow you through the whole map at certain conditions. In PP - just run around, hide and they will drop the search in a few moments. They will still more alert (whatever that means), but that seems to be it.

Maybe further in the game this changes, but I was not able to get myself waste time on horsing through miles and miles of dead space to find out. So, marking as not recommended, although if you can get through uneven dynamics of the game to see more story cut-scenes - you may enjoy it.