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I have mixed feelings about this one.
I did not even care for the plot. 1stly it seems, like, you need to know what happened in previous games, but either way it seems... Well, a bit over the top and ridiculous to me. So I started skipping very soon. But, let's be honest, when did fighting games had an actually good plot? I do not remember such.

Graphically it's ok, even though it's PS3 port, rather than PS4 from what I understand. Although, to be honest, in terms of looks, I like only Mila and Tina. They seem most "real" to me, despite Tina having bigger boobs, than what she would have had IRL. Others seem too plastic and dumb-faced, IMHO. Generalizing a bit, maybe, but still. I like Mila and Tina as characters, too. Well, again, they seem more "alive" and "down to earth" somehow compared to others.

Music seems good, which is also important to a fighting game. Maybe not the best OST, I could think of, but my ears does not bleed and some of the tracks do really suit the mood of the fights.

Now... For the most important thing: gameplay. Well... As usual I started with playing tutorial. I know, that most fighting games have same basics, but tutorials can give hints on some more complex technics. I exited tutorial on the last part of Critical Burst or something. The one where you press Punch and Kick simultaneously. The one where you need to "follow up the Critical Burst". I thought I had to do the same thing as in previous tutorial, where I do Critical Burst, than a combo, than Critical Burst again, but... Either it did not register or something entirely else was meant. Either way, even up to this point, I've been noticing some issues with registering directional keys when they are required to be input in-between punches\kicks. For example when you press Punch, Punch, Right, Punch it's often registers as Punch, Punch, Punch, Right. I'm using XBOX ONE controller and.. This frustrates me. Even stranger, that if I try to recreate this without touching the opponent it gets recreated.. Most of the time, but not always. Like 75% of the times it's done as expected. While with opponent odds are reversed.

But ok. That may be a rage quit. I checked the following tutorials simply by names and there seem to be some more advanced technics in there. Instead of trying those, though, I decided to start the story mode and return to tutorial, if I feel AI too strong to handle without finishing it. Well... Button mashing. Maybe not exactly, but it works. I mean in Mortal Kombat, for example, you needed to do complex combos and use skills to finish AI opponents. Here - just punch and kick randomly, while using directions to switch High\Mid\Low attacks to break through guard. That's it. Drive opponent into the corner and just use quick jabs and uppercuts (when opponent is down). That is it. Maybe it will become harder closer to the end, but so far difficulty seems to rise up mainly because the new opponent has different body type and you need to get used to his\her animations.

But surprisingly it felt... Fine. The kind of fine, that you can get from DMC games, if you just mash the buttons. You still get through, not artistically enough, but you disable your brain for a moment and just let it out. It does give some satisfaction. Primal one, very simplistic, but still - satisfaction. And again, there are more advanced moves in there, that are quite hard to master, so you can up your own game.

So, I will mark it as recommended. It is a quick fix, just to blow some steam off and watch some jigglies. After all animation is pretty good (although boobs seem to jiggle too much even with "natural" settings. And characters do have different body types, seem to have different speed and thus do actually feel a bit different when playing them.

But my advise: wait for a discount. Like 50% or more. And do not bother with those costume packs, which cost even more than the game itself. If you have that much money to waste - better give it to me ;)