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It has a bit of Allen Wake-ish feel to it, rather than Outcast or whatever like that. Meaning more mysticism than pure "horror". This is a good thing, for me. It is very good in terms of graphics, including the gory stuff. It has style. The style, I actually could use, if my idea of a game takes a hold somewhere. Maybe I will send the idea to Bethsoft...

The bad thing is... It's trying to bee too cinematic. For that purpose there are black lines at the bottom and at the top of the screen (supposedly 'cause of that) and camera is very close (gonzo style). Both of that limit the FOV, which makes gameplay... Uncomfortable. It could also use a "quest guiding system", like to show you general destination for your current objective, but that's optional. I also noticed that AI is not that smart, in 1st chapter there were no keys for the door on 1st try (saw them after I died and checkpoint got reloaded) and some minor game-design "issues", which do not make the game worse by themselves, but do spoil the picture further.

Either way, I am dropping it for now. I hope, that there will be some kind of a patch or a mode to zoom out the camera (and better yet - remove the black lines) in near future. Preferably an official patch. And now, console options are not ok for this, because they make it worse.

I am not recommending it, but if a patch is released - I'll play it further and update the review. Otherwise, I guess I'll stick with some videos of the walkthrough or something.