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In terms of style it looks great. It has that retro feel of how a real spaceship should be: small and uncomfortable, serving it's purpose and nothing more. Graphically in general... Well, it's ok. Human animation kinda sucks (seen way better, say, latest Shadow of Mordor), but maybe aliens are animated better (did not get to them so far). In terms of atmosphere of a desolated ship it is fine. It reminds me of some better moments from Star Trek: Elite Force 2.

But the story and how it goes... Meh... It seems too slow (even for the original movie), motivation of the characters is quite lax (like why that guy suddenly trusts Ripley, when he just acted like a total psycho? why are people out there trying to kill each other, even considering a riot, when there is an alien hunting them?). And it seems very scripted. Like, when I had to distract a few "bad" guys, I was noticed by them when getting out of the vent and they even started shooting at me, but as soon as I was at the other side of the door - a few cries from them and that's it.

Ripley has some sexy legs, but they can't save the game in my mind. 5/10 only for the atmosphere and Ripley's legs. Too bad your 1st task is to dress her,