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When I played it during early access stage I did not like it. Well, it did not have any voice-overs at the moment, no motivation to go forth. Just pure concept. When it got out, I did try it again. And I actually like it. A bit off my style, since it's purely based on magic and I am more of a slasher guy (like knifes more than guns in real life too), but... It feels pretty good. Reminds me of Hunted: Demon's Forge. And I liked that one. As was with Hunted I want to get deeper into the lore here. I want to know more about the characters. That is enough for me. At least at the moment.

Still not sure about the crafting system. Yes, I can see that it may give some small befits, but.. So far it feels a bit useless. More like a vanity customization. I mean like changing "forms" may give some tactical advantage at some points, but other than that, do not see much point in it. Maybe it will change a bit later in the game, though.

Graphically it looks quite solid. Maybe not perfect (some animation on female Gryphon seemd a bit odd), but really solid. And yet it runs pretty smoothly. And even though it's mainly dungeons they do not seem to repeat each other (at least not so far).

In terms of audio it is good as well. I liked voice actors here. They are one of the reason I am reminded of Hunted: Demons Forge. It's similar to it: a bit of humor, a bit of an attitude from both characters, but yet some kind of understanding and acceptance of each other. Like there is a bond there already, that will only get stronger (don't think that in a romantic way, though, since will kill male Dragon's goal).

I think I'll give it an 8.