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I am on chapter 3 at the moment and I like what I see. Quite decent a picture, while pretty good performance: I've set everything to highest setting, except for compression - I left it on, since without it everything starts too lag. With compression though - lag-less play.

Nice EDM on fights, although too infrequent to my taste. AI is good, reminds me of what F.E.A.R. was able to give back in the day. Stealth can be very useful if you want to find collectibles. Perks provided for completing challenges are not overpowered, but some may assist in walkthrough on higher difficulties.

The story... Can't say that it's anything super-duper, but it suits the genre and setting for sure. Dunno what will come next though. And I like those small homages to orignal game: main character design, gold stuff as collectibles... Nostalgic. I guess I'll give it... 8.5/10