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In my mind it's probably the worst Spidey game on PC. I really enjoyed the 1st game (the one based on the 1st movie): it gave you a feel of actual swing. Like, camera angles, different stunts he pulled, some blurring. It had style. And yes it had more places, where it stuck the web to thin air, than this one... But it was way more fun. And camera worked better.

In the 2nd game.. Yeah, they added more realism (less thin-air-webbing, swinging using 2 arms independently), but it's ruined by bad camera and by lack of the "wow" feel, which was more-o-less provided in all the previous games (with Ultimate Spider-Man and Amazing Spider-Man as a pinnacle of it in my mind).

Fighting system is boring: too repetitive, even compared to the 1st game. And story - bluah.. I know, that movie-games generally get lousy stories (even though there are some bad-ass arcs in Spidey comics: I know since I read a lot of those), but even the 1st game just took you in instantly. It managed to keep-up with the "wow-effect", even though it did not really had anything actually new to give. And here: boring story, lousy voiceovers... Yeah, they added seemingly randomly generated events, that were lacking in 1st game, but... They do not save the game.

In the 1st one it was fun for me even to simply collect those comic book pages and here it's just a total pain in the ass with constant eye-squinting. 4/10