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Is this a good game? Well, it has some good points: in terms of skill-level and feats I think it has a good approach. You level skills simply by leveling and getting skill-points, but for feats you need to do something extra (craft, for example). They are pretty easy to get, though: some extra challenge would have been great. Fighting has some potential, but.. It does not seem to have any actual combos and so in the end it becomes quite repetitive.

Crafting is... Well, not sure if you can call it that: it's simply upgrading of stuff, which requires specific resources. Graphically it's not bad, but I've seen way better, especially in terms of lights and shadows: this one is very bright in some areas. In terms of sound: there are some good music tracks, but voice acting... Let's be honest, it's awful. Actors do not seem to have any passion and for games like this you need it, sot hat players will believe in the story, relate to it.

And the story itself... Well, it reminds me of Demon's Forge in someway, but I liked Demon's Forge way more, even though it had its flaws as well: it had interesting fighting system, shooting system, humor in the dialogues, good voice acting. Inf act at first I though, that Bound By Flame will be similar, but only some points of the story are (also it's "open-worldish"). Overall, I am am ranking this as not recommended, and I give it... 6/10 I guess.