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You know like there is Mr. Muscle for cleaning? Well, it’s the reverse – you "dirty" everything. With blood. You know like both "muscle" and "blood" are part of human body? That's where the analogy came from.

This maybe 1 game, but most likely it would make more sense to have 2 (or more) separate games in "franchise", like "Ms. Blood: Zoologist" and "Ms. Blood: Detective" or something like that. And there is a mascot, that is a blood-drop, but stylized to be like, dunno, Nancy Drew or something. Or Dora, the explorer. Or it can be that you can unlock different costumes for it even.

There are 2 types of puzzles, that I can think of:

  1. Filling in blood vessels of animals (and maybe humans, too). An animal is split in "parts", each part is a separate puzzle, the like where you need to move a character (our Ms. Blood) in certain order across a field of "cells" to "color" them without "stepping" on each cell more than once (possibly with some exceptions). When you finish a puzzle, some trivia about the animal is unlocked, and when you complete all the puzzles for an animal it "comes alive", probably a 3D rotatable and zoomable model.
  2. Not exactly sure how this one would work, but idea is that there is a crime scene, and you need to "unravel" the sequence of actions, that conspired. For that you need to find places, where blood spatter would/could be (kind of like hidden object game) and then you need to complete similar puzzle as in previous example. This has potential to tell stories in a non-linear way, if told between the puzzles, or in a simpler version, a full story is unlocked once all the blood splatters are found.