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  • Final Fantasy XIV Tracker:
    • Changed main page and search logic to limit the amount of information pushed to the page (better performance and readability)
    • Updated some of the images with ones of higher resolution
    • Added "Tracker" to og:image
    • Added server to members
    • Limit number of company ranks to 25 by default. Full history is still stored in database
    • Limit number of total level changes to 25 by default. Full history is still stored in database
    • Added linkshells support
    • Added linkshell information on characters pages
    • Updated links to be similar to what are used on Lodestone
    • Added handler in case an entity was removed from Lodestone
    • Register button on main page will allow to register any kind of entity, not just Free Company (will try in this order: Free Company, Character, Linkshell)
    • Changed approach to data update: instead of doing it in frame it's done via server-side events, which update tooltip for an appropriate element on page. This element is not present if entity was removed from Lodestone. It also allows to force update if required.
    • Set og:type to profile for characters' pages
    • On Free Company update company crest is saved as favicon and og:image to provide them on page load. "Merged" crest is used in other places as well, if possible. Since done only during update, some pages may lack it, if they were not updated for a long time.
  • General:
    • Added sitemap available by [url=/sitemap/xml]/sitemap/xml/[/url] or [url=/sitemap/html]/sitemap/html/[/url] links
    • Forced stripping www from pages