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I called it, that something will try to pivot the revenge story towards "people need to know the truth", although it will eb part of resurrection goal. But other than that...

Firstly, why, indeed, did they not kill Adonis? If he was a threat even when he could barely cast anything, it would make sense. They did kill Chloe, after all. Even if they wanted to maintain a facade like "we do not kill children", imprison him, and then and then do something to help him die. Poison or something.

Secondly, the guy was imprisoned for 10 years and somehow became more agile and stronger without any training? He was a wimp, after all, so how? And he also somehow learnt even more magic through his mind without even a way to test any of his theories, that could potentially just kill him, rather than do anything useful.

Thirdly, why would he even want to pivot from revenge? Chance of resurrecting someone, does not deny possibility of killing all humans, if he wants that.

Fourthly, how were witches even stopping progress? Were people becoming too lazy using their magic or something? Desire to not be dependent on that magic is fine, but work on sciency stuff in parallel.
Anyway, not continuing, even though atmospherically it is ok. Just too many inconsistencies already, and I expect it will get worse.