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I even watched 2 episodes, but still could not figure out where this is going. Is it trying to be a relaxing anime? Is it about girl failing to come visit her father? Or about father missing his daughter? Is this supposed to slice of life?

Anyway, since I was fast-forwarding most of the time, it mainly means this is boring for my taste. Ange is also quite ab it unrealistic, considering how scrawny she is for a sword fighter. I am not expecting her to be extremely buff, but the design was clearly inspired by Akame from "Akame Ga Kill", and I think Akame was a bit bigger. And I am not talking about Akame's breasts: I think she was bigger overall, and she also had an air of experience around her. Agne is supposed to be S-rank, but I do not feel any weight behind that title, do not see the weight of that experience on her.