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Dark Hole

It's ok visually, acting is generally ok (although not always), but logic here is just... It suffers.


Gasoline is speeding to the another car to get ignited, as if it's s weightless and frictionless. We clearly see the car explosion covering, at least, half of a person getting dragged out of the car, meaning, that that person and, probably, the next one should be hurt. Police knowing the name and visuals of a "serial killer" and not being able to catch her for a very long time (several years, if I got that correctly). Jumping on blades and expecting not to be hurt (although maybe this is part of "magic" here). Expecting refunds for a ritual. A low ranking officer being off duty and still being called to a murder scene for no apparent reason. A guy forgetting his diarrhea after seeing a pretty stone. Nurse not flinching when her phone gets stolen (and not reporting it and calling it "lost").