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This is a really good game. It is very short and simple, but the way the stray intertwines with the gameplay, the way emotions from the "real life" sip into the "fantasy", they way words are used in various ways through-out the game- this is an amazing experience. And it also shows the proper way of to show how psychological state affects our art, something that The Darkest Tales I've played recently was not able to do.

I have 2 complaints, though. First one is more technical one: volume of the voices in some places was very low, even though it was turned to maximum, and it was not because of the music. Second one... Well, I guess it's not so much of a complaint, but rather a desire: I would love a similar game (perhaps a sequel?) but with a more open-world level design, similar to the mentioned "The Darkest Tales" or Ori series. Or maybe just a sandbox, where you could use the magic words in various ways, perhaps with puzzles which you can solve by using multiple combinations of words.