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I was actually looking for potential desert, like cheesecake, but search for it on Wolt led me to Rax, which had free delivery for my place (which is extremely rare, sadly), and while scrolling through it I saw "Dip box", which caught my attention, because... Things do not look overcooked on the photo. Especially onion rings.

It is quite common to find fast-food snacks that have a lot of breading, rather than the main product itself and are also cooked in oil (sometimes not necessarily fresh) just a bit too long, so that the breading becomes almost dark brown. It is especially common in McDonald's, Burger King and the like, but in smaller restaurants, too.

I was curious to see if the real product would be the same, so decided to replace potential cheesecake with this "Dip box". And... It was very close to what you see in the photo on Wolt (which is good, since I did not take a photo of the original).

It's not just the looks, though. Onion rings have just enough breading to help them keep form, I could taste proper onion inside. Similar case with mozzarella sticks: breading is minimal, and it also has some herbs in it, which adds some uniqueness to the taste, without covering the cheese. Jalapeno poppers have proper juicy peppers in them, almost the whole length of the popper, and not just bits and pieces of it.

Sour cream is quite good, too, but ketchup is even better. Probably one of the best I ever tasted, because I could, indeed, taste tomatoes in it, and not just sugar. If it's not home-cooked, I would love to know the brand, in case I ever want to buy some.

My only "complaint" is that fries are a bit flimsy, because they are small. They are mot like "fries" that are common in some Slavic countries, rather than "French" ones. Sometimes it's a bit tricky to properly dip them, because they are just a little bit harder than the ketchup. Making them a bit thicker could help.

So... Yeah, I was surprised how good this unplanned waste of my unemployment fund was 🤣 It was worth it, for sure, hence this shout-out. Definitely recommend this "Dip box".