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Below are the inconsistencies, I've found in Detroit: Become Human while playing it. None of them make the game bad, though: I highlt recommend playing it, if you like interactive movies.

Below text has quite a few spoilers, some of which may be considered signifficant.

Related to laws of robotics

These inconsistences are based on assumption, that the game's world follows Azimov's Laws at all. I found nothing in the game, that could clarify it.


Problem: Not sure self-defense would be considered breaking the law, unless owner did not order to not react. At least robot can just go away far and long enough to owner to calm down. I think it would be possible to have some limitations ensued by manufactures as well, so that it won't affect warranty.

Solution: Have it common, that androids can protect themselves to some limited extent based on what would be harmful to an actual human. For example, HK400 would not protect himself against cigarettes that Carlos Ortez used, but would protect himself against the bat. Allow non-harmful incapacitation of assailant (like some choking handle, for example), but not his death.


Problem: Protecting the child of owner from the owner does not seem like breaking the code as well. On contrary, inaction would break first law.

Solution: Kara is persecuted not for hurting Todd Williams, but for “stealing” Alice.


Problem: Why could not Kara just report abuse? Marcus was able to call police after all. Reporting it would be simple compliance with 1st law.

Solution: Kara should have an option to report Todd and wait for police to arrive. If she does not wait – persecute as usual. If she does wait – Todd regains conscious and tries to attack her again, thus she runs and continues her journey.


Problem: Why saving fish would be considered a glitch? Fish should be considered human property in this case and thus it would be protection of that property.

Solution: If interacting with the fish, consider a glitch, if fish is left as is. If not interacting with the fish – nothing changes.


Problem: Why saving Hank is considered software instability? Aren't androids supposed to prevent harm to humans? Or is it because survival chance was high enough?

Solution: If Connor saves Hank, do not consider it a glitch and make Connor act accordingly, like “it’s my program, I had to”. If he does not – consider a glitch and add regret, if Hank dies (if he can die in that sequence at all). If regret, then it can be used as a way for Hank to become a father figure (or guide) for Connor later on, if he does not kill Chloe.

Specific moments

Problem: There should be a way to stop the snipers: if Connor has authority to call of helicopter, he should be able to stop snipers as well. Especially since android is human property and Connor should be protecting it as well.

Solution: Add ability to stop the sniper but make the sniper android-hater (for example), that shoots regardless. Preferably, when Connor and Daniel are going back inside the house.


Problem: Does not make much sense for Markus to become deviant and then have a choice not to act on the reason he “broke”.

Solution: Choice to become deviant instead similar to what Connor had later, but if chosen not to – force to become one from further abuse by Leo or loss of Carl. Or make him deviant without a choice but provide choice to ho badly to retaliate against Leo: immobilize, beat, kill.


Problem: When Markus is junkyard, there is a moment with arms as is often used in horrors. Not suited here.

Solution: Remove it altogether, ideally. Or make the gap wider, perhaps not so “square” and do not make arms “move”, perhaps only a few twitches as he passes. Maybe one can grab him, but that’s it.


Problem: Coat for Marcus (when he is leaving the junkyard) was way too convenient. Why would anyone even leave it like that? Besides, he then simply loses it afterwards anyway.

Solution: Leave him without the coat. When walking around make people rush away from him and whisper about him. Add episode, when a human approaches him, asking if he is ok, thinking he is a human. Give option to unveil Markus as android to that human, to shock the human.


Problem: When Markus was leaving from the bench, there was a moment a parked Android looked at him and blinked red. Why?

Solution: Not sure since I do not understand why this was shown in the first place. Perhaps the android reported Markus?


Problem: Where did Markus get his initial clothes for Tower infiltration?

Solution: Add an episode where he steals clothes for himself and Jericho. Perhaps a shop-raid.


Problem: Who placed service clothes in the toilet?

Solution: I do not see anything good, except for merger with the next one solution. And no, use of the camera deviant is not an option, because it’s not explained how he got converted even. If he was converted and not simply deviated.


Problem: What was the point of the maintenance cart if it's then just left behind (outside of server room)?

Solution: Remove the cart. Or merge with previous problem and make Markus steal clothes from it. Although that does not explain where North got the clothes, as well as Simon. And does not explain why they could enter the building through maintenance entrances, too. Probably need to rework the whole episode even.


Problem: I am not sure but would not the vacuum thingies on glass be heavy enough to prompt the glass inside?

Solution: QTE. If failed – glass drops attracting attention (even with the closed door).


Problem: Is ramming the store that of a good idea? Markus could damage androids in there with debris.

Solution: Firstly, there should be another option (maybe there is, but I did not see it, though). Like laser cutters he used previously. And if he does ram the store – some comment from North would be good, like “I like your style, but this can damage androids inside”.


Problem: Markus seems tired when Kara starts talking to him. Do androids feel tired? If he was supposed to be thoughtful, it did not look like that.

Solution: Change the pose and face expression. Perhaps, leaning back with eyes closed.


Problem: Alice blinked when she was playing dead and flashlight shined in her face.

Solution: Make her close her eyes when she is playing dead.


Problem: Was Kara crying when talking to Rose? Or is this something about lighting? Why would androids have tear-glands?

Solution: Change face expression somehow, if needed, but remove the tears.


Problem: In Singing sequence, first soldier puts down the gun too soon: he should have waited for at least the second sentence, better yet - third or fourth.

Solution: Adjust timing.

General inconsistences

Problem: Unclear how Markus visual damage (to his skin, I mean) got fixed. If he is masking it as with regular skin, then why Carlos’ deviant we encountered before had not used the same technique?

Solution: Do not repair it. Rather utilize some clothing to hide it.


Problem: When Markus reaches Jericho and looses hos coat, his shirt seems totally fine, even though previously it was damaged.

Solution: See the problem with the coat above first, and then do not hide the damage. Clothing shop raid (mentioned above) could help here as well.


Problem: Why do androids have different faces? I mean, to differentiate models, ok, but they use holographic skin or something either way and Tracis can adapt themselves according to lore. But should they not have all the same face by default? Why do we see so few androids with same faces as main characters? It’s making them too unique in the setting of the story.

Solution: Firstly, need to have clear “initial” (“design”) purpose designated for each character. Secondly, have more of their “clones” encountered outside. They can be just far away. Current cases (like 3 or 4) are too few and too story-driven.


Problem: How come no one knows who found Jericho? They are androids that should be able to remember that much.

Solution: They should know this. They should know who the first deviant was. Or rather, it should be human. Most likely the same one, that started spreading “rA9” thingy through the network.


Problem: Stable in the basement of Zlatko's house: do they really do that kind of thing? It does not seem likely and it does not look like specifically designed to hold in androids as well.

Solution: Instead, use cells created by Zlatko specifically for the purpose.


Problem: Amanda is worried that media will learn about deviancy, but does not media already know about at least some of the cases at this point in time?

Solution: She should be worried about spread of deviancy causing panic (and dropping sales), not about the knowledge of it in general.


Problem: Where were androids from the park getting parts and blue blood for themselves? I mean, it looked like they have been around way more than Jericho and Jericho was inside the city and still struggling. Was this due to cold or something?

Solution: Simply decrease androids’ number by half at least and scatter their parts here and there, implying, that some shut down and others used their parts for themselves.


Problem: Androids across CyberLife, that you can break out, seemed to be deviants even without conversion.

Solution: Make them stand still.


Problem: North was previously in Eden Club, that is she is a Traci. We just recently had a case when Traci attacked a person. Why was North not alluded to in any way during that episode?

Solution: Mention, that something like that has already happened before even if it was a different club.


Problem: Simon could not walk before. How did he get off the roof?

Solution: He should not be returning at all. He was losing blood, and police should have come to the roof regardless of finding another deviant. Dead is dead.


Problem: How come Markus is able to convert remotely suddenly? If he was always able to do that, why was he not doing it like that?

Solution: Clearly show other deviants converting those new androids.


Problem: How did Rose and Markus knew each other?

Solution: I think the best option here is to make Rose explain things while in the car, describing, how she learnt about Jericho in general and about Markus.


Problem: Amanda says, they needed to wait for the right time to resume control, but then why did they let him convert all those androids? Why did they not try this with other deviants?

Solution: Attempt this hack earlier, probably after Jericho is destroyed, but before Connor leaving for CyberLife.


Problem: So is there a network or not? This encompasses a lot of stuff, but generally, if there is no network besides that pin on the head, it does not make sense, how Markus can convert remotely and how androids seem to know so much besides what’s required for their basic purpose. And if there is a network – why can’t they be found?

Solution: Remove the wireless connectivity along with GPS with that pin. But make adjustments according to solutions for other problems. Can also instill some “fear” of lack of knowledge due to no access to network.

Discrepancies in behaviors

Problem: Why would Kara know to kiss and lie down with Alice? Does she have required programming? Is that common for all robots? It does not seem likely, since models are designed based on their purpose as is implied by Tracis and Luther, for example.

Solution: Explain it somehow, that Kara has a caregiving program aimed for children. Or make her read some magazine with stuff like that and only then provide the choice to kiss and lie down.


Problem: Why would Markus be afraid of wood beam falling on him when moving through ship? Should he not be strong enough to handle it?

Solution: Either remove the episode or do some QTE, in case beam falls over.


Problem: Connor rubbing his hands: why does he do that?

Solution: Remove it. Or explain this along with coin tossing when Hank gets annoyed with it. For example, “people seem to be calmer and more open around androids if they are not just standing still when idle”.


Problem: Why does Connor look like Hank is too heavy to move? Is he being "gentle" here?

Solution: Add some comment from Connor like “I am not designed to carry humans around, so sorry for any unintentional damage”.


Problem: Kara waved off the smoke from car with too human motions. Even considering she got emotions, I doubt that would make her scared of some smoke from car engine or grant her mannerisms.

Solution: If she watches a TV somewhere, let her see some movie/TV series with similar reaction, so that she would pick it up and use it later. If she did not see it – just ignore the smoke or wave it off in a more “robotic” motion.


Problem: Why North says "Ladies first"? Emotions or not, I doubt androids would bother with having different sexes.

Solution: Add “as humans say”.


Problem: Alice is said to be "exhausted" but seems to be walking quite fast when they enter the farm. It is kind of explained later, but at this point in time it looks strange. Why did she eat (although I do not believe it was ever shown) and how? Why did she feel cold? Does she not know she is an android? And why would her “father” need her, if he hated androids and was barely scraping by? Did he not know she is an android? When did she come from then?

Solution: Make Alice actually slow, when exhausted. Perhaps even force to stop periodically. Make Todd not feed her and keep her in her room only. Leave some notes indicating, that he wants to sell her, but without allusions that she is an android. Add some notes, about Alice being brought in by Todd’s wife from the street.


Problem: Why would Androids even consider kissing? I get that it may be in their programming (at least for North), but they are already going against it, aren't they? And they can share themselves through their arms or whatever, no?

Solution: Let North initiate the kiss if conditions are right. Let Markus stagger when she tries and ask her, what’s this is about. Let North explain this human custom. North should ask him if he liked this and Markus have options what to say: yes, no, not sure (with sub-option to kiss North himself).


Problem: When Marcus falls on lower level of Jericho, it looks like he is in pain. Do androids actually feel it, though?

Solution: he should just fall like a log and remain with “static” or “listless” expression on his face.


Problem: It does not make much sense, that North does not like peaceful approach (always declines for appropriate choices), but still becomes lover. At least, if you think of this relationship in human terms.

Solution: Closer to the end (probably after exploding Jericho) make her explain herself. Something like “You know that I prefer more aggressive approach and you annoy me when you do the opposite. But you still succeed, and I like that.”


Problem: Why would North bother to change her hair that often? Should not android consider this superficial?

Solution: When on Jericho (after sitting on the plank), give option to ask her about her hair, so that she explains it like “Humans change their hairstyles for various reasons, including to express their emotions and thoughts. I am trying to do that. And I also want to differ from other androids of my model.”


Problem: Connection of Kara to Rose feels a bit superficial, since interaction with her was quite limited.

Solution: It would have been better if they stayed with Rose for a few days first, so that they could actually bond. It can be off-screen even.

Gameplay Improvements

Problem: Need to go through menu to reach flowchart.

Solution: Dedicated button. And scroll the chart to current position on it, as well.


Problem: Too big of a flowchart.

Solution: I think that those portions of flow, that do not branch out should be collapsed to provide a bit cleaner look.


Problem: Lack of motivation to explore maps, that provide the option

Solution: Give the option to explore when there is no sense of urgency. Or perhaps allow revisiting them in a character’s “mind palace”. In comparison: Life Is Strange give a lot for exploration, but when it’s available plot development is slowed down, you do not feel the rush. In Detroit, you get the feeling of fast pacing action, no time to explore, time to act.


Problem: No ability to skip dialogues, that you’ve already seen.

Solution: Allow skipping specific dialogues in a fashion similar to Life Is Strange. In it, if you have seen this particular section (usually linked to subtitles, or at least it looked like that to me) – allow skipping it and transition to next section through “regular cut”. I know it can break immersion, but if I am already skipping… I do not think it will matter that much.


Problem: Preconstructions are inconsistent: some require additional QTEs, some do not.

Solution: Always require QTEs.


Problem: I like the way "detective vision" is implemented, it fits nicely into the setting, although not sure I like that it does not highlight some things

Solution: Either highlight all points of interest (optionally make highlighting less distinct) or make the mode only slow time. Or allow different types of vision in this mode, so that part of POIs are shown in one mode (regular vision) and others in, say, “forensic” vision.