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Just to let you know, what kind of development is planned at the moment, here is the expected order:

1. Advanced search for Final Fantasy XIV Tracker

2. SilverSteam integration into current interface with only minimal changes in features

3. Complete removal of all legacy pages currently available, including DarkSteam and old SilverSteam

4. User registration, including through social networks (Google, VK, FaceBook for sure, possibly others, as well)

5. Linkage of registered users with Final Fantasy XIV characters

6. Chats for Free Companies and linkshells with access only to their members

7. ToDo lists, including integration with Free Companies

Of course, this plan may change slightly, especially, if some minor additions/changes will be required along the way. And some features may be implemented gradually, not in one swoop, depending on several factors. Since I am doing all this on my free time, I can't suggest any exact timings, but I hope to do the first 3 points by the end of next week.