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  • General:
    • Removed top navigation
    • Moved side (mobile) navigation to left column and merged it with breadcrumbs
    • Added Atom feeds for news and Final Fantasy XIV Tracker updates (by type)
    • Removed old non-SQL Final Fantasy XIV Tracker, since it does not work now due to latest LodeStone update
    • Added blocks to highlights Free Companies, Linkshells and characters
    • Added unique BIC links to sitemap
    • Changed the way description for articles is shown to same as for services
    • Minor backend optimization
  • Final Fantasy XIV Tracker:
    • Removed dead characters from company pages
    • Added styling for entities marked as deleted
    • Cleaned up javascript
    • Instead of keeping og images for company pages they are now generated dynamically using same address to save space by, at least, 2 GBs
    • Separate active and disbanded linkshells on character's page
    • Added members count to linkshells' pages
    • Favicon and og:image for characters in Free Companies now uses those from their respective companies
  • BIC Library:
    • Adding a bic to service URL (like bic/044525202/) will trigger search for the appropriate BIC as soon as the page loads
    • Add bank name to title when selecting a BIC
    • Fixed a minor warning when getting 2 or more banks with same BIC due to lack of proper ID
    • If search finds only one hit, details will be returned on first request, instead of running the second query for them. Due to change in logic, also changed the way update process is shown