Service to track different information for Free Companies (guilds), PvP Teams, Linkshells (chat groups) and individual characters for Final Fantasy XIV online game developed and published by Square EnixSquare Enix. Utilizes data grabbed from official LodestoneLodestone with special Githubparser.

Service has an official Lodestone Forumthread on Lodestone forum.


Linkshell "Mevius" was registered on with ID 13229323905499383. Last set of interviews conducted on .

Operates on Hades.

Current members:

Kazuma Kiryuu Master Kazuma Kiryuu Dorago Darkmoon Leader Dorago Darkmoon Eizen'a Lihzeh Leader Eizen'a Lihzeh Kanuka Clancy Leader Kanuka Clancy Nina Mackenzie Leader Nina Mackenzie Sawara Huron Leader Sawara Huron Alice Raine Alice Raine Angel Mary Angel Mary Aquamarine Rutilet Aquamarine Rutilet Aria Miller Aria Miller Athena Glory- Athena Glory- Babary Suzaki Babary Suzaki Bailey Amaretto Bailey Amaretto Bel Garion Bel Garion Black Isle Black Isle Black Lucifer Black Lucifer Bloom Alice Bloom Alice Cafe Noir Cafe Noir Casper Blue Casper Blue Caspiel Dominate Caspiel Dominate Cecilia Eisenhart Cecilia Eisenhart Chain Albers Chain Albers Cherisyam Kirsche Cherisyam Kirsche Chikuwa Bu Chikuwa Bu Chima Pipi Chima Pipi Chirige Dfk Chirige Dfk Clockworks Aela Clockworks Aela D' Daimon D' Daimon Daisy Histria Daisy Histria Diva As Diva As Ecno Zas Ecno Zas El Fuerte El Fuerte Emily Ratajkowski Emily Ratajkowski Fabrique D'herstal Fabrique D'herstal Garu Hi Garu Hi Gin Ginta Gin Ginta Gin Ginzi Gin Ginzi Halto Theatre Halto Theatre Hatty Zam Hatty Zam Hazuki Leafmoon Hazuki Leafmoon Hige Sotter Hige Sotter Honey Momo Honey Momo Ice Frost Ice Frost Incubus Dominate Incubus Dominate John Schulz John Schulz Juria Citruslemon Juria Citruslemon Kanata Broadbent Kanata Broadbent Kinoi Osapana Kinoi Osapana Koo Run Koo Run Kuyna-rongal Jupiter Kuyna-rongal Jupiter Lafolia Rihavain Lafolia Rihavain Lana Klein Lana Klein Lecht Van Lecht Van Lhaplus Mint Lhaplus Mint Liam Morgan Liam Morgan Liru Famille Liru Famille Lons Rascal Lons Rascal Loussier Ellerensia Loussier Ellerensia Mai Etoile Mai Etoile Mai Kanzaki Mai Kanzaki Manta Low Manta Low Marorc Raffine Marorc Raffine Mira Ble Mira Ble Misoshiru Oba-chanchi Misoshiru Oba-chanchi Mito Zalto Mito Zalto Mocking Bird Mocking Bird Momo Clona Momo Clona N'rhabye Nanashi N'rhabye Nanashi Na-rin Pipi Na-rin Pipi Nadia Latte Nadia Latte Nagisa Litus Nagisa Litus Nana Elizabeth Nana Elizabeth Nanami Chloe Nanami Chloe Nao Lejeune Nao Lejeune Nina Fanning Nina Fanning Noa Izumi Noa Izumi Noah Owen Noah Owen Nobukyo Houryu Nobukyo Houryu Noel Cerquetti Noel Cerquetti Noel Yukikaze Noel Yukikaze Okome Tan Okome Tan Pom Jkan Pom Jkan Popo Momo Popo Momo Ravness Branford Ravness Branford Ravy Rappy Ravy Rappy Reina Kamiya Reina Kamiya Ren Flow Ren Flow Reyner Neneh Reyner Neneh Ria Herbert Ria Herbert Rio Fontaine Rio Fontaine Rior Ill Rior Ill Ririn Snow Ririn Snow Riverta- Iray Riverta- Iray Riyuu General Riyuu General Rocorocco Roco Rocorocco Roco Rosen Stainbeck Rosen Stainbeck Ryutia Magnus Ryutia Magnus Sakura Nigella Sakura Nigella Sakura Yukimura Sakura Yukimura Sarah Zabi Sarah Zabi Sato- San Sato- San Schamrock Brise Schamrock Brise Seiha Wolfgang Seiha Wolfgang Shio Sodium'salt Shio Sodium'salt Shiva Niy Shiva Niy Sollfina Bergius Sollfina Bergius Sora Gotintum Sora Gotintum Subarin Subarion Subarin Subarion Suguo Okraika Suguo Okraika Tita Elfie Tita Elfie Top Gun Top Gun Yagi White's Yagi White's Yodaka Saifusi Yodaka Saifusi Yuckey Farron Yuckey Farron Yuckey Pendragon Yuckey Pendragon Yue Mond Yue Mond Yuki Halevy Yuki Halevy Yukito Nanase Yukito Nanase