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Mob Hunt For AW 2

Linkshell "Mob Hunt For AW 2" was registered on with ID 13229323905495451. Last set of interviews conducted on .

Operates on Hades.

Current members:

Kazuma Kiryuu Master Kazuma Kiryuu Choco Almond Leader Choco Almond Dorago Darkmoon Leader Dorago Darkmoon Kanuka Clancy Leader Kanuka Clancy Mai Kanzaki Leader Mai Kanzaki Nina Mackenzie Leader Nina Mackenzie Noa Izumi Leader Noa Izumi Sawara Huron Leader Sawara Huron Akihito Orion Akihito Orion Alice- Tia Alice- Tia Amaterasu Oomikami Amaterasu Oomikami Aniushi Bull Aniushi Bull Annie Leonheart' Annie Leonheart' Aohi Kusui Aohi Kusui Aqua Peace Aqua Peace Aquamarine Rutilet Aquamarine Rutilet Artemis Liebe Artemis Liebe Aru Iro Aru Iro Aru Salazar Aru Salazar Astlya Saintcloud Astlya Saintcloud Aty Rooke Aty Rooke Benten Kagura Benten Kagura Blood Souls Blood Souls Carrot Juice Carrot Juice Casca Vuitton Casca Vuitton Catalina Valentine Catalina Valentine Chiharu January Chiharu January Chtholly Seniorious Chtholly Seniorious Cocoa Brillia Cocoa Brillia Darya Enoor Darya Enoor Deep Wonder Deep Wonder Deviant Bergens Deviant Bergens Ella M'elia Ella M'elia Eri Sawamura Eri Sawamura Ferum Axis Ferum Axis Gantetu Tessa Gantetu Tessa Garu Hi Garu Hi Gyaaaao Lee Gyaaaao Lee Hani Puru Hani Puru Haru Rufens Haru Rufens Hazuki Leafmoon Hazuki Leafmoon Iris Malaguld Iris Malaguld Juria Citruslemon Juria Citruslemon Kaede Kureha Kaede Kureha Kagari Wilkin Kagari Wilkin Kamui Kagura Kamui Kagura Kanandoll Ailes Kanandoll Ailes Karune Neil Karune Neil Keiko Kitara Keiko Kitara Kino Tatewaki Kino Tatewaki Kuro Suiren Kuro Suiren Lana Klein Lana Klein Lariat Aznable Lariat Aznable Last Laqua Last Laqua Lilty Livetune Lilty Livetune Lina West Lina West Liru Famille Liru Famille Lucille Lane Lucille Lane Lusso Renato Lusso Renato Mai Maimai Mai Maimai Margaret Carol Margaret Carol Masha Renato Masha Renato Mimoza Kirsche Mimoza Kirsche Mina Nanami Mina Nanami Misoshiru Oba-chanchi Misoshiru Oba-chanchi Moka Emerald Moka Emerald Momo Flores Momo Flores Mone Campanerella Mone Campanerella Mura Yuki Mura Yuki N'eroh Tia N'eroh Tia Nag Aimo Nag Aimo Nana Elizabeth Nana Elizabeth Nasubi Nayu Nasubi Nayu Natume Yuu Natume Yuu Nemesis Adrasteia Nemesis Adrasteia Nine Q- Nine Q- Noah Cheztora Noah Cheztora Noel Cerquetti Noel Cerquetti Oruri Prometheus Oruri Prometheus P- Natsu P- Natsu Pen Tescatli Pen Tescatli Ponn Chan Ponn Chan Ponn Juice Ponn Juice Poranka Tl Poranka Tl Pote Sala Pote Sala Puka Heartunderblade Puka Heartunderblade Radish Horse Radish Horse Ravy Rappy Ravy Rappy Reina Kamiya Reina Kamiya Reu Baby Reu Baby Ria Herbert Ria Herbert Riyuu General Riyuu General Rock Sugar Rock Sugar Roomy Skc Roomy Skc Rosen Stainbeck Rosen Stainbeck Rudolf Bluemoon Rudolf Bluemoon Runa Sugar Runa Sugar Saki Leggendaria Saki Leggendaria Saki Sasaki Saki Sasaki Sarah Green Sarah Green Sera Vie Sera Vie Siba Miyuki Siba Miyuki Sinobu Nagumo Sinobu Nagumo Skimble Shanks Skimble Shanks Sukesan Horo Sukesan Horo Syla Icchii Syla Icchii Thukasa Ciel Thukasa Ciel Tico Ruzel Tico Ruzel Tokko Leen Tokko Leen Tonariga Totoro Tonariga Totoro Trinity Acqua Trinity Acqua Uee Sitta Uee Sitta Wakaba Yanagi Wakaba Yanagi X' Blue X' Blue Xico Xico Xico Xico Yoki Sykes Yoki Sykes Yuki Mi-comet Yuki Mi-comet Yuri Sakura Yuri Sakura Yuurin Mabell Yuurin Mabell Yuzuka Kokorone Yuzuka Kokorone Zafiri Rutile Zafiri Rutile Zanba Ths Zanba Ths Zero Ud Zero Ud Zin East Zin East Zin Wind Zin Wind Zodia Mcgrath Zodia Mcgrath