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Chocobros United

Rank 30 Free Company "Chocobros United" was formed on and registered on with ID 9237305048202068863. Last set of interviews conducted on .

Operates on Sargatanas, Aether, leaving tags "BROS" all over the place and increasing glory of MaelstromMaelstrom. Has a medium base named "ChocoBro Hideout" on plot 21 in ward 20 of The Lavender Beds, Gridania, The Black Shroud Show on map.

Participates in:

  • LevelingLeveling
  • CasualCasual
  • HardcoreHardcore
  • DungeonsDungeons
  • GuildhestsGuildhests
  • TrialsTrials
  • RaidsRaids
  • PvPPvP

Is recruiting:

  • TankTank
  • HealerHealer
  • CrafterCrafter
  • GathererGatherer
Company ranking history
Date Weekly Monthly Members
176 131 158
99 184 157
51 104 81
57 104 79

Current members:

Kerria Musa ChocoBroQueen Kerria Musa Ren Ribbedson never be forgot Ren Ribbedson Celesterra Branford ChocoBroMarques Celesterra Branford Kiwi Platypus ChocoBroMarques Kiwi Platypus Lucina Leonheart ChocoBroDukes Lucina Leonheart Lukian Lycanroc ChocoBroDukes Lukian Lycanroc Ritz Xith'ri ChocoBroDukes Ritz Xith'ri Xenos Balflear ChocoBroDukes Xenos Balflear Kashiko Senshi ChocoBroElder Kashiko Senshi Kazan Kashish ChocoBroElder Kazan Kashish Qestra Miret-njer ChocoBroElder Qestra Miret-njer Ysera Kynse ChocoBroElder Ysera Kynse Asana Izumi neverkicks Asana Izumi Master Larynx neverkicks Master Larynx Sneak Squirrel neverkicks Sneak Squirrel Unusual Badjuju neverkicks Unusual Badjuju Baby B'b ChocoBroSeniors Baby B'b Dobido Gainan ChocoBroSeniors Dobido Gainan Stjarna Kanina ChocoBroSeniors Stjarna Kanina Tachyon Jeeg ChocoBroSeniors Tachyon Jeeg Tapio Xanth ChocoBroSeniors Tapio Xanth Arnor Strider ChocoBroKnight Arnor Strider Blonde Bim'bo ChocoBroKnight Blonde Bim'bo Call'me What'ya'want ChocoBroKnight Call'me What'ya'want Chicky Norris ChocoBroKnight Chicky Norris Corrosive Poo'snake ChocoBroKnight Corrosive Poo'snake Derpy Limorac ChocoBroKnight Derpy Limorac Effminus Thegrade ChocoBroKnight Effminus Thegrade Einar Magnusson ChocoBroKnight Einar Magnusson Gilbo Baggins ChocoBroKnight Gilbo Baggins Lady Catfish ChocoBroKnight Lady Catfish Luna'nyx Isshu ChocoBroKnight Luna'nyx Isshu Miss Wiskitties ChocoBroKnight Miss Wiskitties Mr Lianrhod ChocoBroKnight Mr Lianrhod Nariontts Lol ChocoBroKnight Nariontts Lol Nate Wolfekissed ChocoBroKnight Nate Wolfekissed Oliver Greave ChocoBroKnight Oliver Greave Pie Forapie ChocoBroKnight Pie Forapie Randy Orlando ChocoBroKnight Randy Orlando Wolfe Zorah ChocoBroKnight Wolfe Zorah Zipper A'ulman ChocoBroKnight Zipper A'ulman Ace Xvi ChocoBroCitizen Ace Xvi Aelan Vulcus ChocoBroCitizen Aelan Vulcus Aesa Hunter ChocoBroCitizen Aesa Hunter Akihiko Ichihaya ChocoBroCitizen Akihiko Ichihaya Alis Falgarys ChocoBroCitizen Alis Falgarys Anh Jack ChocoBroCitizen Anh Jack Annie Raven ChocoBroCitizen Annie Raven Asmodeus Calanthe ChocoBroCitizen Asmodeus Calanthe Azrael Vesh ChocoBroCitizen Azrael Vesh Baby Bison ChocoBroCitizen Baby Bison Balthier Balflear ChocoBroCitizen Balthier Balflear Belle Crystal ChocoBroCitizen Belle Crystal Bjorn Hawthorne ChocoBroCitizen Bjorn Hawthorne Bjorn Phantomstep ChocoBroCitizen Bjorn Phantomstep Candice Maximus ChocoBroCitizen Candice Maximus Captain Blackbeard ChocoBroCitizen Captain Blackbeard Carsus Sirius ChocoBroCitizen Carsus Sirius Caster Rose ChocoBroCitizen Caster Rose Chaw Lee ChocoBroCitizen Chaw Lee Cheese Burgers ChocoBroCitizen Cheese Burgers Chelsea Mendoza ChocoBroCitizen Chelsea Mendoza Chip Chu ChocoBroCitizen Chip Chu Chris Mihata ChocoBroCitizen Chris Mihata Chris Mihr ChocoBroCitizen Chris Mihr Claire Claymore ChocoBroCitizen Claire Claymore Cosmosia Asmodeus ChocoBroCitizen Cosmosia Asmodeus Cymeria Burnem ChocoBroCitizen Cymeria Burnem Doc Lethal ChocoBroCitizen Doc Lethal Doctor Thunder ChocoBroCitizen Doctor Thunder Elbon Shadowsteel ChocoBroCitizen Elbon Shadowsteel Ellaria Wynry ChocoBroCitizen Ellaria Wynry Elvira Corvus ChocoBroCitizen Elvira Corvus Eredix Wael'dhaerow ChocoBroCitizen Eredix Wael'dhaerow Gray Foxx ChocoBroCitizen Gray Foxx Graz Dawnwhisper ChocoBroCitizen Graz Dawnwhisper Grim Nerve ChocoBroCitizen Grim Nerve Haliax Xl ChocoBroCitizen Haliax Xl Hawxx Bayne ChocoBroCitizen Hawxx Bayne Hrist Wind'runner ChocoBroCitizen Hrist Wind'runner Jackie Greenwood ChocoBroCitizen Jackie Greenwood Jareth Munky ChocoBroCitizen Jareth Munky Jarvia Sieghild ChocoBroCitizen Jarvia Sieghild Jarvius Sieghild ChocoBroCitizen Jarvius Sieghild Jericho Freely ChocoBroCitizen Jericho Freely Jsa Keii ChocoBroCitizen Jsa Keii Kabluey Aeraya ChocoBroCitizen Kabluey Aeraya Kam Pink ChocoBroCitizen Kam Pink Kara Raiyana ChocoBroCitizen Kara Raiyana Kenpachii Ramasama ChocoBroCitizen Kenpachii Ramasama Kites Blade ChocoBroCitizen Kites Blade Klementine Faucillien ChocoBroCitizen Klementine Faucillien Kodiac Furfeather ChocoBroCitizen Kodiac Furfeather Kotare Puaroa ChocoBroCitizen Kotare Puaroa Kris Sarin ChocoBroCitizen Kris Sarin Kudriz Reeve ChocoBroCitizen Kudriz Reeve Lady Anwen ChocoBroCitizen Lady Anwen Lady Aphrodite ChocoBroCitizen Lady Aphrodite Laricia Firewyrm ChocoBroCitizen Laricia Firewyrm Lavitz Bert ChocoBroCitizen Lavitz Bert Lho Benkz ChocoBroCitizen Lho Benkz Lime Raimu ChocoBroCitizen Lime Raimu Link Hylian ChocoBroCitizen Link Hylian Lister Rine ChocoBroCitizen Lister Rine Lord Obliteration ChocoBroCitizen Lord Obliteration Lucien Luminaire ChocoBroCitizen Lucien Luminaire Maggie Pie ChocoBroCitizen Maggie Pie Magpie Memepie ChocoBroCitizen Magpie Memepie Meat Dad ChocoBroCitizen Meat Dad Meinu Kamiyama ChocoBroCitizen Meinu Kamiyama Merlyn Neco'mata ChocoBroCitizen Merlyn Neco'mata Mikilu Hops ChocoBroCitizen Mikilu Hops Millie Findorn ChocoBroCitizen Millie Findorn Mimii Mii ChocoBroCitizen Mimii Mii Min Yamino ChocoBroCitizen Min Yamino Mochi Lindstrom ChocoBroCitizen Mochi Lindstrom Modest Heart ChocoBroCitizen Modest Heart Myles Hamlyn ChocoBroCitizen Myles Hamlyn Naala Queues ChocoBroCitizen Naala Queues Nabbstro Feld ChocoBroCitizen Nabbstro Feld Neon Cutie ChocoBroCitizen Neon Cutie Niezen Juzen ChocoBroCitizen Niezen Juzen Nilgun Two ChocoBroCitizen Nilgun Two Nomi Tayuun ChocoBroCitizen Nomi Tayuun Oz Nightfire ChocoBroCitizen Oz Nightfire Oz Wi ChocoBroCitizen Oz Wi Park Jinsung ChocoBroCitizen Park Jinsung Pooch Bo'dhen ChocoBroCitizen Pooch Bo'dhen Quiette Tanuki ChocoBroCitizen Quiette Tanuki Radiax Ignatia ChocoBroCitizen Radiax Ignatia Rosaria Nightray ChocoBroCitizen Rosaria Nightray Salty Sweet ChocoBroCitizen Salty Sweet Selene Nite ChocoBroCitizen Selene Nite Serah Far'ron ChocoBroCitizen Serah Far'ron Shadow Meteor ChocoBroCitizen Shadow Meteor Shaye Dizzle ChocoBroCitizen Shaye Dizzle Shiro Suzumiya ChocoBroCitizen Shiro Suzumiya Shoo Pininety ChocoBroCitizen Shoo Pininety Sophie Dei-ijla ChocoBroCitizen Sophie Dei-ijla Star Wintertide ChocoBroCitizen Star Wintertide Strong World ChocoBroCitizen Strong World Stun Seed ChocoBroCitizen Stun Seed Styrded Olpry ChocoBroCitizen Styrded Olpry Sylvanas Wind'runner ChocoBroCitizen Sylvanas Wind'runner Teyaku Huri ChocoBroCitizen Teyaku Huri Torrven Oaken ChocoBroCitizen Torrven Oaken Tyler Savage ChocoBroCitizen Tyler Savage Ursula Berengar ChocoBroCitizen Ursula Berengar Valsja Djt-bidit ChocoBroCitizen Valsja Djt-bidit Whisper Winter ChocoBroCitizen Whisper Winter Wimble Road ChocoBroCitizen Wimble Road Yann Dere ChocoBroCitizen Yann Dere Yao Mingus ChocoBroCitizen Yao Mingus Ysera Fira ChocoBroCitizen Ysera Fira Yulia Sirius ChocoBroCitizen Yulia Sirius Zaelin Bryn ChocoBroCitizen Zaelin Bryn Zandy Tsarvia ChocoBroCitizen Zandy Tsarvia Zora Gee ChocoBroCitizen Zora Gee