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Rank 30 Free Company "Vibe" was formed on and registered on with ID 9236742098248560969. Last set of interviews conducted on .

has the following slogan:

Welcome to Vibe FC ! Looking for friendly & helpful endgame players as well as casual players. discord.gg/vibefc

Operates on Hyperion, Primal, leaving tags "Vibe" all over the place and increasing glory of Order of the Twin AdderOrder of the Twin Adder. Has a large base named "Night Vibe" on plot 36 in ward 9 of The Lavender Beds, Gridania, The Black Shroud Show on map.

Has this message on its plot placard:

** Welcome Home! **
The official hang out for the Vibe family.

Participates in:

  • LevelingLeveling
  • CasualCasual
  • HardcoreHardcore
  • DungeonsDungeons
  • GuildhestsGuildhests
  • TrialsTrials
  • RaidsRaids
  • PvPPvP

Is recruiting:

  • TankTank
  • HealerHealer
  • CrafterCrafter
  • GathererGatherer
Company ranking history
Date Weekly Monthly Members
10 6 484
12 6 480
6 6 479
10 10 485
14 10 493
14 11 492
11 11 492
7 11 485
12 11 484
12 10 484
2 2 495
1 5 488
4 5 500
2 2 480
1 1 477
2 1 469
2 1 467
1 1 459
1 2 453
1 2 449
1 3 447
6 3 440
1 1 433
4 3 346

Current members:

Zeo Valefor Master Zeo Valefor Kutetsu Valefor Vibe Legends Kutetsu Valefor Eskko Valeforownz Founders Eskko Valeforownz Koriandyr Valeforownz Founders Koriandyr Valeforownz Tahrongi Canyon Founders Tahrongi Canyon Tomnook Valefor Founders Tomnook Valefor Critical Miss Officer Alt Critical Miss Lala Popi Officer Alt Lala Popi Marwyn Bell Officer Alt Marwyn Bell Melody Hachimitsu Officer Alt Melody Hachimitsu Spyce Neverythingnice Officer Alt Spyce Neverythingnice Zaffre Volpe Officer Alt Zaffre Volpe Alder Volpe Officer Alder Volpe Ariate Starlust Officer Ariate Starlust Cspoon Twooscoops Officer Cspoon Twooscoops Dyluck Valefor Officer Dyluck Valefor Elle Vie Officer Elle Vie Farland Sofar Officer Farland Sofar Green Sparrow Officer Green Sparrow Kaiden Dukaris Officer Kaiden Dukaris Mythlon Bladesinger Officer Mythlon Bladesinger Sassafras Rosa Officer Sassafras Rosa Silvaria Dukaris Officer Silvaria Dukaris Aeolaer Kyrene Vibe Veterans Aeolaer Kyrene Aito Foley Vibe Veterans Aito Foley Albe Maverick Vibe Veterans Albe Maverick Amazon Beastess Vibe Veterans Amazon Beastess Andonisus Windrunner Vibe Veterans Andonisus Windrunner Anno Domini Vibe Veterans Anno Domini Aokiji Kuzan Vibe Veterans Aokiji Kuzan Aoxo Moxoa Vibe Veterans Aoxo Moxoa Asteria Terzi Vibe Veterans Asteria Terzi Balfur Raine Vibe Veterans Balfur Raine Beau Ashbery Vibe Veterans Beau Ashbery Brahn Nightbane Vibe Veterans Brahn Nightbane Brave'fencer Musashi Vibe Veterans Brave'fencer Musashi Bremen Boh Vibe Veterans Bremen Boh Byako Batih Vibe Veterans Byako Batih Capt Nelson Vibe Veterans Capt Nelson Celestial Spirit Vibe Veterans Celestial Spirit Chame Frostwhisper Vibe Veterans Chame Frostwhisper Chango Acadia Vibe Veterans Chango Acadia Charm Volpe Vibe Veterans Charm Volpe Chronic Valefor Vibe Veterans Chronic Valefor Cid Holmes Vibe Veterans Cid Holmes Cobra Lily Vibe Veterans Cobra Lily Codiac Snow Vibe Veterans Codiac Snow Comentor Tomenorc Vibe Veterans Comentor Tomenorc Comet Selene Vibe Veterans Comet Selene Conman Valefor Vibe Veterans Conman Valefor Cristallo Blu Vibe Veterans Cristallo Blu Dalkiel Valefor Vibe Veterans Dalkiel Valefor Davricle Obscure Vibe Veterans Davricle Obscure Daye Strife Vibe Veterans Daye Strife Deos Thanatos Vibe Veterans Deos Thanatos Distrata Starbreaker Vibe Veterans Distrata Starbreaker Dragos Ulfrr Vibe Veterans Dragos Ulfrr Dram Gothmog Vibe Veterans Dram Gothmog Druid Knight Vibe Veterans Druid Knight Egeria Stormcaller Vibe Veterans Egeria Stormcaller Ellenroh Elessedil Vibe Veterans Ellenroh Elessedil Ezra Cross Vibe Veterans Ezra Cross Finn Aodh Vibe Veterans Finn Aodh Fodder Kytteh Vibe Veterans Fodder Kytteh Frosti Tute Vibe Veterans Frosti Tute Genotox Maelstrom Vibe Veterans Genotox Maelstrom Geoffrey Westmoore Vibe Veterans Geoffrey Westmoore Grave Heart Vibe Veterans Grave Heart Grave Mason Vibe Veterans Grave Mason Gray Ghost Vibe Veterans Gray Ghost Harley Mayberry Vibe Veterans Harley Mayberry Helena Mccray Vibe Veterans Helena Mccray Ingram Adelbrandt Vibe Veterans Ingram Adelbrandt Irenicus Gale Vibe Veterans Irenicus Gale Isabel Pie Vibe Veterans Isabel Pie Jakers Murphy Vibe Veterans Jakers Murphy Jotaru Maru Vibe Veterans Jotaru Maru Jun Jyuroku Vibe Veterans Jun Jyuroku Juniper Greene Vibe Veterans Juniper Greene Just Desert Vibe Veterans Just Desert Khuja'to Binbotaj Vibe Veterans Khuja'to Binbotaj Kiba Abumi Vibe Veterans Kiba Abumi Killgore Lards Vibe Veterans Killgore Lards Kimber Boh Vibe Veterans Kimber Boh Kis Met Vibe Veterans Kis Met Kisam Kosam Vibe Veterans Kisam Kosam Ladykiji Kuzan Vibe Veterans Ladykiji Kuzan Laer Forpony Vibe Veterans Laer Forpony Levias Volpe Vibe Veterans Levias Volpe Linaeus Aetherite Vibe Veterans Linaeus Aetherite Lisyra Amareth Vibe Veterans Lisyra Amareth Livette Valefor Vibe Veterans Livette Valefor Locke Cole Vibe Veterans Locke Cole Maren Wilfwyn Vibe Veterans Maren Wilfwyn Mariko Akechi Vibe Veterans Mariko Akechi Maya Blackstar Vibe Veterans Maya Blackstar Meliana Starlust Vibe Veterans Meliana Starlust Minimal Penetration Vibe Veterans Minimal Penetration Mypecs Havepecs Vibe Veterans Mypecs Havepecs Mythik Lumere Vibe Veterans Mythik Lumere Negative Positive Vibe Veterans Negative Positive Pahja Trabala Vibe Veterans Pahja Trabala Peloquinn Krauser Vibe Veterans Peloquinn Krauser Poost Valefor Vibe Veterans Poost Valefor Proto Xoa Vibe Veterans Proto Xoa Proto Zoa Vibe Veterans Proto Zoa Psycho Freak Vibe Veterans Psycho Freak Pumpkin Waffles Vibe Veterans Pumpkin Waffles Ragma Tlaloc Vibe Veterans Ragma Tlaloc Rain Fall Vibe Veterans Rain Fall Ranperre D'oraguille Vibe Veterans Ranperre D'oraguille Raven Claw Vibe Veterans Raven Claw Raven Seraph Vibe Veterans Raven Seraph Razor Edge Vibe Veterans Razor Edge Razorblades Slasher Vibe Veterans Razorblades Slasher Rican Soul Vibe Veterans Rican Soul Rolanberry Pie Vibe Veterans Rolanberry Pie Rowan Greene Vibe Veterans Rowan Greene Ruby Mineff Vibe Veterans Ruby Mineff Ryan Strife Vibe Veterans Ryan Strife Sakura Kino-moto Vibe Veterans Sakura Kino-moto Satael Darkstar Vibe Veterans Satael Darkstar Seasonal Depression Vibe Veterans Seasonal Depression Selk Vale Vibe Veterans Selk Vale Seven Il Vibe Veterans Seven Il Seven Leven Vibe Veterans Seven Leven Sierra Nevada Vibe Veterans Sierra Nevada Sin Demolisher Vibe Veterans Sin Demolisher Sophia Getty Vibe Veterans Sophia Getty Spacier Name Vibe Veterans Spacier Name Spensa Naestina Vibe Veterans Spensa Naestina Sutton Valefor Vibe Veterans Sutton Valefor Tabasco Valefor Vibe Veterans Tabasco Valefor Taiga Aisaka Vibe Veterans Taiga Aisaka Taino King Vibe Veterans Taino King Taliko Adamascor Vibe Veterans Taliko Adamascor Taliko Valefor Vibe Veterans Taliko Valefor The Darknight Vibe Veterans The Darknight Thundercats Hooo Vibe Veterans Thundercats Hooo Torden Alexandros Vibe Veterans Torden Alexandros Tu'rok Dinoslayer Vibe Veterans Tu'rok Dinoslayer Valandra Midnight Vibe Veterans Valandra Midnight Vauttiti Valefor Vibe Veterans Vauttiti Valefor Vegeta Theprince Vibe Veterans Vegeta Theprince Vel Elegie Vibe Veterans Vel Elegie Velathice Puff Vibe Veterans Velathice Puff Violet Tsukuyomi Vibe Veterans Violet Tsukuyomi Viper Sol Vibe Veterans Viper Sol Wedgie Giver Vibe Veterans Wedgie Giver William Rob Vibe Veterans William Rob Wintrytoo Valefor Vibe Veterans Wintrytoo Valefor Xandulfr Hamerskald Vibe Veterans Xandulfr Hamerskald Xang Ying Vibe Veterans Xang Ying Ziggomatic Seventeen Vibe Veterans Ziggomatic Seventeen Ziik Faelon Vibe Veterans Ziik Faelon Ziv Yorvn Vibe Veterans Ziv Yorvn Zoe Valefor Vibe Veterans Zoe Valefor Zoittiene Fleurdelis Vibe Veterans Zoittiene Fleurdelis Zonnza Kamijou Vibe Veterans Zonnza Kamijou Aara Valefor Vibers Aara Valefor Adalia Lockhart Vibers Adalia Lockhart Aeriscloud Valefor Vibers Aeriscloud Valefor Akagi Bakuro Vibers Akagi Bakuro Amphaeon Majere Vibers Amphaeon Majere Aoris Soldios Vibers Aoris Soldios Aquazero Ray Vibers Aquazero Ray Ara Amastacia Vibers Ara Amastacia Asra'il Solaire Vibers Asra'il Solaire Asuna Aoi Vibers Asuna Aoi Aviian Dragonmaster Vibers Aviian Dragonmaster Banner Mcstuffins Vibers Banner Mcstuffins Benign Heart Vibers Benign Heart Blazed One Vibers Blazed One Captain Nelson Vibers Captain Nelson Castian Blaze Vibers Castian Blaze Chungus Thickboi Vibers Chungus Thickboi Ciano Sbuffo Vibers Ciano Sbuffo Claudio Kilgannon Vibers Claudio Kilgannon Crazyman Valefor Vibers Crazyman Valefor Cyan Puff Vibers Cyan Puff Deadlymage Bismarck Vibers Deadlymage Bismarck Death Stroke Vibers Death Stroke Dendo Jast Vibers Dendo Jast Desmond Bladesinger Vibers Desmond Bladesinger Destora Maximus Vibers Destora Maximus Dextera Dei Vibers Dextera Dei Dielladys Lightfoot Vibers Dielladys Lightfoot Dito Dynamo Vibers Dito Dynamo Dosbilliam Hawke Vibers Dosbilliam Hawke Drizzt Do'erden Vibers Drizzt Do'erden Eggplant' Parmesan Vibers Eggplant' Parmesan Elder Mogle Vibers Elder Mogle Ellie Nicole Vibers Ellie Nicole Elyshia Megarson Vibers Elyshia Megarson Embercoar Wheredyago Vibers Embercoar Wheredyago Faro Kipu Vibers Faro Kipu Father O'malley Vibers Father O'malley Festive Willow Vibers Festive Willow Feton Stains Vibers Feton Stains Fiko Chu Vibers Fiko Chu Flerentia Irmaartel Vibers Flerentia Irmaartel G'vok Leepfo Vibers G'vok Leepfo Gaia Stormwind Vibers Gaia Stormwind Genovia Cornelli Vibers Genovia Cornelli Gothos Shikatsu Vibers Gothos Shikatsu Gwen Ashera Vibers Gwen Ashera Hakkai Valefor Vibers Hakkai Valefor Hellz Bellz Vibers Hellz Bellz Hellz Hound Vibers Hellz Hound Henriette Hittegods Vibers Henriette Hittegods Hibiya Aoi Vibers Hibiya Aoi I'no No'thin Vibers I'no No'thin Isabella Waffles Vibers Isabella Waffles J' J' Vibers J' J' Jamusse Sleazemont Vibers Jamusse Sleazemont Jaymz Deschain Vibers Jaymz Deschain Jintz Dreggiorin Vibers Jintz Dreggiorin Jorge Quezada Vibers Jorge Quezada K'eilea Sakuni Vibers K'eilea Sakuni Kalan Unico Vibers Kalan Unico Keilan Jameson Vibers Keilan Jameson Kensie Jameson Vibers Kensie Jameson Kilja Swift Vibers Kilja Swift Kirodar Sophily Vibers Kirodar Sophily Kishiligh Ura Vibers Kishiligh Ura Konran Kemono Vibers Konran Kemono Kuro Argenti Vibers Kuro Argenti Lala Bob Vibers Lala Bob Lavitz Slambertte Vibers Lavitz Slambertte Leorn Highwind Vibers Leorn Highwind Lexi Rose Vibers Lexi Rose Lilina Emeryn Vibers Lilina Emeryn Liliwai Yayawai Vibers Liliwai Yayawai Lily Jubilee Vibers Lily Jubilee Lisa Dragonrider Vibers Lisa Dragonrider Lord Dvil Vibers Lord Dvil Lord Krulos Vibers Lord Krulos Losly Ha Vibers Losly Ha Lunabunny Tomenorc Vibers Lunabunny Tomenorc Mana Keeper Vibers Mana Keeper Mayvanna Buns Vibers Mayvanna Buns Merc Nificent Vibers Merc Nificent Mhmmimafreak Watchout Vibers Mhmmimafreak Watchout Midnight Jaeger Vibers Midnight Jaeger Midnyte Chandrian Vibers Midnyte Chandrian Mila Zenshira Vibers Mila Zenshira Mixxi Pixxi Vibers Mixxi Pixxi Montezuma Ares Vibers Montezuma Ares Mrincredab El Vibers Mrincredab El Mrs Raven Vibers Mrs Raven Naashi Tana Vibers Naashi Tana Nerra Nor Vibers Nerra Nor Nova Spiritdragon Vibers Nova Spiritdragon Oblivion Scream Vibers Oblivion Scream Orla Elainia Vibers Orla Elainia Otoro Benzo Vibers Otoro Benzo Pepsiholic Valefor Vibers Pepsiholic Valefor Portgas D'ace Vibers Portgas D'ace Prince Edo Vibers Prince Edo Pyrrha Scarlette Vibers Pyrrha Scarlette Raven Darkwood Vibers Raven Darkwood Raven Nevermore Vibers Raven Nevermore Raza Cryst'l Vibers Raza Cryst'l Reita Hope Vibers Reita Hope Rena Hitiro Vibers Rena Hitiro Rick Tator Vibers Rick Tator Robbie Moohawk Vibers Robbie Moohawk Rolo Tron Vibers Rolo Tron Ryo Clive Vibers Ryo Clive Saiir Lyosha Vibers Saiir Lyosha Sern Mar Vibers Sern Mar Silent Clearing Vibers Silent Clearing Sir Cuckles Vibers Sir Cuckles Snow Warden Vibers Snow Warden Sojourn Goofytime Vibers Sojourn Goofytime Sonia Vendatressa Vibers Sonia Vendatressa Star Sapphyre Vibers Star Sapphyre Swooce Rexpounder Vibers Swooce Rexpounder Talune Valeforian Vibers Talune Valeforian Teddy West Vibers Teddy West Testudo Praesum Vibers Testudo Praesum Thyreis Reis Vibers Thyreis Reis Ti'anna Helvondrich Vibers Ti'anna Helvondrich Tinuveil Alexandros Vibers Tinuveil Alexandros Todde Peppercorn Vibers Todde Peppercorn Tournure Nicotte Vibers Tournure Nicotte Ty'kyn Alistair Vibers Ty'kyn Alistair Tyrgascar Toxintail Vibers Tyrgascar Toxintail Valeane Corsell Vibers Valeane Corsell Verran Wildwood Vibers Verran Wildwood Viggo Vandremann Vibers Viggo Vandremann Violet Lovegood Vibers Violet Lovegood Vyncent Winsome Vibers Vyncent Winsome W'ill Endora Vibers W'ill Endora Xeno Tuna Vibers Xeno Tuna Yes Chef Vibers Yes Chef Yuriku San Vibers Yuriku San Yuu Yoshida Vibers Yuu Yoshida Zack Fyre Vibers Zack Fyre Zeri Leandra Vibers Zeri Leandra Zexianna Noir Vibers Zexianna Noir Ziggeraut Eight Vibers Ziggeraut Eight Zorya Arke Vibers Zorya Arke A'lexis Malha New KFC Runners A'lexis Malha Ace Callaway New KFC Runners Ace Callaway Adragen Wyvery New KFC Runners Adragen Wyvery Agney Astra New KFC Runners Agney Astra Akagi Gokai New KFC Runners Akagi Gokai Akarym Twinsoul New KFC Runners Akarym Twinsoul Alcidaux Verdellain New KFC Runners Alcidaux Verdellain Alexander Sellecerre New KFC Runners Alexander Sellecerre Alistar Pendragon New KFC Runners Alistar Pendragon Amane Suzuha New KFC Runners Amane Suzuha Amor Fati New KFC Runners Amor Fati Amy Neudaiz New KFC Runners Amy Neudaiz Anahita Mewrilah New KFC Runners Anahita Mewrilah Annalyse Dancouer New KFC Runners Annalyse Dancouer Aoki Burress New KFC Runners Aoki Burress Aoshi Glau New KFC Runners Aoshi Glau Apollo Lykaios New KFC Runners Apollo Lykaios Araignee La-reine New KFC Runners Araignee La-reine Arayha Starcaller New KFC Runners Arayha Starcaller Arctik Leoni New KFC Runners Arctik Leoni Aria Tsukuyomi New KFC Runners Aria Tsukuyomi Arimer Pendos New KFC Runners Arimer Pendos Asuna Shinoh New KFC Runners Asuna Shinoh Aurelia Myndari New KFC Runners Aurelia Myndari Aybss Vidar New KFC Runners Aybss Vidar Azerilam Umbravenandi New KFC Runners Azerilam Umbravenandi Bacmun Frilled New KFC Runners Bacmun Frilled Bellemere Santamaria New KFC Runners Bellemere Santamaria Beren Alexandros New KFC Runners Beren Alexandros Big Bunnymilkers New KFC Runners Big Bunnymilkers Blackrose Snowblight New KFC Runners Blackrose Snowblight Blood Kaliber New KFC Runners Blood Kaliber Bob Mcgee New KFC Runners Bob Mcgee Bomber Mann New KFC Runners Bomber Mann Boombox Kiddd New KFC Runners Boombox Kiddd Boreas Taiga New KFC Runners Boreas Taiga Botan Yuzuka New KFC Runners Botan Yuzuka Brizz Alphawolf New KFC Runners Brizz Alphawolf Calliope Belle New KFC Runners Calliope Belle Canon Alair New KFC Runners Canon Alair Charity Fayden New KFC Runners Charity Fayden Charm Velocity New KFC Runners Charm Velocity Chim Cham New KFC Runners Chim Cham Chun-li Unicorn New KFC Runners Chun-li Unicorn Corina Cobblefoot New KFC Runners Corina Cobblefoot Daayou Patient New KFC Runners Daayou Patient Dante Whitlock New KFC Runners Dante Whitlock Deads Worth New KFC Runners Deads Worth Diablo Bakuro New KFC Runners Diablo Bakuro Diana Rensokuken New KFC Runners Diana Rensokuken Drew Theflawlessone New KFC Runners Drew Theflawlessone Drusilla Moon New KFC Runners Drusilla Moon Eigaon Revelations New KFC Runners Eigaon Revelations Eircia Levanne New KFC Runners Eircia Levanne Eli Xir New KFC Runners Eli Xir Eliza Dray New KFC Runners Eliza Dray Elora Kupalla New KFC Runners Elora Kupalla Elsie Perinne New KFC Runners Elsie Perinne Ezekiel Kyba New KFC Runners Ezekiel Kyba Farryn Night New KFC Runners Farryn Night Feyre Isla New KFC Runners Feyre Isla Final Destinyy New KFC Runners Final Destinyy Finn Felicitas New KFC Runners Finn Felicitas Freyja Bluevalkyrie New KFC Runners Freyja Bluevalkyrie Frost Icarus New KFC Runners Frost Icarus Galka Zeid New KFC Runners Galka Zeid Gaston Ashera New KFC Runners Gaston Ashera Gemina Halberatz New KFC Runners Gemina Halberatz Ghost Guy New KFC Runners Ghost Guy Ghostius Pantzuis New KFC Runners Ghostius Pantzuis Giffany Shiina New KFC Runners Giffany Shiina Glint Sparkle New KFC Runners Glint Sparkle Gnocchi Alfredo New KFC Runners Gnocchi Alfredo Haliax Lanre New KFC Runners Haliax Lanre Halt Holthen New KFC Runners Halt Holthen Hojo Ishida New KFC Runners Hojo Ishida Ice Eyes New KFC Runners Ice Eyes Ijerijian Irisido New KFC Runners Ijerijian Irisido Jacqlyn Martel New KFC Runners Jacqlyn Martel Jaden Azzameen New KFC Runners Jaden Azzameen Jay Ruiz New KFC Runners Jay Ruiz Jayyarr Kayy New KFC Runners Jayyarr Kayy Jennifer Rabbit New KFC Runners Jennifer Rabbit Jilly Dawg New KFC Runners Jilly Dawg Jor El New KFC Runners Jor El Kabr Bjorn New KFC Runners Kabr Bjorn Kaede Kurogane New KFC Runners Kaede Kurogane Kalphi Bahjiri New KFC Runners Kalphi Bahjiri Kenjiro Uweh New KFC Runners Kenjiro Uweh Kenzi Malikov New KFC Runners Kenzi Malikov Kha Gharl New KFC Runners Kha Gharl Kimbo Karna New KFC Runners Kimbo Karna Koneko Koko New KFC Runners Koneko Koko Ktrain Paintrain New KFC Runners Ktrain Paintrain Lamelo Ball New KFC Runners Lamelo Ball Leaping Tiger New KFC Runners Leaping Tiger Leone King New KFC Runners Leone King Littlemonkey Boy New KFC Runners Littlemonkey Boy Livin Legend New KFC Runners Livin Legend Logan Cooper New KFC Runners Logan Cooper Lord Oppy New KFC Runners Lord Oppy Lucy Sky New KFC Runners Lucy Sky Luka Estrella New KFC Runners Luka Estrella Mai Shyranui New KFC Runners Mai Shyranui Malisa Yuri New KFC Runners Malisa Yuri Marioandy Smith New KFC Runners Marioandy Smith Marrigan Tilani New KFC Runners Marrigan Tilani Marry Jaine New KFC Runners Marry Jaine Massive Penetration New KFC Runners Massive Penetration Meabe Greymantle New KFC Runners Meabe Greymantle Mentor Isagalkawtf New KFC Runners Mentor Isagalkawtf Mipha Lynn New KFC Runners Mipha Lynn Mirdan Castiel New KFC Runners Mirdan Castiel Mushroom Risotto New KFC Runners Mushroom Risotto Myskillskill Watchout New KFC Runners Myskillskill Watchout Mz Jaelee New KFC Runners Mz Jaelee Nes Suiken New KFC Runners Nes Suiken Niblet Telbin New KFC Runners Niblet Telbin Nikolas Manaj New KFC Runners Nikolas Manaj Ninja Turkey New KFC Runners Ninja Turkey Noctarius Albedo New KFC Runners Noctarius Albedo Norman Rockwell New KFC Runners Norman Rockwell Nyamio Aoyoma New KFC Runners Nyamio Aoyoma Nym Ravaris New KFC Runners Nym Ravaris Oka Ebihara New KFC Runners Oka Ebihara Omnibilliam Hawke New KFC Runners Omnibilliam Hawke Orella Crimson New KFC Runners Orella Crimson Panda Rinri New KFC Runners Panda Rinri Phillipa Corsell New KFC Runners Phillipa Corsell Puck Silenos New KFC Runners Puck Silenos Punt Me New KFC Runners Punt Me Puufie Leafhead New KFC Runners Puufie Leafhead Puwa Of'davibe New KFC Runners Puwa Of'davibe Qeun Dilfhunter New KFC Runners Qeun Dilfhunter Quesito Cheddar New KFC Runners Quesito Cheddar Quinn T'essential New KFC Runners Quinn T'essential Raohhh Bringah New KFC Runners Raohhh Bringah Raru Leoni New KFC Runners Raru Leoni Requis Foreman New KFC Runners Requis Foreman Rettroy Skystep New KFC Runners Rettroy Skystep Rin Rayne New KFC Runners Rin Rayne Rivy Fishtail New KFC Runners Rivy Fishtail Robert Wolf New KFC Runners Robert Wolf Rocket Fellerx New KFC Runners Rocket Fellerx Ruin Ation New KFC Runners Ruin Ation Sadahna Mavren New KFC Runners Sadahna Mavren Samurai Champloo New KFC Runners Samurai Champloo Scarab Lord New KFC Runners Scarab Lord Seiko Ichiban New KFC Runners Seiko Ichiban Seren Ity New KFC Runners Seren Ity Setsuna Shizuusagi New KFC Runners Setsuna Shizuusagi Shade Lone New KFC Runners Shade Lone Shadow Harinezumi New KFC Runners Shadow Harinezumi Shin Demolisher New KFC Runners Shin Demolisher Shiva Eversor New KFC Runners Shiva Eversor Sirius Blackwand New KFC Runners Sirius Blackwand Sirux Raizen New KFC Runners Sirux Raizen Snarf Snarf New KFC Runners Snarf Snarf Sybylla Skyhopper New KFC Runners Sybylla Skyhopper Szeth Stormblessed New KFC Runners Szeth Stormblessed Telesilla Wildfyre New KFC Runners Telesilla Wildfyre Thelistus Wolndara New KFC Runners Thelistus Wolndara Thuron Verontas New KFC Runners Thuron Verontas Thwaite Barton New KFC Runners Thwaite Barton Tiberious Sardonacus New KFC Runners Tiberious Sardonacus Tigy Electum New KFC Runners Tigy Electum Tonka Aristil New KFC Runners Tonka Aristil Towering Sparrow New KFC Runners Towering Sparrow Urza Solearis New KFC Runners Urza Solearis Utred Ragnarson New KFC Runners Utred Ragnarson Uzi Vert New KFC Runners Uzi Vert Velvet Rain New KFC Runners Velvet Rain Verena Yascaret New KFC Runners Verena Yascaret Wilhiem Darkhart New KFC Runners Wilhiem Darkhart Will Xiv New KFC Runners Will Xiv Xeno Calm New KFC Runners Xeno Calm Zeigrahm Valarh New KFC Runners Zeigrahm Valarh Zendaya Ismeechee New KFC Runners Zendaya Ismeechee Zomiko Clairasse New KFC Runners Zomiko Clairasse Zyron Moon New KFC Runners Zyron Moon Zyulo Gentushi New KFC Runners Zyulo Gentushi