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Rank 30 Free Company "Jormungandr" was formed on and registered on with ID 9236742098248532970. Last set of interviews conducted on .

has the following slogan:

Recruiting good natured people that enjoy the game at all levels.

Operates on Hyperion, Primal, leaving tags "Jorm" all over the place and increasing glory of MaelstromMaelstrom. Has a large base named "Seaside Trelleborg" on plot 35 in ward 10 of Mist, Limsa Lominsa, Vylbrand Show on map.

Has this message on its plot placard:

Neighborhood watch.

Participates in:

  • LevelingLeveling
  • CasualCasual
  • HardcoreHardcore
  • DungeonsDungeons
  • GuildhestsGuildhests
  • TrialsTrials
  • RaidsRaids

Is recruiting:

  • TankTank
  • HealerHealer
  • CrafterCrafter
  • GathererGatherer
Company ranking history
Date Weekly Monthly Members
50 49 492
64 62 490
13 12 498
15 12 499
15 10 499
13 10 495
10 10 495
10 13 495
9 10 476
9 8 471
6 8 472
8 13 364
26 17 362
21 17 360
35 17 360
24 12 356
19 12 355
16 6 355
36 6 355
36 6 356
9 3 356
12 3 358
6 6 360
8 6 357
4 5 359
10 11 298

Current members:

Izlude Tingel CanGoogle4You Izlude Tingel Morn Ualin De-Mentors Morn Ualin Aelyn Tana Ultra Casual Aelyn Tana Celessia Drachenhart Ultra Casual Celessia Drachenhart Pinball Wizard Ultra Casual Pinball Wizard Alesko Surzak We Shop Ikea Alesko Surzak Amalia Vorksdottar We Shop Ikea Amalia Vorksdottar Ba Mf We Shop Ikea Ba Mf J'eracina Minou-chan We Shop Ikea J'eracina Minou-chan Kyrenna Viras We Shop Ikea Kyrenna Viras Mar Lukoth We Shop Ikea Mar Lukoth Styrgeim Grymgaezwyn We Shop Ikea Styrgeim Grymgaezwyn Agrialith Savage Officer Agrialith Savage Emma Neotoma Officer Emma Neotoma Jaten Lawson Officer Jaten Lawson Jaten Sato Officer Jaten Sato Kitsuru Shirokaze Officer Kitsuru Shirokaze Louhi Megaera Officer Louhi Megaera Mitsukai Murakami Officer Mitsukai Murakami Pepper Chu Officer Pepper Chu Tiara Delfayne Officer Tiara Delfayne Whren Elestri Officer Whren Elestri Aloria Greenberge Gardening Hoes Aloria Greenberge Elluena Ealdwode Gardening Hoes Elluena Ealdwode Flaye Paws Gardening Hoes Flaye Paws Otarius Shadowheart Gardening Hoes Otarius Shadowheart Rina Repth Gardening Hoes Rina Repth Roxas Stormcrow Gardening Hoes Roxas Stormcrow Sakura Moon Gardening Hoes Sakura Moon Tescia Holly Gardening Hoes Tescia Holly Vash Paenulam Gardening Hoes Vash Paenulam Vash Peanulam Gardening Hoes Vash Peanulam Arianna Valayun FC Buff Scrub Arianna Valayun Arya Sisqi FC Buff Scrub Arya Sisqi Bat Manuel FC Buff Scrub Bat Manuel Lilly Dawnspear FC Buff Scrub Lilly Dawnspear Lumi Th'alir FC Buff Scrub Lumi Th'alir Luna Shee FC Buff Scrub Luna Shee Luna Sidhe FC Buff Scrub Luna Sidhe Reffrena Reaver FC Buff Scrub Reffrena Reaver Rosetta Luminara FC Buff Scrub Rosetta Luminara Venus Rayearth FC Buff Scrub Venus Rayearth Yukari Onishi FC Buff Scrub Yukari Onishi Absinth Minded Unranked Absinth Minded Aeros Dracht Unranked Aeros Dracht Akatsuki Maganda Unranked Akatsuki Maganda Aleister Black Unranked Aleister Black Alex Stormes Unranked Alex Stormes Alexis Ravena Unranked Alexis Ravena Alisaie Crimsonia Unranked Alisaie Crimsonia Alisha Dawnsprinter Unranked Alisha Dawnsprinter Alisora Tsumaya Unranked Alisora Tsumaya Altruiste Lascivious Unranked Altruiste Lascivious Anex Aurelius Unranked Anex Aurelius Anya Freeman Unranked Anya Freeman Araki Masahiro Unranked Araki Masahiro Aselda Shihari Unranked Aselda Shihari Ashima Kaur Unranked Ashima Kaur August Hael Unranked August Hael Avelina Rodeholm Unranked Avelina Rodeholm Aycee Sandi Unranked Aycee Sandi Ayumi Aomame Unranked Ayumi Aomame Azure Keter Unranked Azure Keter Baka Boi Unranked Baka Boi Bane Tsuabara Unranked Bane Tsuabara Bell Cranel Unranked Bell Cranel Broote Savage Unranked Broote Savage Cat Ears Unranked Cat Ears Chaanzs Idk Unranked Chaanzs Idk Chrispy Sternn Unranked Chrispy Sternn Cooper Jojonzo Unranked Cooper Jojonzo Dextana Moon Unranked Dextana Moon Ebine Buname Unranked Ebine Buname Ellyra Dusk Unranked Ellyra Dusk Emerald Vanille Unranked Emerald Vanille Emlix Baddy Unranked Emlix Baddy Escad Liotte Unranked Escad Liotte Eventine Diabolos Unranked Eventine Diabolos Ex Prophet Unranked Ex Prophet Faku Ishiku Unranked Faku Ishiku Gareilyn Aurifort Unranked Gareilyn Aurifort Get Maidens Unranked Get Maidens Grimiace Offnier Unranked Grimiace Offnier Groghole Fair Unranked Groghole Fair Gsu Gambit Unranked Gsu Gambit Hisoka Reaper Unranked Hisoka Reaper Imona Horse Unranked Imona Horse Isabella Sempere Unranked Isabella Sempere Ivyrose Quartz Unranked Ivyrose Quartz Ixtili Livona Unranked Ixtili Livona Jack Oneeyed Unranked Jack Oneeyed Jaune Usagi Unranked Jaune Usagi Jedi Biss Unranked Jedi Biss Jelza Madragora Unranked Jelza Madragora Jin Wu Unranked Jin Wu Josh Anderson Unranked Josh Anderson Juanita Badbisch Unranked Juanita Badbisch Kanna Castille Unranked Kanna Castille Kato Kaneuchi Unranked Kato Kaneuchi Kaz Craven Unranked Kaz Craven Khalima Oura Unranked Khalima Oura Kikyou Higurashi Unranked Kikyou Higurashi Kinna Shadowdancer Unranked Kinna Shadowdancer Klit Iris Unranked Klit Iris Larsoc Bjornson Unranked Larsoc Bjornson Lily Rosewood Unranked Lily Rosewood Lio Nasaar Unranked Lio Nasaar Lleneria Pendrake Unranked Lleneria Pendrake Loyoyo Loyo Unranked Loyoyo Loyo Luna Mars Unranked Luna Mars Luriel Wood Unranked Luriel Wood Mariana Duel Unranked Mariana Duel Marisa Tiderunner Unranked Marisa Tiderunner Mavyn Wildwood Unranked Mavyn Wildwood Mayetu Judye Unranked Mayetu Judye Mei Murakami Unranked Mei Murakami Meta Mucil Unranked Meta Mucil Miashra Stargazer Unranked Miashra Stargazer Mikael Morganys Unranked Mikael Morganys Minfilia Crimsonia Unranked Minfilia Crimsonia Misago Kanshi Unranked Misago Kanshi Mithril Heart Unranked Mithril Heart Mooncy Lin Unranked Mooncy Lin Myralla Eevilyo Unranked Myralla Eevilyo Nadia Caelin Unranked Nadia Caelin Nagumo Yuu Unranked Nagumo Yuu Nea Erilu Unranked Nea Erilu Nicholas Sage Unranked Nicholas Sage Oh Yo Unranked Oh Yo Omnix Snickerdoodle Unranked Omnix Snickerdoodle Palia Aleatoire Unranked Palia Aleatoire Papalymio Crimsonia Unranked Papalymio Crimsonia Peppita Payne Unranked Peppita Payne Phantasy Mesuneko Unranked Phantasy Mesuneko Playstep Akahime Unranked Playstep Akahime Poprox Paldovi Unranked Poprox Paldovi Princess Aura Unranked Princess Aura Qydon Astrais Unranked Qydon Astrais Raeclynn Vailen Unranked Raeclynn Vailen Raiden Storm Unranked Raiden Storm Raven Nevira Unranked Raven Nevira Rayne Blackwood Unranked Rayne Blackwood Riel Maharet Unranked Riel Maharet Rin Blackstone Unranked Rin Blackstone Ririulu Liliulu Unranked Ririulu Liliulu Rivienne Chassebel Unranked Rivienne Chassebel Rosaelie Liliales Unranked Rosaelie Liliales Rose Farron Unranked Rose Farron Runeth Falloryn Unranked Runeth Falloryn Sanctuary Of'zi'tha Unranked Sanctuary Of'zi'tha Saraya Perks Unranked Saraya Perks Sepholi Arcaina Unranked Sepholi Arcaina Serwacy Wojtek Unranked Serwacy Wojtek Shiramun Aybara Unranked Shiramun Aybara Shouko Hikikomori Unranked Shouko Hikikomori Silvia Buuinia Unranked Silvia Buuinia Skeezy Heat Unranked Skeezy Heat Sloth Kurosaki Unranked Sloth Kurosaki Sprort Atreides Unranked Sprort Atreides Spuring Blacktip Unranked Spuring Blacktip Storm Silverwind Unranked Storm Silverwind Superomo Dandybug Unranked Superomo Dandybug Sya Elakha Unranked Sya Elakha Tabitha Aldine Unranked Tabitha Aldine Takhi Noykin Unranked Takhi Noykin Tasa Malaguld Unranked Tasa Malaguld Tater-tot Bibimbap Unranked Tater-tot Bibimbap Tellie Gram Unranked Tellie Gram Telo Smalls Unranked Telo Smalls Terio Darklight Unranked Terio Darklight Thane Nara Unranked Thane Nara Thormond Blacke Unranked Thormond Blacke Thulahn Abdalah Unranked Thulahn Abdalah Tomie Kawakamii Unranked Tomie Kawakamii Trixee Mattel Unranked Trixee Mattel Umaroth Helgrind Unranked Umaroth Helgrind Vexxo Nightblade Unranked Vexxo Nightblade Xena The-lonely Unranked Xena The-lonely Y'shtolia Crimsonia Unranked Y'shtolia Crimsonia Yasunaka Kuzushi Unranked Yasunaka Kuzushi Yhom Chalahkono Unranked Yhom Chalahkono Yozakura Buhen Unranked Yozakura Buhen Yugiri Crimsonia Unranked Yugiri Crimsonia Zailik Faifield Unranked Zailik Faifield Acelena Merchant Jormungrupie Acelena Merchant Adeline Lalaileh Jormungrupie Adeline Lalaileh Adri'enne Majerus Jormungrupie Adri'enne Majerus Aerick Kaerick Jormungrupie Aerick Kaerick After Thought Jormungrupie After Thought Agatha Morning Jormungrupie Agatha Morning Aiajine Vairemont Jormungrupie Aiajine Vairemont Aidan Aurelius Jormungrupie Aidan Aurelius Aki Fukuda Jormungrupie Aki Fukuda Albeado Ooalgown Jormungrupie Albeado Ooalgown Alcina Strega Jormungrupie Alcina Strega Alera Snow Jormungrupie Alera Snow Alevia Rowan Jormungrupie Alevia Rowan Alexa Montoya Jormungrupie Alexa Montoya Alleria Wolfe Jormungrupie Alleria Wolfe Almalexia Laren Jormungrupie Almalexia Laren Almeri Llymlaen Jormungrupie Almeri Llymlaen Aloysia Windove Jormungrupie Aloysia Windove Alshar P'ton Jormungrupie Alshar P'ton Alula Mitnu Jormungrupie Alula Mitnu Aly Rocket Jormungrupie Aly Rocket Alzelia Shey Jormungrupie Alzelia Shey Amrita Prakriti Jormungrupie Amrita Prakriti Ana Rainapple Jormungrupie Ana Rainapple Anya Amaris Jormungrupie Anya Amaris Apollo Artemis Jormungrupie Apollo Artemis Arcadius Wolfe Jormungrupie Arcadius Wolfe Aria Alter Jormungrupie Aria Alter Asha Tsumari Jormungrupie Asha Tsumari Asha Yuni Jormungrupie Asha Yuni Ashaudlam Stargazer Jormungrupie Ashaudlam Stargazer Asher Boon Jormungrupie Asher Boon Astraea Delta Jormungrupie Astraea Delta Astrelle Morning Jormungrupie Astrelle Morning Astreya Lightmoon Jormungrupie Astreya Lightmoon Atamas Atkama Jormungrupie Atamas Atkama Azalea Panipahr Jormungrupie Azalea Panipahr Azurah Manduine Jormungrupie Azurah Manduine Babyboys Soul Jormungrupie Babyboys Soul Based Goddess Jormungrupie Based Goddess Belle M'ldinze Jormungrupie Belle M'ldinze Black Outt Jormungrupie Black Outt Blackbelle Odelle Jormungrupie Blackbelle Odelle Breena Mollwix Jormungrupie Breena Mollwix Bridyth Tsuki Jormungrupie Bridyth Tsuki Calbor D'sweet Jormungrupie Calbor D'sweet Captain Bi'ini Jormungrupie Captain Bi'ini Captn Randm Jormungrupie Captn Randm Careless Whisper Jormungrupie Careless Whisper Catarina Tyburn Jormungrupie Catarina Tyburn Catherine Valentine Jormungrupie Catherine Valentine Catsy Catfox Jormungrupie Catsy Catfox Cee Dee Jormungrupie Cee Dee Celest Sky Jormungrupie Celest Sky Ceridwen Ealdwode Jormungrupie Ceridwen Ealdwode Chara Xenix Jormungrupie Chara Xenix Cherry Star Jormungrupie Cherry Star Chesher Mint Jormungrupie Chesher Mint Chia Tia Jormungrupie Chia Tia Citan Zuki Jormungrupie Citan Zuki Claire Valentini Jormungrupie Claire Valentini Clobberella Snusnu Jormungrupie Clobberella Snusnu Cnova Yuzukii Jormungrupie Cnova Yuzukii Coco Heals Jormungrupie Coco Heals Corwin Aurelia Jormungrupie Corwin Aurelia Crimson Deathwhisper Jormungrupie Crimson Deathwhisper De'milo Starter Jormungrupie De'milo Starter Deilorfie Miller Jormungrupie Deilorfie Miller Diana Goldenfox Jormungrupie Diana Goldenfox Digimancer Cerberus Jormungrupie Digimancer Cerberus Drilvox Balerion Jormungrupie Drilvox Balerion Dutch Flegenheimer Jormungrupie Dutch Flegenheimer Eckorn Ordin Jormungrupie Eckorn Ordin Edda Pureheart Jormungrupie Edda Pureheart Edged Blurr Jormungrupie Edged Blurr Ekko Divanian Jormungrupie Ekko Divanian Elbryan Wyndon Jormungrupie Elbryan Wyndon Elegest Korwell Jormungrupie Elegest Korwell Eleutheria Overjerr Jormungrupie Eleutheria Overjerr Elise Yneire Jormungrupie Elise Yneire Elliana Nassih Jormungrupie Elliana Nassih Ellyra Morning Jormungrupie Ellyra Morning Emery Oakenfold Jormungrupie Emery Oakenfold Emilia Hawksteel Jormungrupie Emilia Hawksteel En Nox Jormungrupie En Nox Eragunde Hume Jormungrupie Eragunde Hume Eriana Greyroad Jormungrupie Eriana Greyroad Erin Nyx Jormungrupie Erin Nyx Erised Apheta Jormungrupie Erised Apheta Etrienne Etoile Jormungrupie Etrienne Etoile Falv Ula Jormungrupie Falv Ula Fialas Dawnren Jormungrupie Fialas Dawnren Fiona Laren Jormungrupie Fiona Laren Fiona Laveau Jormungrupie Fiona Laveau Forever Alive Jormungrupie Forever Alive Fortune Zi'tah Jormungrupie Fortune Zi'tah Gaebril Mosinel Jormungrupie Gaebril Mosinel Ghemi Aubergine Jormungrupie Ghemi Aubergine Gowther Alkaiser Jormungrupie Gowther Alkaiser Gram Eikinskjaldi Jormungrupie Gram Eikinskjaldi Grishnar Stormbringer Jormungrupie Grishnar Stormbringer Grum Kand'ari Jormungrupie Grum Kand'ari Gwenethelia Steele Jormungrupie Gwenethelia Steele Halenster Faquhgads Jormungrupie Halenster Faquhgads Haurchefant Graestone Jormungrupie Haurchefant Graestone Heals Please Jormungrupie Heals Please Heartless Nobody Jormungrupie Heartless Nobody Hieronymus Thar Jormungrupie Hieronymus Thar Icehole Wrecker Jormungrupie Icehole Wrecker Inej Wraith-heart Jormungrupie Inej Wraith-heart Inori Kohana Jormungrupie Inori Kohana Ipex Traiben Jormungrupie Ipex Traiben Ivory Ocean Jormungrupie Ivory Ocean Jeanne Lothaire Jormungrupie Jeanne Lothaire Jeroki Aiko Jormungrupie Jeroki Aiko Jesse Arturia Jormungrupie Jesse Arturia Johnny Blockbuster Jormungrupie Johnny Blockbuster Johto Naeuri Jormungrupie Johto Naeuri Jolie Miraudont Jormungrupie Jolie Miraudont Judecca Srajo Jormungrupie Judecca Srajo Judge Drace Jormungrupie Judge Drace June Monsoon Jormungrupie June Monsoon Jyinna Shua Jormungrupie Jyinna Shua K'ikuko Hoshino Jormungrupie K'ikuko Hoshino Kaenee Spiritstorm Jormungrupie Kaenee Spiritstorm Kaleia Mei Jormungrupie Kaleia Mei Kalivar Atlantean Jormungrupie Kalivar Atlantean Kas Olious Jormungrupie Kas Olious Kelthana Viras Jormungrupie Kelthana Viras Kenshiro Northstar Jormungrupie Kenshiro Northstar Kevillia Mormerilbes Jormungrupie Kevillia Mormerilbes Khal Uzuka Jormungrupie Khal Uzuka Khaleesi Fowler Jormungrupie Khaleesi Fowler Kickle Masterson Jormungrupie Kickle Masterson Kiku Kurosaki Jormungrupie Kiku Kurosaki Kitai Ivois Jormungrupie Kitai Ivois Klandesh Xiii Jormungrupie Klandesh Xiii Klaus Carabas Jormungrupie Klaus Carabas Krabu Fell Jormungrupie Krabu Fell Kuralda Dakaru Jormungrupie Kuralda Dakaru Kurumi Matoi Jormungrupie Kurumi Matoi Kuu Blue Jormungrupie Kuu Blue Kwijibo Obijiwk Jormungrupie Kwijibo Obijiwk Lady Knight Jormungrupie Lady Knight Lazaruz Bepimpin Jormungrupie Lazaruz Bepimpin Leondra Avantika Jormungrupie Leondra Avantika Leviathan Dragonheart Jormungrupie Leviathan Dragonheart Lila Lamora Jormungrupie Lila Lamora Lilac Silverspring Jormungrupie Lilac Silverspring Lokii Laufeyson Jormungrupie Lokii Laufeyson Lunar Mystic Jormungrupie Lunar Mystic Lunar Scion Jormungrupie Lunar Scion Lynaria Shadowstep Jormungrupie Lynaria Shadowstep Lynexia Stormwalker Jormungrupie Lynexia Stormwalker Lynia Tsukikage Jormungrupie Lynia Tsukikage Lyrixx Jedoga Jormungrupie Lyrixx Jedoga Magnuso Alta Jormungrupie Magnuso Alta Maiya Aiko Jormungrupie Maiya Aiko Mara Stone Jormungrupie Mara Stone Marcella Suri Jormungrupie Marcella Suri Marta Traemuerde Jormungrupie Marta Traemuerde Melia Cieri Jormungrupie Melia Cieri Mercurial Spectre Jormungrupie Mercurial Spectre Mike Endurski Jormungrupie Mike Endurski Min Al'thor Jormungrupie Min Al'thor Mind Wanderer Jormungrupie Mind Wanderer Mindalus Do'urden Jormungrupie Mindalus Do'urden Mistur Magatama Jormungrupie Mistur Magatama Mitsuha Miuwu Jormungrupie Mitsuha Miuwu Moar Dotz Jormungrupie Moar Dotz Momo Tetsu Jormungrupie Momo Tetsu Montee Muuhne Jormungrupie Montee Muuhne Moomba Black Jormungrupie Moomba Black Moto Yama Jormungrupie Moto Yama Myaelo Steelwind Jormungrupie Myaelo Steelwind Myara Silvermoon Jormungrupie Myara Silvermoon Myrina Asteria Jormungrupie Myrina Asteria Myrtle Turtledove Jormungrupie Myrtle Turtledove Mystic Rain Jormungrupie Mystic Rain Nahri Rosepine Jormungrupie Nahri Rosepine Nana Wone Jormungrupie Nana Wone Nanseavie Raven Jormungrupie Nanseavie Raven Natayla Stanislav Jormungrupie Natayla Stanislav Nef Naila Jormungrupie Nef Naila Nehaylem Wintersun Jormungrupie Nehaylem Wintersun Nemomiah Seregon Jormungrupie Nemomiah Seregon Neoki Sturmwolf Jormungrupie Neoki Sturmwolf Nexus Kry Jormungrupie Nexus Kry Nicosia Parhelion Jormungrupie Nicosia Parhelion Nimette Daerynoix Jormungrupie Nimette Daerynoix Noes Mercer Jormungrupie Noes Mercer Noriko Isamu Jormungrupie Noriko Isamu Northern Spirit Jormungrupie Northern Spirit Olivia Solea Jormungrupie Olivia Solea Ollanius Pius Jormungrupie Ollanius Pius Orika Yamamura Jormungrupie Orika Yamamura Palinn Majere Jormungrupie Palinn Majere Patience Boon Jormungrupie Patience Boon Pink Outt Jormungrupie Pink Outt Ptolemy Lugh Jormungrupie Ptolemy Lugh Qiyu Minari Jormungrupie Qiyu Minari Quickening Leah Jormungrupie Quickening Leah R'fengari Luna Jormungrupie R'fengari Luna Rachell Quetzal Jormungrupie Rachell Quetzal Raedra Valeth Jormungrupie Raedra Valeth Rath Hastur Jormungrupie Rath Hastur Ravia Narlea Jormungrupie Ravia Narlea Reaper Chris Jormungrupie Reaper Chris Redscarlet Cerberus Jormungrupie Redscarlet Cerberus Reina Bell Jormungrupie Reina Bell Reiyn Moonseye Jormungrupie Reiyn Moonseye Reona Sciume Jormungrupie Reona Sciume Reverie Kurokami Jormungrupie Reverie Kurokami Reviria Thurandaut Jormungrupie Reviria Thurandaut Rhanka Lee Jormungrupie Rhanka Lee Ri Shuzen Jormungrupie Ri Shuzen Riku Stormcrow Jormungrupie Riku Stormcrow Rissa Ry'kuul Jormungrupie Rissa Ry'kuul Rolanberry Field Jormungrupie Rolanberry Field Rolant Vendragone Jormungrupie Rolant Vendragone Ryshen Leila Jormungrupie Ryshen Leila Sa'angreal Arcticwind Jormungrupie Sa'angreal Arcticwind Sami Valient Jormungrupie Sami Valient Samkhat Samizdat Jormungrupie Samkhat Samizdat Sartorri Tewa Jormungrupie Sartorri Tewa Sasoriza Tekisasu Jormungrupie Sasoriza Tekisasu Sasum Quatch Jormungrupie Sasum Quatch Savage Ocelot Jormungrupie Savage Ocelot Saya Sakisaka Jormungrupie Saya Sakisaka Seikyo Tsurisen Jormungrupie Seikyo Tsurisen Selekie Eikeles Jormungrupie Selekie Eikeles Selene Asteria Jormungrupie Selene Asteria Senadino Vek Jormungrupie Senadino Vek Sendaya Gentear Jormungrupie Sendaya Gentear Sendo Why Jormungrupie Sendo Why Serafina Fhey Jormungrupie Serafina Fhey Sere Thyler Jormungrupie Sere Thyler Sereh Genesis Jormungrupie Sereh Genesis Serenity Creed Jormungrupie Serenity Creed Serina Viras Jormungrupie Serina Viras Serra Lance Jormungrupie Serra Lance Sertera Aurelius Jormungrupie Sertera Aurelius Shoee Laces Jormungrupie Shoee Laces Sigyn Laufeyson Jormungrupie Sigyn Laufeyson Sindri Latkje Jormungrupie Sindri Latkje Sintas Vel Jormungrupie Sintas Vel Sira Fenris Jormungrupie Sira Fenris Slevin Kelevra- Jormungrupie Slevin Kelevra- Snipplwits Puddingpants Jormungrupie Snipplwits Puddingpants Snow Grove Jormungrupie Snow Grove Sonata Eternal Jormungrupie Sonata Eternal Sophie Fuote Jormungrupie Sophie Fuote Sophie Mccullin Jormungrupie Sophie Mccullin Sumomoe Momo Jormungrupie Sumomoe Momo Sylendra Kharlu Jormungrupie Sylendra Kharlu Sylphrena Divaraia Jormungrupie Sylphrena Divaraia T'netra Sumhrem Jormungrupie T'netra Sumhrem Taranelle Farae Jormungrupie Taranelle Farae Tashomi Zadari Jormungrupie Tashomi Zadari Tay Swift Jormungrupie Tay Swift Teal Outt Jormungrupie Teal Outt Tealee Arcaina Jormungrupie Tealee Arcaina Tendou Isamu Jormungrupie Tendou Isamu Tescia Amelia Jormungrupie Tescia Amelia Tescia Timberlyann Jormungrupie Tescia Timberlyann Tessiris Greyhand Jormungrupie Tessiris Greyhand Thayos Redblade Jormungrupie Thayos Redblade Thris Straizo Jormungrupie Thris Straizo Tirra Lirra Jormungrupie Tirra Lirra Tsu Kisoi Jormungrupie Tsu Kisoi Tunare Rhul Jormungrupie Tunare Rhul Tye Stormwalker Jormungrupie Tye Stormwalker Tyler Eager-heart Jormungrupie Tyler Eager-heart Typhany Feroce Jormungrupie Typhany Feroce Unclej Quetzalcoatl Jormungrupie Unclej Quetzalcoatl Unexplained Porkchop Jormungrupie Unexplained Porkchop Uoza Kariforunia Jormungrupie Uoza Kariforunia Val Darkheart Jormungrupie Val Darkheart Valindra Farzana Jormungrupie Valindra Farzana Valmar Milten Jormungrupie Valmar Milten Valor Redemption Jormungrupie Valor Redemption Vanaria Nightsong Jormungrupie Vanaria Nightsong Vanilla Milkshake Jormungrupie Vanilla Milkshake Varin Roseheart Jormungrupie Varin Roseheart Veera Tansdottir Jormungrupie Veera Tansdottir Vi Sovari Jormungrupie Vi Sovari Vidar Wachtmeister Jormungrupie Vidar Wachtmeister Violetta Dawnshadow Jormungrupie Violetta Dawnshadow Wobble Hollow Jormungrupie Wobble Hollow Xan Sus Jormungrupie Xan Sus Xarielle Ryusha Jormungrupie Xarielle Ryusha Xeno Jivah Jormungrupie Xeno Jivah Xhentil Do'ana Jormungrupie Xhentil Do'ana Xyphie Apples Jormungrupie Xyphie Apples Yehn Bajhiri Jormungrupie Yehn Bajhiri Yin Valkoinen Jormungrupie Yin Valkoinen Yinja Su Jormungrupie Yinja Su Youmu Windstar Jormungrupie Youmu Windstar Yuri Cinders Jormungrupie Yuri Cinders Yvlla Veril Jormungrupie Yvlla Veril Zackara Duststar Jormungrupie Zackara Duststar Zango Schlagel Jormungrupie Zango Schlagel Zehraux Eurelt Jormungrupie Zehraux Eurelt Zengar Zombolt Jormungrupie Zengar Zombolt Zettai Ryouiki Jormungrupie Zettai Ryouiki Zunne Raze Jormungrupie Zunne Raze Zyph Lasanti Jormungrupie Zyph Lasanti