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Viva Eorzea

Rank 30 Free Company "Viva Eorzea" was formed on and registered on with ID 9236742098248532028. Last set of interviews conducted on .

has the following slogan:

Friendly neighborhood FC always accepting new and veteran players. Rank 30, large Shirogane house. Come join a great and evolving family!

Operates on Hyperion, Primal, leaving tags "Viva" all over the place and increasing glory of Order of the Twin AdderOrder of the Twin Adder. Has a large base named "Viva La Vida" on plot 46 in ward 10 of Shirogane, Kugane, Hingashi Show on map.

Has this message on its plot placard:

Please enter (Esuna)'s possible

Participates in:

  • LevelingLeveling
  • CasualCasual
  • HardcoreHardcore
  • DungeonsDungeons
  • GuildhestsGuildhests
  • TrialsTrials
  • RaidsRaids
  • PvPPvP

Is recruiting:

  • TankTank
  • HealerHealer
  • CrafterCrafter
  • GathererGatherer
Company ranking history
Date Weekly Monthly Members
81 57 150
45 37 150
116 128 132
100 62 132
84 62 129
117 62 129
117 74 131
68 52 124
45 101 125
125 69 124
197 69 124
71 69 125
66 69 124
56 29 92
51 52 89
21 34 83
76 53 56

Current members:

Clayers Evermore Ragnarok Clayers Evermore Niv Mizet The Firemind Niv Mizet Candlestar Arandur Louisoix Candlestar Arandur Darth Lionheart Louisoix Darth Lionheart Grover Eyeveen Excalibur Grover Eyeveen Jodin Inilodel Excalibur Jodin Inilodel Opax Nero Excalibur Opax Nero Rizen Fall Excalibur Rizen Fall Sorencia Sicarius Excalibur Sorencia Sicarius Aeryn Taylor Gilgamesh Aeryn Taylor Aestheus Crystalis Gilgamesh Aestheus Crystalis Akadai Shirou Gilgamesh Akadai Shirou Andros Cortay Gilgamesh Andros Cortay Artair Azurn Gilgamesh Artair Azurn Ayumu Yamashita Gilgamesh Ayumu Yamashita Azu La Gilgamesh Azu La Ben Adephon Gilgamesh Ben Adephon Bigg Stank Gilgamesh Bigg Stank Bodan Liasman Gilgamesh Bodan Liasman Chibodee Dinami Gilgamesh Chibodee Dinami Chloe Arthur Gilgamesh Chloe Arthur Diesel Power Gilgamesh Diesel Power Eldan Azurn Gilgamesh Eldan Azurn Elieris Zaelen Gilgamesh Elieris Zaelen Ellie Bean Gilgamesh Ellie Bean Elyrion Erdos Gilgamesh Elyrion Erdos Endol Endurus Gilgamesh Endol Endurus Eryk Ferox Gilgamesh Eryk Ferox Faloran Nightshade Gilgamesh Faloran Nightshade Fayn Kaldin Gilgamesh Fayn Kaldin Fengari Feyd'rautha Gilgamesh Fengari Feyd'rautha Gaulin Azurn Gilgamesh Gaulin Azurn Genshi Mizuro Gilgamesh Genshi Mizuro Halonic Justice Gilgamesh Halonic Justice Icepenguin Frost Gilgamesh Icepenguin Frost Jet Arthur Gilgamesh Jet Arthur Kassandra Blacktail Gilgamesh Kassandra Blacktail Kish Huzrin Gilgamesh Kish Huzrin Lord Stinkypink Gilgamesh Lord Stinkypink Luna Crow Gilgamesh Luna Crow Lynn Lutea Gilgamesh Lynn Lutea Makai Ookami Gilgamesh Makai Ookami Mikuru Atlasia Gilgamesh Mikuru Atlasia Mina Mooglemouth Gilgamesh Mina Mooglemouth Morley Nightbreeze Gilgamesh Morley Nightbreeze Nyenzie Sicarius Gilgamesh Nyenzie Sicarius Ois Kaldin Gilgamesh Ois Kaldin One-eye Wolf Gilgamesh One-eye Wolf Popo Toto Gilgamesh Popo Toto Sages Solomon Gilgamesh Sages Solomon Sharkbait Ooh'ha'ha Gilgamesh Sharkbait Ooh'ha'ha Shino Marino Gilgamesh Shino Marino Sutaki Nieru Gilgamesh Sutaki Nieru Tony Kush Gilgamesh Tony Kush Toreba Suoka Gilgamesh Toreba Suoka Tyrian Yuanuon Gilgamesh Tyrian Yuanuon Vash Walder Gilgamesh Vash Walder Wolf Darkgloom Gilgamesh Wolf Darkgloom Xeros Mazoku Gilgamesh Xeros Mazoku Yuppiekin Toki Gilgamesh Yuppiekin Toki Zell Drakk Gilgamesh Zell Drakk Absolute Luck Enkidu Absolute Luck Alumn Sunpraiser Enkidu Alumn Sunpraiser Anya Shirou Enkidu Anya Shirou Aodan The-purifier Enkidu Aodan The-purifier Arael Aerene Enkidu Arael Aerene Armion Pridewatcher Enkidu Armion Pridewatcher Artea Asscian Enkidu Artea Asscian Asura Va'jraa Enkidu Asura Va'jraa Athena Raune Enkidu Athena Raune Autherius Bahamut Enkidu Autherius Bahamut Barik Pancake Enkidu Barik Pancake Beav Ssj Enkidu Beav Ssj Bexley Larue Enkidu Bexley Larue Bubbzy Gump Enkidu Bubbzy Gump Captain Brazia Enkidu Captain Brazia Centralia San Enkidu Centralia San Chiccy Nugs Enkidu Chiccy Nugs Dark Ecklipze Enkidu Dark Ecklipze Decembermoon Stargaze Enkidu Decembermoon Stargaze Divain Holds Enkidu Divain Holds Doogey Howzer Enkidu Doogey Howzer Drachonin Bajihri Enkidu Drachonin Bajihri Dracobaya Gigibaya Enkidu Dracobaya Gigibaya Dream Evergreen Enkidu Dream Evergreen Dunlark Conlades Enkidu Dunlark Conlades Elf Loreson Enkidu Elf Loreson Folg Zivryg Enkidu Folg Zivryg Garrett Vaughn Enkidu Garrett Vaughn Griffith King-v Enkidu Griffith King-v Grumps Dewinter Enkidu Grumps Dewinter Gutts Casanova Enkidu Gutts Casanova Healz Beguud Enkidu Healz Beguud Jena Okami Enkidu Jena Okami Joseph Joestar Enkidu Joseph Joestar Karma Foredragon Enkidu Karma Foredragon Key Bhlader Enkidu Key Bhlader Kristi Husbando Enkidu Kristi Husbando Lala Tina Enkidu Lala Tina Lanier Reinlier Enkidu Lanier Reinlier Legato Red Enkidu Legato Red Lemaru Enraged Enkidu Lemaru Enraged Lin Forest Enkidu Lin Forest Lord Xandsifer Enkidu Lord Xandsifer Lyjia Darkwater Enkidu Lyjia Darkwater Magna Storm Enkidu Magna Storm Mana Beast Enkidu Mana Beast Matimus Duragon Enkidu Matimus Duragon Mercury Ravan Enkidu Mercury Ravan Meryl Stryfe Enkidu Meryl Stryfe Mio Kusakari Enkidu Mio Kusakari Nana Domeido Enkidu Nana Domeido Nemia Stillwater Enkidu Nemia Stillwater Nezuko Kamadoo Enkidu Nezuko Kamadoo Nyx Domitus Enkidu Nyx Domitus Ohs Nos Enkidu Ohs Nos Orbs Thegreat Enkidu Orbs Thegreat Orrick Darkbane Enkidu Orrick Darkbane Princess Trunks Enkidu Princess Trunks Raiden Sarutobi Enkidu Raiden Sarutobi Reyes Alex Enkidu Reyes Alex Rhea Lauri Enkidu Rhea Lauri Rinswind Murdock Enkidu Rinswind Murdock Roland Leach Enkidu Roland Leach Rue Rurunasu Enkidu Rue Rurunasu Ruzella Maeforth Enkidu Ruzella Maeforth Sanchir Kharlu Enkidu Sanchir Kharlu Shirohn Silvercrest Enkidu Shirohn Silvercrest Silver Cross Enkidu Silver Cross Sizzle Saur Enkidu Sizzle Saur Stache Mustardseed Enkidu Stache Mustardseed Strider Hawke Enkidu Strider Hawke Suricato Azul Enkidu Suricato Azul Syria Gigachad Enkidu Syria Gigachad Tassador Gexo Enkidu Tassador Gexo Taz The-real-og Enkidu Taz The-real-og Tearani Haileigh Enkidu Tearani Haileigh Thien Ho Enkidu Thien Ho Timshel Leona Enkidu Timshel Leona Todays News Enkidu Todays News Uh Ninjapoptart Enkidu Uh Ninjapoptart Ultan Darklight Enkidu Ultan Darklight Valecria L'kieras Enkidu Valecria L'kieras Vara Sunreaver Enkidu Vara Sunreaver Wandering Bard Enkidu Wandering Bard Yukki Sun Enkidu Yukki Sun Zaneli Maneli Enkidu Zaneli Maneli Zappo Bappo Enkidu Zappo Bappo Zoink Drakkengaard Enkidu Zoink Drakkengaard Zynk Drakkengaard Enkidu Zynk Drakkengaard