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Comradery Reborn

Rank 30 Free Company "Comradery Reborn" was formed on and registered on with ID 9236460623271824867. Last set of interviews conducted on .

has the following slogan:

Fun,! Active! Helpful! Valued members! All content! Mansion! Exp & tele buffs! Mounts! Maps! Deep Dungeons! Climb! Seasonal events! Fun!

Operates on Excalibur, Primal, leaving tags "CR" all over the place and increasing glory of Immortal FlamesImmortal Flames. Has a large base named "Comradery HQ" on plot 13 in ward 15 of The Goblet, Ul'dah, Thanalan Show on map.

Has this message on its plot placard:

Welcome to Comradery Reborn FC!  (^ω^)ノ”

Participates in:

  • LevelingLeveling
  • CasualCasual
  • DungeonsDungeons
  • TrialsTrials
  • RaidsRaids
  • PvPPvP
Has an open community.

Is recruiting:

  • TankTank
  • HealerHealer
  • CrafterCrafter
  • GathererGatherer
Company ranking history
Date Weekly Monthly Members
6 7 513
10 6 505
7 6 511
9 5 509
5 5 503
6 5 442
9 5 422
9 7 416
5 7 416
7 7 496
5 7 490
9 7 481
6 7 477
6 10 476
7 7 458
6 6 445
7 6 480
6 7 451
10 7 501
9 7 494
9 2 490
2 1 403
1 3 391
2 3 389
2 3 388
2 7 375
4 7 508
7 7 504
8 7 492
8 7 490
7 5 480
6 2 480
3 6 465
6 4 476
4 6 439

Current members:

Emma Darcy Leader Emma Darcy Selphie Tilmitto Officer Selphie Tilmitto Yuki Furukane Event Leader Yuki Furukane Ashen Sedai Gardener1 Ashen Sedai Cara Noel Gardener1 Cara Noel Carin Bronte CEO CFO Carin Bronte Daman Xavier CEO CFO Daman Xavier Zack Branford CEO CFO Zack Branford Akemiz Vazquez Project Manager Akemiz Vazquez Aydogan Mikael'en Project Manager Aydogan Mikael'en Rivas Cayl Project Manager Rivas Cayl Alsbet Xa'thel Gardener Alsbet Xa'thel Ed Bassmaster Gardener Ed Bassmaster Iain Farrell Gardener Iain Farrell Keltis Keltaru Gardener Keltis Keltaru Lexie Luwa Gardener Lexie Luwa Pampani Pampi Gardener Pampani Pampi Ryukyu Tatsuma Gardener Ryukyu Tatsuma Aglar Langseth Representative Aglar Langseth Alaya Kartisan Representative Alaya Kartisan Allis Eternal Representative Allis Eternal Axel Eclipse Representative Axel Eclipse Base Shirohoh Representative Base Shirohoh Cent Carioca Representative Cent Carioca Char Tvashtar Representative Char Tvashtar Chloe Kartisan Representative Chloe Kartisan Coren Zephyres Representative Coren Zephyres Diara Dea Representative Diara Dea Grey Wilds Representative Grey Wilds Grimblood Endbringer Representative Grimblood Endbringer Hiroyuki Olokun Representative Hiroyuki Olokun Jack Kartisan Representative Jack Kartisan Jerec Alderik Representative Jerec Alderik Jordric Rhaeljin Representative Jordric Rhaeljin Joze Hazard Representative Joze Hazard Kl'vyen Chatran Representative Kl'vyen Chatran Kostya Cayl Representative Kostya Cayl Kuir Bolrung Representative Kuir Bolrung Kumiko Koda Representative Kumiko Koda Masuku Lockcifur Representative Masuku Lockcifur Meteor Fantasy Representative Meteor Fantasy Migisaur Shenshi Representative Migisaur Shenshi Panther Style Representative Panther Style Phil Plissken Representative Phil Plissken Pisti Lika Representative Pisti Lika Rasho Oshidari Representative Rasho Oshidari Rinh Relanah Representative Rinh Relanah Rose Laufeyson Representative Rose Laufeyson Shigure Dola Representative Shigure Dola Shino Moist Representative Shino Moist Theodoric Fitzroy Representative Theodoric Fitzroy Torrigan Touchstone Representative Torrigan Touchstone Ukkir Soryu Representative Ukkir Soryu Valerie Pyronix Representative Valerie Pyronix Zin Fanel Representative Zin Fanel A'vanoh Miu Associate A'vanoh Miu Abyss Valvick Associate Abyss Valvick Adrianna Mae Associate Adrianna Mae Airanea Heyoka Associate Airanea Heyoka Aji Tama Associate Aji Tama Akasha Fanon Associate Akasha Fanon Aki Lockhart Associate Aki Lockhart Alexander Mysterio Associate Alexander Mysterio Alexandria Francis Associate Alexandria Francis Alkaid Lycoris Associate Alkaid Lycoris Amberle Illissidel Associate Amberle Illissidel Andreas Markos Associate Andreas Markos Angel Namikaze Associate Angel Namikaze Animal Style Associate Animal Style Antares Radiance Associate Antares Radiance Ariel Mercura Associate Ariel Mercura Arlen Wyze Associate Arlen Wyze Arlita Shwartz Associate Arlita Shwartz Artemis Char Associate Artemis Char Arthur Vandelay Associate Arthur Vandelay Atreus Keravnos Associate Atreus Keravnos Augustus Aequitas Associate Augustus Aequitas Aveline Alana Associate Aveline Alana Azami Aogane Associate Azami Aogane Ban Kirito Associate Ban Kirito Bavid Dowie Associate Bavid Dowie Belladrin Jhondraes Associate Belladrin Jhondraes Blackpaws Lelette Associate Blackpaws Lelette Brietta Thorne Associate Brietta Thorne Bryanis Radaf Associate Bryanis Radaf Colossal Tank Associate Colossal Tank Cota Joran Associate Cota Joran Crayde Oborus Associate Crayde Oborus Cruxis Panthera Associate Cruxis Panthera Cuchulain Tuatha'de Associate Cuchulain Tuatha'de Dakota Nightwalker Associate Dakota Nightwalker Dante Lionhart Associate Dante Lionhart Davina Nyx Associate Davina Nyx Dennis Dehmenace Associate Dennis Dehmenace Ditallu Finstrith Associate Ditallu Finstrith Dog Philosopher Associate Dog Philosopher Drakgen Okami Associate Drakgen Okami Dyrion Rhaya'li Associate Dyrion Rhaya'li Ebegei Ura Associate Ebegei Ura Eeeyum Laleeyum Associate Eeeyum Laleeyum Elderon Redstorm Associate Elderon Redstorm Enguerran Charlemend Associate Enguerran Charlemend Ethan Silverblade Associate Ethan Silverblade Ethani Magerific Associate Ethani Magerific Euenyil Eveningtide Associate Euenyil Eveningtide Everfal Peacehand Associate Everfal Peacehand Fanon Al'sabir Associate Fanon Al'sabir Faruk Dragneel Associate Faruk Dragneel Fiona Yuno Associate Fiona Yuno Fjola Bosco Associate Fjola Bosco H'owllow Holo Associate H'owllow Holo Healry Duff Associate Healry Duff Henry Dasan Associate Henry Dasan Hirusa Vallendrus Associate Hirusa Vallendrus Holylight Kyas Associate Holylight Kyas Hotep Ra Associate Hotep Ra Ianna Allond Associate Ianna Allond Ilas Ivirdan Associate Ilas Ivirdan Im Ferreira Associate Im Ferreira Iori Kaoru Associate Iori Kaoru Jaeh'ti Moshroca Associate Jaeh'ti Moshroca Jaleana Sage Associate Jaleana Sage Jean Luc Associate Jean Luc Jenneth Sunstone Associate Jenneth Sunstone Jennifer Walters Associate Jennifer Walters Johnny Rocketx Associate Johnny Rocketx Juggalo Toothpick Associate Juggalo Toothpick Jutabant Seaborne Associate Jutabant Seaborne Kadence Mithra Associate Kadence Mithra Kadivya Fhey Associate Kadivya Fhey Kanadiana Bladestopper Associate Kanadiana Bladestopper Kara Katz Associate Kara Katz Karaka Karrotkake Associate Karaka Karrotkake Kazei Kyria Associate Kazei Kyria Kenito Resumaru Associate Kenito Resumaru Kenji Penhaligon Associate Kenji Penhaligon Kev'o Dovahku Associate Kev'o Dovahku Kevin Poporoi Associate Kevin Poporoi Kieri Suizhan Associate Kieri Suizhan Kihta Polaali Associate Kihta Polaali Kitasha Ryskaris Associate Kitasha Ryskaris Kiteryn Moondown Associate Kiteryn Moondown Kognati Greenbeard Associate Kognati Greenbeard Kuzon Firefire Associate Kuzon Firefire Kyrie Strongwind Associate Kyrie Strongwind Lady Natasha Associate Lady Natasha Layden Bonecrusher Associate Layden Bonecrusher Leoj Hybridcut Associate Leoj Hybridcut Life Song Associate Life Song Lil Heathen Associate Lil Heathen Lilith Nusk Associate Lilith Nusk Lill Moiral Associate Lill Moiral Lily Wilder Associate Lily Wilder Loquacious Jones Associate Loquacious Jones Lyria Mason Associate Lyria Mason Lysos Xl Associate Lysos Xl Magnasis Drakkenwolf Associate Magnasis Drakkenwolf Magne Taresfall Associate Magne Taresfall Makina Hoshino Associate Makina Hoshino Makoto Saion-ji Associate Makoto Saion-ji Mamayshi Mayshi Associate Mamayshi Mayshi Meiia Whitewind Associate Meiia Whitewind Melfina Valentine Associate Melfina Valentine Meowmeow Kupochow Associate Meowmeow Kupochow Mezlo Miestro Associate Mezlo Miestro Michael Territo Associate Michael Territo Michael Windluck Associate Michael Windluck Mirellia Surtr Associate Mirellia Surtr Miriana Windryder Associate Miriana Windryder Mistah Cocoafro Associate Mistah Cocoafro Mistaken General Associate Mistaken General Misty Pancake Associate Misty Pancake Moe Lorus Associate Moe Lorus Molly Ashburn Associate Molly Ashburn Nacht Sieger Associate Nacht Sieger Nadia Leonheart Associate Nadia Leonheart Natsu Seibold Associate Natsu Seibold Navi Griffith Associate Navi Griffith Neesa Whitewind Associate Neesa Whitewind Nevera Necrea Associate Nevera Necrea Nezara Noura Associate Nezara Noura Nheu Epoch Associate Nheu Epoch Nicoliii Vonstraught Associate Nicoliii Vonstraught Night Wingx Associate Night Wingx Noles Chachamai Associate Noles Chachamai Noob Ofnoobs Associate Noob Ofnoobs Noxtila Kaisuri Associate Noxtila Kaisuri Nyami Naito Associate Nyami Naito Odila Benbow Associate Odila Benbow Orchid O'niel Associate Orchid O'niel Ozruk Steeltooth Associate Ozruk Steeltooth Pallas Style Associate Pallas Style Perrinn O'neely Associate Perrinn O'neely Physical Removal Associate Physical Removal Ping Toe Associate Ping Toe Popket Etto Associate Popket Etto Poporaku Kokoraku Associate Poporaku Kokoraku Princess Foraday Associate Princess Foraday Pyna Deleon Associate Pyna Deleon Quincy Akiudo Associate Quincy Akiudo R'lloon Mhutsusi Associate R'lloon Mhutsusi Random Astral Associate Random Astral Randy Rule Associate Randy Rule Rani Syncearia Associate Rani Syncearia Reno Reno Associate Reno Reno Ripley Ebonwing Associate Ripley Ebonwing Rorojido Lolojido Associate Rorojido Lolojido Rubido Jr Associate Rubido Jr Rufio Thalost Associate Rufio Thalost Rugar Fenix-ryker Associate Rugar Fenix-ryker Ruvardal Kvarwen Associate Ruvardal Kvarwen Rynt Asunder Associate Rynt Asunder Ryu Kote Associate Ryu Kote Sam Sen Associate Sam Sen Sapphire Firefire Associate Sapphire Firefire Schweppies Schweppes Associate Schweppies Schweppes Sera Arkaral Associate Sera Arkaral Seren Dipitey Associate Seren Dipitey Serge Vonflugel Associate Serge Vonflugel Shade Phoenix Associate Shade Phoenix Shadow Matrix Associate Shadow Matrix Shara Llevlarer Associate Shara Llevlarer Shawnee Dewdew Associate Shawnee Dewdew Shennobi Beoulve Associate Shennobi Beoulve Sheryl Nightwalker Associate Sheryl Nightwalker Silver Suerte Associate Silver Suerte Sister Dawn Associate Sister Dawn Sistine Phi'bel Associate Sistine Phi'bel Soki Minamoto Associate Soki Minamoto Soren Svartblod Associate Soren Svartblod Spadacus Sasalano Associate Spadacus Sasalano Strahimir Lonnasch Associate Strahimir Lonnasch Tajes Mixos Associate Tajes Mixos Talia Nohra Associate Talia Nohra Tamlin Wallace Associate Tamlin Wallace Tano Shii Associate Tano Shii Theo Talis Associate Theo Talis Tsubaki Yuki Associate Tsubaki Yuki Twilight Breeze Associate Twilight Breeze Usako Popoki Associate Usako Popoki Uther Fordragon Associate Uther Fordragon V'iewing Cutscene Associate V'iewing Cutscene Valdeth Aloran Associate Valdeth Aloran Vamas Defiehia Associate Vamas Defiehia Vashiel Azure Associate Vashiel Azure Veniccio Raybrandt Associate Veniccio Raybrandt Votefor Pedro Associate Votefor Pedro Waa Wuu Associate Waa Wuu Whasi Toyu Associate Whasi Toyu Xeero Vatlorec Associate Xeero Vatlorec Yaamo Jenkins Associate Yaamo Jenkins Yggdrasil Tear Associate Yggdrasil Tear Zabava Dazkar Associate Zabava Dazkar Zelmer Halliwell Associate Zelmer Halliwell Zuko Firefire Associate Zuko Firefire A'vett Kolket Member A'vett Kolket Abhainn Lyriss Member Abhainn Lyriss Abigail Elizabeth Member Abigail Elizabeth Abra Ka'dabra Member Abra Ka'dabra Actual Enjoyer Member Actual Enjoyer Aedarra Lockhart Member Aedarra Lockhart Airey Rudolphi Member Airey Rudolphi Aislinn Kitorn Member Aislinn Kitorn Akari Tanaka Member Akari Tanaka Alaric Stark Member Alaric Stark Ale Vairemont Member Ale Vairemont Alexander Chrison Member Alexander Chrison Alhazanda Delthariam Member Alhazanda Delthariam Alpha A'rane Member Alpha A'rane Anam Foghar Member Anam Foghar Andromeda Moonstone Member Andromeda Moonstone Andruin Vahktar Member Andruin Vahktar Anonymous Player Member Anonymous Player Anuy Banner Member Anuy Banner Art Delacreaux Member Art Delacreaux Arte Misa Member Arte Misa Arya Stormbringer Member Arya Stormbringer Asten Gray Member Asten Gray Aurelia Violet Member Aurelia Violet Aurora Adalwolf Member Aurora Adalwolf Ava Thorne Member Ava Thorne Averitt Stonee Member Averitt Stonee Avyl Sophitia Member Avyl Sophitia Balkoth Verroc Member Balkoth Verroc Barakayal Mavaharian Member Barakayal Mavaharian Belgrieve Harbringer Member Belgrieve Harbringer Beltok Chung Member Beltok Chung Bend Drover Member Bend Drover Bender Themagnificent Member Bender Themagnificent Bleep Bloop Member Bleep Bloop Blitz Makina Member Blitz Makina Brandykins Love Member Brandykins Love Bribble Braps Member Bribble Braps Busa Yunco Member Busa Yunco Cam Mando Member Cam Mando Capitan Amate Member Capitan Amate Captain Smoke Member Captain Smoke Casdaine Moons Member Casdaine Moons Cerian Sunblade Member Cerian Sunblade Charlotte Claudius Member Charlotte Claudius Chris Uncharted Member Chris Uncharted Clowde Raine Member Clowde Raine Cone Joose Member Cone Joose Core Core Member Core Core Cyclona Silverblade Member Cyclona Silverblade Dah Smitty Member Dah Smitty Dallas Fuel Member Dallas Fuel Darcinger Mohr Member Darcinger Mohr Db Proxy Member Db Proxy Death Nier Member Death Nier Death Sorrows Member Death Sorrows Defiudas Valishir Member Defiudas Valishir Demon Dawn Member Demon Dawn Demonrayne Bladestopper Member Demonrayne Bladestopper Demos Garou Member Demos Garou Dhalia Valar Member Dhalia Valar Diarmuid Odina Member Diarmuid Odina Dong Bedragon Member Dong Bedragon Dredd Zhyn Member Dredd Zhyn Drim Kairist Member Drim Kairist Edgarallen Knightpain Member Edgarallen Knightpain Eljugo Grande Member Eljugo Grande End Narte Member End Narte Epicdemic Allmight Member Epicdemic Allmight Eragon Travellion Member Eragon Travellion Eric Emiya Member Eric Emiya Eustace Flask Member Eustace Flask Everwood Flint Member Everwood Flint Evia Ashrain Member Evia Ashrain Exios Omnious Member Exios Omnious Eye Wis Member Eye Wis Faerwyn Ndai Member Faerwyn Ndai Faith Lily Member Faith Lily Faithe Ironsoul Member Faithe Ironsoul Figbar Newtown Member Figbar Newtown Frozen Warlik Member Frozen Warlik Garret Springs Member Garret Springs Gimlith Goldmane Member Gimlith Goldmane Gin Estus Member Gin Estus Gintoki Shiroyasha Member Gintoki Shiroyasha Gleath Light Member Gleath Light Gorbulas Ghostcloud Member Gorbulas Ghostcloud Hamtaro Nova Member Hamtaro Nova Heiimdallyn Vyin Member Heiimdallyn Vyin Hellena Willows Member Hellena Willows Hevn- Bergson Member Hevn- Bergson Hildr Randgris Member Hildr Randgris Hind Sight Member Hind Sight Hisamori Uzuka Member Hisamori Uzuka Hocus Poke'us Member Hocus Poke'us Hottracer Nottracer Member Hottracer Nottracer I'm Edgy Member I'm Edgy Iago Halfaxa Member Iago Halfaxa Ichi Nichi Member Ichi Nichi Immortal Penguin Member Immortal Penguin Inabikari Kaminari Member Inabikari Kaminari Jamzy Irregular Member Jamzy Irregular Jeesus Superstar Member Jeesus Superstar Jibril Eggcicles Member Jibril Eggcicles Jillian Sapphire Member Jillian Sapphire Jim Manaweaver Member Jim Manaweaver Jonmungandr Mianyan Member Jonmungandr Mianyan Jook Jook Member Jook Jook Kaefer Redfang Member Kaefer Redfang Kagdon Stronghorn Member Kagdon Stronghorn Kai Cen Member Kai Cen Kairi Nephilimi Member Kairi Nephilimi Kallum Farrell Member Kallum Farrell Kaotic Carnage Member Kaotic Carnage Kari Frozen Member Kari Frozen Kelvin Hightower Member Kelvin Hightower Keyser Jumpi Member Keyser Jumpi Khryssen Amacitus Member Khryssen Amacitus Killer Burdock Member Killer Burdock Kira Jeanne Member Kira Jeanne Klauvison Clauvison Member Klauvison Clauvison Koko Tumet Member Koko Tumet Koneko Otsutsuki Member Koneko Otsutsuki Kura Frosera Member Kura Frosera Lard Space Member Lard Space Leon Buvelle Member Leon Buvelle Lil'alan Mhigo Member Lil'alan Mhigo Lord Goochi Member Lord Goochi Lucian Hunter Member Lucian Hunter Lucienne Auclair Member Lucienne Auclair Lucii Ommegang Member Lucii Ommegang Lunaeon Sol Member Lunaeon Sol Lusha Lushasha Member Lusha Lushasha Major Agnostic Member Major Agnostic Mara Jaade Member Mara Jaade Mayor West Member Mayor West Merlyyn Dawn Member Merlyyn Dawn Mika Pan Member Mika Pan Minerva Farron Member Minerva Farron Minoke Akaishi Member Minoke Akaishi Miss Kirino Member Miss Kirino Mister Ajitated Member Mister Ajitated Mitsurugi Kasumi Member Mitsurugi Kasumi Mix Match Member Mix Match Miyuki Furukane Member Miyuki Furukane Moth Matrey Member Moth Matrey Nagra Rock Member Nagra Rock Nakano Zhou Member Nakano Zhou Nami Rockbell Member Nami Rockbell Naomi Light Member Naomi Light Nash Ghost Member Nash Ghost Navi Maximus Member Navi Maximus Nemo Witz Member Nemo Witz Nephilim Elysium Member Nephilim Elysium Nessa Celeborn Member Nessa Celeborn Nez Kamado Member Nez Kamado Noble Path Member Noble Path Noble Redsteel Member Noble Redsteel Noz'zem Sunbreak Member Noz'zem Sunbreak Omni Sol Member Omni Sol Onion Thief Member Onion Thief Orlan Hohenheim Member Orlan Hohenheim Orwen Goodfellow Member Orwen Goodfellow Otto Octavius Member Otto Octavius Panzerfaust Lelette Member Panzerfaust Lelette Patches Swiftyfeet Member Patches Swiftyfeet Poco Loku Member Poco Loku Poken Peace Member Poken Peace Polo Lil-smokee Member Polo Lil-smokee Priche Exe Member Priche Exe Priss Toff Member Priss Toff Proto Vixen Member Proto Vixen Pumpernickel Dgard Member Pumpernickel Dgard Pyroe Blackvigil Member Pyroe Blackvigil Python Strife Member Python Strife Qata'min Betwanhe Member Qata'min Betwanhe Qin'to A'lan Member Qin'to A'lan Ququshan Wawashan Member Ququshan Wawashan Redheart Kiba Member Redheart Kiba Reikilus Artanis Member Reikilus Artanis Ren Lotus Member Ren Lotus Renya Shinkai Member Renya Shinkai Rin Hogonshield Member Rin Hogonshield Rintaka Fawn Member Rintaka Fawn Robin Debanc Member Robin Debanc Roci Beltalowda Member Roci Beltalowda Roxie Heartfilia Member Roxie Heartfilia Roy Light Member Roy Light Ru Fio Member Ru Fio S'nijah Tiasensi Member S'nijah Tiasensi Saint Bepis Member Saint Bepis Sarah Luna Member Sarah Luna Sato Sarang Member Sato Sarang Scarlet Noire Member Scarlet Noire Selandria Taco Member Selandria Taco Senor Rodge Member Senor Rodge Seventh Hokage Member Seventh Hokage Sevyn Valvaliss Member Sevyn Valvaliss Shaka Zulujr Member Shaka Zulujr Shiv Haulia Member Shiv Haulia Shivar On'rocks Member Shivar On'rocks Sin Islaw Member Sin Islaw Sir Smacks-alot Member Sir Smacks-alot Sir Toppington Member Sir Toppington Sir Twuffy Member Sir Twuffy Solsbury Hill Member Solsbury Hill Someone Smalls Member Someone Smalls Somnium Bellus Member Somnium Bellus Soother Thidion Member Soother Thidion Sophie Sticated Member Sophie Sticated Southpaw Southway Member Southpaw Southway Squidlips Sam Member Squidlips Sam Struka Windtide Member Struka Windtide Suge Highwind Member Suge Highwind Sunshine Belle Member Sunshine Belle Suo Tatewaki Member Suo Tatewaki Sven Hashimoto Member Sven Hashimoto Swirls Momo Member Swirls Momo Talion Windluck Member Talion Windluck Teine Saorsa Member Teine Saorsa Templeton Leatherby Member Templeton Leatherby Thaz'my Purse Member Thaz'my Purse Tiny Healzalot Member Tiny Healzalot Tolerance Juice Member Tolerance Juice Tsukasa Kasai Member Tsukasa Kasai Tyr Suncaller Member Tyr Suncaller Umaro Yensu Member Umaro Yensu V'ertina Phobosus Member V'ertina Phobosus Valkyrn Draengor Member Valkyrn Draengor Veklin Malaguld Member Veklin Malaguld Velathir Thirale Member Velathir Thirale Venari Feredir Member Venari Feredir Venom Ken Member Venom Ken Violet Highwind Member Violet Highwind Vortex Aetherfist Member Vortex Aetherfist Vulcen Ashtone Member Vulcen Ashtone Warden Shadowsong Member Warden Shadowsong Wompa Stompa Member Wompa Stompa Worm Wano Member Worm Wano Xami Sauxalhi Member Xami Sauxalhi Xanster Ironhouse Member Xanster Ironhouse Xavier Fontanoy Member Xavier Fontanoy Yalzan Dragon Member Yalzan Dragon Yami Sukehero Member Yami Sukehero Yua Ozawa Member Yua Ozawa Yuma Fyth Member Yuma Fyth Zan Flint Member Zan Flint Zana Amariyo Member Zana Amariyo Zanadose Flint Member Zanadose Flint Zantetsu Tsurugi Member Zantetsu Tsurugi Zer'oh Walker Member Zer'oh Walker Zessephel Arda Member Zessephel Arda Zoro Zzz Member Zoro Zzz Zusa Sherhay Member Zusa Sherhay