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Eikons For Hire

Rank 30 Free Company "Eikons For Hire" was formed on and registered on with ID 9234771773411679561. Last set of interviews conducted on .

has the following slogan:

Better than your average primal. We are Eikonic! Semi-casual, Friendly FC focused on helping players. We run a wide range of content.

Operates on Goblin, Crystal, leaving tags "Eikon" all over the place and increasing glory of MaelstromMaelstrom. Has a large base named "The Aetheryte" on plot 3 in ward 12 of The Lavender Beds, Gridania, The Black Shroud Show on map.

Has this message on its plot placard:

World got you on the down-and-out?
Bring in your crystals and give us a shout!

Participates in:

  • LevelingLeveling
  • CasualCasual
  • DungeonsDungeons
  • TrialsTrials
  • RaidsRaids
  • PvPPvP

Is recruiting:

  • TankTank
  • HealerHealer
  • CrafterCrafter
  • GathererGatherer
Company ranking history
Date Weekly Monthly Members
163 169 97
18 4 174
13 4 169
2 4 169
16 4 176
21 4 174
21 2 174
1 1 173
4 2 159
2 2 158

Current members:

Kerestel Weylyn Zodiark Kerestel Weylyn Doctor Lightheart Tempered Doctor Lightheart Leggerless Hanzou Housing Leggerless Hanzou Darth Zorathos Hydaelyn Darth Zorathos Korinthea Aranthal Hydaelyn Korinthea Aranthal Ragna Ursuul Hydaelyn Ragna Ursuul Alistaer Oureax Dalamud Alistaer Oureax Azizah Sattari Dalamud Azizah Sattari Viviana Tsurune Dalamud Viviana Tsurune A'yora Nulah Bahamut A'yora Nulah Crazeh Bones Bahamut Crazeh Bones Lithui Aglarond Bahamut Lithui Aglarond Ridley Ribbit Bahamut Ridley Ribbit Sable Sweeney Bahamut Sable Sweeney Apple Crumble Calamity Threat Apple Crumble Efione Lesou Calamity Threat Efione Lesou Fiac Gaildagh Calamity Threat Fiac Gaildagh Gingerbread Latte Calamity Threat Gingerbread Latte Jallo Finnal Calamity Threat Jallo Finnal Matthias Gestalt Calamity Threat Matthias Gestalt Adored Snow Aether Adored Snow Aria Ikari Aether Aria Ikari Arna Rysto Aether Arna Rysto Bigbody Benz Aether Bigbody Benz Buttery Nugget Aether Buttery Nugget Devender Unbroken Aether Devender Unbroken Dragneel Darkthrone Aether Dragneel Darkthrone Fufu Fune Aether Fufu Fune Gods Busy Aether Gods Busy Jonah Doom Aether Jonah Doom Kasha Malha Aether Kasha Malha Keimfhisk Blyssatzsyn Aether Keimfhisk Blyssatzsyn Kena Bridges Aether Kena Bridges Kotori Megiddo Aether Kotori Megiddo Lizzard Lizer Aether Lizzard Lizer Merlgeim Nahctsolkwyn Aether Merlgeim Nahctsolkwyn Okane Miyata Aether Okane Miyata Skolaria Kori Aether Skolaria Kori Sticky Mcstickem Aether Sticky Mcstickem Zach Nwood Aether Zach Nwood A'shenn Tia Astral Legend A'shenn Tia Aleksandru Ivasch Astral Legend Aleksandru Ivasch Arishmael Sarrasehk Astral Legend Arishmael Sarrasehk Calliope Lafalle Astral Legend Calliope Lafalle Emiiya Shiro Astral Legend Emiiya Shiro G'leyzan Ghuul Astral Legend G'leyzan Ghuul Ghi D'orah Astral Legend Ghi D'orah Haliviel Vanile Astral Legend Haliviel Vanile Hazard Highwind Astral Legend Hazard Highwind Hyliviel Vanile Astral Legend Hyliviel Vanile Koala Bear Astral Legend Koala Bear Lysolus Windexia Astral Legend Lysolus Windexia Mio Sefka Astral Legend Mio Sefka Ragnell Kagan Astral Legend Ragnell Kagan Rin Okizume Astral Legend Rin Okizume Robin Hoodz Astral Legend Robin Hoodz Sakuza Astroth Astral Legend Sakuza Astroth Sheit Castl Astral Legend Sheit Castl Soul Mord Astral Legend Soul Mord Tobiro Shirimon Astral Legend Tobiro Shirimon Tohka Sandalphon Astral Legend Tohka Sandalphon Unryu Chosai Astral Legend Unryu Chosai Xeran Verin Astral Legend Xeran Verin Yuukoko Yuuko Astral Legend Yuukoko Yuuko Zad'ea Sieth Astral Legend Zad'ea Sieth Adele Snow Umbral Summon Adele Snow Aiko Kilo Umbral Summon Aiko Kilo Allie Stark Umbral Summon Allie Stark Biran Ashtree Umbral Summon Biran Ashtree Bluntilda Dabski Umbral Summon Bluntilda Dabski Cirina Qalli Umbral Summon Cirina Qalli Echoras Sada'tay Umbral Summon Echoras Sada'tay Fugin Kesugin Umbral Summon Fugin Kesugin Gregorio Dupont Umbral Summon Gregorio Dupont Hensley Norwin Umbral Summon Hensley Norwin Hi'on Catnip Umbral Summon Hi'on Catnip Hyzenthlay El'ahraira Umbral Summon Hyzenthlay El'ahraira Kyasin Kuchinawa Umbral Summon Kyasin Kuchinawa Larsa Solidor Umbral Summon Larsa Solidor Marielle Blackburne Umbral Summon Marielle Blackburne Meisa Died Umbral Summon Meisa Died Mint Verelem Umbral Summon Mint Verelem Neon John Umbral Summon Neon John Nierja Elvetres Umbral Summon Nierja Elvetres Ninya Nobel Umbral Summon Ninya Nobel Oni Doommer Umbral Summon Oni Doommer Phoenix- Xineohp Umbral Summon Phoenix- Xineohp Rygav Hornspite Umbral Summon Rygav Hornspite Semir Astana Umbral Summon Semir Astana Skreptus Perfidious Umbral Summon Skreptus Perfidious Slack Action Umbral Summon Slack Action Suteko Gaisho Umbral Summon Suteko Gaisho Tamaki Amakitty Umbral Summon Tamaki Amakitty Tiny Wheels Umbral Summon Tiny Wheels Valen Kinshire Umbral Summon Valen Kinshire Vash Barkshark Umbral Summon Vash Barkshark Zevi Ronso Umbral Summon Zevi Ronso