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Military Vets Inc

Rank 30 Free Company "Military Vets Inc" was formed on and registered on with ID 9233786610993200629. Last set of interviews conducted on .

has the following slogan:

FC devoted to honoring US Veterans. FC goal is to help new players get through the games many challenges. We welcome all players to join US :)

Operates on Coeurl, Crystal, leaving tags "Vets" all over the place and increasing glory of Order of the Twin AdderOrder of the Twin Adder. Has a large base named "Barracks of Heroes" on plot 30 in ward 3 of The Goblet, Ul'dah, Thanalan Show on map.

Has this message on its plot placard:

Welcome to our humble home. Relax, chill , and eat with us all.

Participates in:

  • LevelingLeveling
  • CasualCasual
  • DungeonsDungeons
  • TrialsTrials
  • RaidsRaids

Is recruiting:

  • TankTank
  • HealerHealer
  • CrafterCrafter
  • GathererGatherer

Had also been known under 1 other name:

  • Misfit Toys Inc.
Company ranking history
Date Weekly Monthly Members
137 124 127

Current members:

Faith Brenguard President Faith Brenguard Scarlet Phoenix Colonel Scarlet Phoenix Iilarya Shadowdancer Master Engineer Iilarya Shadowdancer Osa Sol Sergeant Osa Sol Yini Pig Sergeant Yini Pig Geuke Djt-marouc Master Gardener Geuke Djt-marouc Oki Karagan Master Gardener Oki Karagan Devogal Runja Vice President Devogal Runja Kaede Ozarsch Vice President Kaede Ozarsch Ophelia Riful Vice President Ophelia Riful Eluilos Vayaluva Sgt-at-Arms Eluilos Vayaluva Gwenyth Sol Sgt-at-Arms Gwenyth Sol Zadka Loik Sgt-at-Arms Zadka Loik Hanso Void Dungeon Master Hanso Void Kuzra Xalkai Dungeon Master Kuzra Xalkai Mister Jeb Dungeon Master Mister Jeb Buff Kitty Treasurer Buff Kitty Freya Celeste Treasurer Freya Celeste K'aedje Ozarsch Treasurer K'aedje Ozarsch Lancelet Quel'endal Treasurer Lancelet Quel'endal Anna Weilde Supply Officer Anna Weilde Bun Mangolo Supply Officer Bun Mangolo Nautical Joker Supply Officer Nautical Joker Pugu Joshi Supply Officer Pugu Joshi Boogie Doo Private Boogie Doo Granson Ketchthane Private Granson Ketchthane Khyliana Orthallen Private Khyliana Orthallen Panda Expressu Private Panda Expressu Peachy Mangala Private Peachy Mangala Poodlehat Diabolos Private Poodlehat Diabolos Taco Belll Private Taco Belll Umi Tabito Private Umi Tabito Vidron Old-one Private Vidron Old-one W'rinha Tiagomera Private W'rinha Tiagomera Danny Tictac Vets/active dty Danny Tictac Demitrius Brodnax Vets/active dty Demitrius Brodnax Elara Doremy Vets/active dty Elara Doremy Electric Biscuit Vets/active dty Electric Biscuit Fala Lala'lah Vets/active dty Fala Lala'lah Gripper Maximus Vets/active dty Gripper Maximus Kahlen Amnell Vets/active dty Kahlen Amnell Kairi Jade Vets/active dty Kairi Jade King Chaddison Vets/active dty King Chaddison Kjat Rroda Vets/active dty Kjat Rroda Ledestin Grey Vets/active dty Ledestin Grey Li Jaigyu Vets/active dty Li Jaigyu Mayhim Redbeard Vets/active dty Mayhim Redbeard Nljsa Yapih Vets/active dty Nljsa Yapih Sanji Bds Vets/active dty Sanji Bds Skelethin Necropolis Vets/active dty Skelethin Necropolis Uschirrnock Viras Vets/active dty Uschirrnock Viras Vilestyle Vieger Vets/active dty Vilestyle Vieger Xerxes Golden Vets/active dty Xerxes Golden Ya'qob King Vets/active dty Ya'qob King Akasia Winterhart General Akasia Winterhart Alia Exodi General Alia Exodi Andrew Herson General Andrew Herson Annybeth Jhamei General Annybeth Jhamei Ashla Wolffeheart General Ashla Wolffeheart Ashta Altin General Ashta Altin Avis Caelum General Avis Caelum Azelas Warborn General Azelas Warborn Belle Sol General Belle Sol Bor Kha General Bor Kha Cassandra Harrison General Cassandra Harrison Cyra Moon General Cyra Moon Dangolo Mangolo General Dangolo Mangolo Desari Monhi General Desari Monhi Disco Jax General Disco Jax Dudeicouldbe Crafting General Dudeicouldbe Crafting Elland Orta General Elland Orta Emma Blue General Emma Blue Estelle Reneau General Estelle Reneau Evian He'e General Evian He'e Fate Amaya General Fate Amaya Fuca Anama General Fuca Anama Fulloph Regreht General Fulloph Regreht Goku Zxr General Goku Zxr Handsome Dadcred General Handsome Dadcred Helio Luna General Helio Luna Ilsie Martineaux General Ilsie Martineaux Inglip Furabolsa General Inglip Furabolsa Jabben Qoul General Jabben Qoul Jebipsubhe Diabolos General Jebipsubhe Diabolos Kaiana Highwind General Kaiana Highwind Kari Dreamfall General Kari Dreamfall Korlic Stormshield General Korlic Stormshield Lanfear Heartsbane General Lanfear Heartsbane Laurie Lastatt General Laurie Lastatt Lena Harrison General Lena Harrison Liliqe Liqe General Liliqe Liqe Loyal'scribe Jonathan General Loyal'scribe Jonathan Luna Rising General Luna Rising Michael Sawyer General Michael Sawyer Mimi Henir General Mimi Henir Missus Pugu General Missus Pugu Mister Pugu General Mister Pugu Momcred Uriannger General Momcred Uriannger Nefry Altin General Nefry Altin Opas Ymir General Opas Ymir Phoenix Revive General Phoenix Revive Rokonono Nananana General Rokonono Nananana Sarabi Nitesong General Sarabi Nitesong Sayuri Tanglefoot General Sayuri Tanglefoot Sb Tunez General Sb Tunez Sea Jae General Sea Jae Solomon Falcaros General Solomon Falcaros Soui-ji Amikirstova General Soui-ji Amikirstova Spriggan Specialist General Spriggan Specialist Symme Arkwright General Symme Arkwright Syrah Moon General Syrah Moon Tahl Teddy General Tahl Teddy Tira Green General Tira Green Trip Dracon General Trip Dracon Truckun Dracon General Truckun Dracon Tygon Seath General Tygon Seath Val Hari General Val Hari Vandyr Cinderfin General Vandyr Cinderfin Vhan Mangolo General Vhan Mangolo Vivi Nefeltari General Vivi Nefeltari Vixen Mertzer General Vixen Mertzer Vorpal Kami General Vorpal Kami Yufi Jebsdottir General Yufi Jebsdottir Yula Delinstrum General Yula Delinstrum Albel Mu Officer Albel Mu Vivi Sol Officer Vivi Sol