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The Court of Avalon

Rank 30 Free Company "The Court of Avalon" was formed on and registered on with ID 9233786610993127087. Last set of interviews conducted on .

has the following slogan:

All hail Lord Poofy Pants Raygga!
The Cookies are still mine - Inari Qui

Operates on Coeurl, Crystal, leaving tags "AVA" all over the place and increasing glory of Order of the Twin AdderOrder of the Twin Adder.

Has this message on its plot placard:

All ransoms must be paid in the form of cookies.

Participates in:

  • LevelingLeveling
  • CasualCasual
  • DungeonsDungeons
  • GuildhestsGuildhests
  • TrialsTrials
  • RaidsRaids
  • PvPPvP

Is recruiting, but does not specify whom.

Had also been known under 1 other name:

  • Isles of Avalon
Company ranking history
Date Weekly Monthly Members
38 38 346
31 38 339
31 32 338
41 32 338
37 32 341
17 32 339
17 19 334
24 53 334
40 53 305
54 53 300
58 44 293
82 44 287
83 26 333
4 5 195
4 5 196
5 5 177
4 12 160
8 12 155
8 12 158
13 8 232
10 8 229
11 3 228
8 3 232
4 2 217
10 10 195
10 10 205
7 8 212
10 11 142

Current members:

Wrathoc Smith AVA Leader Wrathoc Smith Maiya Lahreas The Round Table Maiya Lahreas Raygga Lumarius The Round Table Raygga Lumarius Sadko Nocturn The Round Table Sadko Nocturn Alex Panther Council Alex Panther Amber Panther Council Amber Panther Emma Panther Council Emma Panther Gene Panther Council Gene Panther Hibikari Tsukimaru Council Hibikari Tsukimaru Inari Qui Council Inari Qui Kyndel Ling Council Kyndel Ling Misai Qui Council Misai Qui Mizuki Kuro Council Mizuki Kuro Sadu Panther Council Sadu Panther Sophia Panther Council Sophia Panther Surai Qui Council Surai Qui Zero Sic Council Zero Sic Albrect'to Svadilfari The Nobles Albrect'to Svadilfari Ania Llathua The Nobles Ania Llathua Anjela Deadmarsh The Nobles Anjela Deadmarsh Atreyu Strife The Nobles Atreyu Strife Blake Rose The Nobles Blake Rose Calestra Nightwing The Nobles Calestra Nightwing Ceana Dracht The Nobles Ceana Dracht Ecila Dawes The Nobles Ecila Dawes Jamini Vyharra The Nobles Jamini Vyharra Justin Ackerman The Nobles Justin Ackerman Kolob Iasgair The Nobles Kolob Iasgair Krono Mon The Nobles Krono Mon Lolianna Silverlance The Nobles Lolianna Silverlance Makoto Yurikami The Nobles Makoto Yurikami Rivienne Shen The Nobles Rivienne Shen Rosen D'varia The Nobles Rosen D'varia Ruby Marlowe The Nobles Ruby Marlowe Talan Hunter The Nobles Talan Hunter Valery Archambault The Nobles Valery Archambault Waff Less The Nobles Waff Less Adelle Dazeem Knights Adelle Dazeem Aelfinn Sedai Knights Aelfinn Sedai Ailis Redd Knights Ailis Redd Aldous Strife Knights Aldous Strife Alta Mar Knights Alta Mar Angel Sapphire Knights Angel Sapphire Ark Valthyrian Knights Ark Valthyrian Auryn Izaris Knights Auryn Izaris Aya Kuroki Knights Aya Kuroki Cali Bayfinesse Knights Cali Bayfinesse Capu Chino Knights Capu Chino Cathistra Belfort Knights Cathistra Belfort Chara Harmony Knights Chara Harmony Cygnus Snowhill Knights Cygnus Snowhill Dantiel Sproake Knights Dantiel Sproake Drz Zzz Knights Drz Zzz Erryn Furukawa Knights Erryn Furukawa Freya Archlight Knights Freya Archlight Grimbles Delmonte Knights Grimbles Delmonte Jeff Spicoli Knights Jeff Spicoli Kai Burns Knights Kai Burns Kail Shadowfang Knights Kail Shadowfang Kass Willowhisp Knights Kass Willowhisp Katomi Himeko Knights Katomi Himeko Katrine Bradford Knights Katrine Bradford Kee'wee Zwielicht Knights Kee'wee Zwielicht Kira Hart Knights Kira Hart Krillokh Arleth Knights Krillokh Arleth Lani Runja Knights Lani Runja Levandra Swift Knights Levandra Swift Mordyn Krios Knights Mordyn Krios Mrs Drzzz Knights Mrs Drzzz Nepetya Catarya Knights Nepetya Catarya Nindr Summerset Knights Nindr Summerset Noralia Lia Knights Noralia Lia Oldest Dragan Knights Oldest Dragan Qatun Jhungid Knights Qatun Jhungid Raguna Miyata Knights Raguna Miyata Rustin Peece Knights Rustin Peece Sandra Tseng Knights Sandra Tseng Sandro Andrineti Knights Sandro Andrineti Sephir Jenova Knights Sephir Jenova Serena Aureus Knights Serena Aureus Slab King Knights Slab King Solace Soul Knights Solace Soul Stabetha Grizz Knights Stabetha Grizz Tara Stormborne Knights Tara Stormborne Telianis Demarco Knights Telianis Demarco Thessayn Svisast Knights Thessayn Svisast Thorsdoter Valhalgard Knights Thorsdoter Valhalgard Tyria Windstriker Knights Tyria Windstriker Uliana Stratagem Knights Uliana Stratagem Vanitas Perish Knights Vanitas Perish Xion Valhen Knights Xion Valhen Adwa Valencia Squires Adwa Valencia Ahiru Zwielicht Squires Ahiru Zwielicht Ailiya Adin Squires Ailiya Adin Alric Wind Squires Alric Wind Annaliese Vileblood Squires Annaliese Vileblood Anziano Giasone Squires Anziano Giasone Arale Radiuju Squires Arale Radiuju Ashtara Koralia Squires Ashtara Koralia Asriel Black Squires Asriel Black Aurorean Void Squires Aurorean Void Auvo Charmont Squires Auvo Charmont Azami Hibata Squires Azami Hibata Beckeral Greene Squires Beckeral Greene Broken Astro Squires Broken Astro Crimwolf Argus Squires Crimwolf Argus Danny Nighthawk Squires Danny Nighthawk De Trixx Squires De Trixx Draq Ridge Squires Draq Ridge Eiteko Kegamu Squires Eiteko Kegamu Elessar Elansee Squires Elessar Elansee Elia Aile Squires Elia Aile Eveline Ariweth Squires Eveline Ariweth Evi Laatste Squires Evi Laatste Fafaro Faro Squires Fafaro Faro Freya Hyskaris Squires Freya Hyskaris Gale Amante Squires Gale Amante Gidgiddoni Ostornsyn Squires Gidgiddoni Ostornsyn Grit Bo Squires Grit Bo Hajime Kusoge Squires Hajime Kusoge Heaven's Star Squires Heaven's Star Helena Shattersword Squires Helena Shattersword Hoku Ul Squires Hoku Ul Inuki Lunari Squires Inuki Lunari Irha Silvertongue Squires Irha Silvertongue J'phow Tia Squires J'phow Tia James Darmody Squires James Darmody Jarrick Amov Squires Jarrick Amov Jessie Fair Squires Jessie Fair Joobius Stonerson Squires Joobius Stonerson Joshi Willow Squires Joshi Willow L'eon Prideborn Squires L'eon Prideborn Leonydas Black Squires Leonydas Black Loona Luna Squires Loona Luna Neon Ocean Squires Neon Ocean Nut Meg Squires Nut Meg Oath' Keeper Squires Oath' Keeper Onee Truechan Squires Onee Truechan Percevains Grinnaux Squires Percevains Grinnaux Rael Itora Squires Rael Itora Reliana Silver Squires Reliana Silver Relm Arrowny' Squires Relm Arrowny' Sai Ren Squires Sai Ren Senna Bladeshaw Squires Senna Bladeshaw Shiun Sashihai Squires Shiun Sashihai Shut-up Meg Squires Shut-up Meg Silver Lusty Squires Silver Lusty Theophilus Marantha Squires Theophilus Marantha Toe Maito Squires Toe Maito Valegos Urada Squires Valegos Urada Valentine Lesrekta Squires Valentine Lesrekta Venna Kusushi Squires Venna Kusushi Vivi Black Squires Vivi Black Zicane Stryfe Squires Zicane Stryfe Zizi Monster Squires Zizi Monster Ada Clover Pages Ada Clover Aesir Ameno Pages Aesir Ameno Aima Daimonas Pages Aima Daimonas Aiz Cranell Pages Aiz Cranell Akaza Ren Pages Akaza Ren Albedo Morrigan Pages Albedo Morrigan Alys Piane Pages Alys Piane Alyx Vance Pages Alyx Vance Alzoa Izari Pages Alzoa Izari Amber Fei Pages Amber Fei Amena Bishop Pages Amena Bishop Amy Moon Pages Amy Moon Anara Winters Pages Anara Winters Anna Kaylendorn Pages Anna Kaylendorn Anna Leiann Pages Anna Leiann Aqua Kikama Pages Aqua Kikama Ar Iluvatar Pages Ar Iluvatar Ariana Venti Pages Ariana Venti Arue Shalae Pages Arue Shalae Ashuri Ashika Pages Ashuri Ashika Astreal Ackerman Pages Astreal Ackerman Auzuri Jhin Pages Auzuri Jhin Avelies Urada Pages Avelies Urada Bartholomew Quinn Pages Bartholomew Quinn Belmont Motoko Pages Belmont Motoko Berrialia Garanjy Pages Berrialia Garanjy Berrogar Cragfist Pages Berrogar Cragfist Blace Prism Pages Blace Prism Bushprincess Conclave Pages Bushprincess Conclave Cali Thorn Pages Cali Thorn Centrion Therios Pages Centrion Therios Charmont Djt-dvre Pages Charmont Djt-dvre Clover Seong Pages Clover Seong Connor Hazon Pages Connor Hazon Coryn Starfall Pages Coryn Starfall Crusher Expelliumtrum Pages Crusher Expelliumtrum D-ray Ryuno Pages D-ray Ryuno Dalimil Nedbalek Pages Dalimil Nedbalek Des Rupansin Pages Des Rupansin Diakiradia Bakari Pages Diakiradia Bakari Durin Longbow Pages Durin Longbow Ellinda Aesir Pages Ellinda Aesir Elviane Credaurion Pages Elviane Credaurion Ember Wynn Pages Ember Wynn Eos Nara Pages Eos Nara Faeren Seid Pages Faeren Seid Fenrir Ranshok Pages Fenrir Ranshok Fhred Ephant Pages Fhred Ephant Fire Keepurr Pages Fire Keepurr Flixa Sylverstar Pages Flixa Sylverstar Folke Delmonte Pages Folke Delmonte Freya Odinson Pages Freya Odinson Freyja Eldena Pages Freyja Eldena Fuchi Margaria Pages Fuchi Margaria Gareth Mcman Pages Gareth Mcman Garrack Chimeran Pages Garrack Chimeran Grandom Graeyy Pages Grandom Graeyy Granny Starweed Pages Granny Starweed Grimbles Elrojooso Pages Grimbles Elrojooso Grimmjow Lockheart Pages Grimmjow Lockheart Haddie Mads Pages Haddie Mads Harlequin Falderol Pages Harlequin Falderol Haruko Gozen Pages Haruko Gozen Haxon Tia Pages Haxon Tia Hiei Strife Pages Hiei Strife Isuka Gurr Pages Isuka Gurr Jaer Gorm Pages Jaer Gorm Jakani Frost Pages Jakani Frost January Strife Pages January Strife Jessica Perseus Pages Jessica Perseus Joichiro Azami Pages Joichiro Azami Joshi Nanako Pages Joshi Nanako Kalani Sohma Pages Kalani Sohma Kalico C'ieth Pages Kalico C'ieth Kataris Pershing Pages Kataris Pershing Kehdara Chelewae Pages Kehdara Chelewae Kelele Kele Pages Kelele Kele Kieran Nox Pages Kieran Nox Kinara Rachine Pages Kinara Rachine Kingmau Rei Pages Kingmau Rei Kitty Fantastico Pages Kitty Fantastico Klynrael Staeltuwyn Pages Klynrael Staeltuwyn Kukeido Asami Pages Kukeido Asami Kullris Allond Pages Kullris Allond Kuro Yukihime Pages Kuro Yukihime Kuutamo Kure Pages Kuutamo Kure Kyablily Sean Pages Kyablily Sean Kyan Silva Pages Kyan Silva Lacey Putney Pages Lacey Putney Ladithgar Ulgasch Pages Ladithgar Ulgasch Lannir Arda Pages Lannir Arda Leonidas Lars Pages Leonidas Lars Linthy Khorne Pages Linthy Khorne Liogen Pyrex Pages Liogen Pyrex Lion Brave Pages Lion Brave Lisi Lilisi Pages Lisi Lilisi Lissandra Trinity Pages Lissandra Trinity Lucy Ford Pages Lucy Ford Luke Harvey Pages Luke Harvey Luna Lilysong Pages Luna Lilysong Lunara Moonshadow Pages Lunara Moonshadow Lysana Straus Pages Lysana Straus Mafir Kostinee Pages Mafir Kostinee Magnus Thundercat Pages Magnus Thundercat Mana Nyl Pages Mana Nyl Mara Roads Pages Mara Roads Maximus Zeralius Pages Maximus Zeralius Melee Hashira Pages Melee Hashira Miah Rhaenys Pages Miah Rhaenys Minerva Laeola Pages Minerva Laeola Miranda Bosworth Pages Miranda Bosworth Misty Strife Pages Misty Strife Mojave Mist Pages Mojave Mist Morfwydd Starfall Pages Morfwydd Starfall Morganth Silvermoon Pages Morganth Silvermoon Nacl Solo Pages Nacl Solo Natsuko Oishi Pages Natsuko Oishi Nightstalker Ahriella Pages Nightstalker Ahriella Nissa Tecteun Pages Nissa Tecteun Nouran Hallil Pages Nouran Hallil Ocean Gyre Pages Ocean Gyre Ophianne Saintrel Pages Ophianne Saintrel Pandaria Pooh Pages Pandaria Pooh Phobus Lastdance Pages Phobus Lastdance Quantavius Laravius Pages Quantavius Laravius Raiden Kodakumi Pages Raiden Kodakumi Raiden Ur Pages Raiden Ur Rain Flowers Pages Rain Flowers Randuin Thorne Pages Randuin Thorne Rene Ward Pages Rene Ward Roll Thun Pages Roll Thun Rubie Lariette Pages Rubie Lariette Ryan Wilson Pages Ryan Wilson Sabriel Nix Pages Sabriel Nix Sapphira Swords Pages Sapphira Swords Sarah Backroot Pages Sarah Backroot Satoha Tsuine Pages Satoha Tsuine Saylee Bramblethorn Pages Saylee Bramblethorn Selys Faulkner Pages Selys Faulkner Sergeant Munch Pages Sergeant Munch Shadowknight Bhk Pages Shadowknight Bhk Shashana Heartrend Pages Shashana Heartrend Shoten Meteor Pages Shoten Meteor Sianah Nightwind Pages Sianah Nightwind Sinyx D'sloth Pages Sinyx D'sloth Soleil Lyra Pages Soleil Lyra Sosuke Akagi Pages Sosuke Akagi Streak Windwhisper Pages Streak Windwhisper Suffina Marleau Pages Suffina Marleau Suki Skaikru Pages Suki Skaikru Sura Yuffie Pages Sura Yuffie Svika Dhun Pages Svika Dhun Taivan Dolgion Pages Taivan Dolgion Tarnished Lord Pages Tarnished Lord Test Case Pages Test Case Tokuni Kirasu Pages Tokuni Kirasu Tots M'graw Pages Tots M'graw Touka Shirayuki Pages Touka Shirayuki Trey Lance Pages Trey Lance Tyler Stark Pages Tyler Stark Urian Jay Pages Urian Jay Velette Faelynne Pages Velette Faelynne Vitan Rhys Pages Vitan Rhys Voadka Widatwis Pages Voadka Widatwis Willow Lockheart Pages Willow Lockheart Xailo Aesir Pages Xailo Aesir Yang-jian Wu Pages Yang-jian Wu Yoshihiro Kiba Pages Yoshihiro Kiba Yucca Zabala Pages Yucca Zabala Yunalesca Whitewind Pages Yunalesca Whitewind Yuno Bracheniven Pages Yuno Bracheniven Zana Enid Pages Zana Enid Zeroo Foxes Pages Zeroo Foxes Ziero Dakwhil Pages Ziero Dakwhil