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Rank 30 Free Company "Misunderstood" was formed on and registered on with ID 9232238498621273505. Last set of interviews conducted on .

has the following slogan:

We're a bunch of emos :^), Please poke a scion or officer for discord invites!

Operates on Gilgamesh, Aether, leaving tags "CULT" all over the place and increasing glory of MaelstromMaelstrom. Has a large base named "Ishgard Housing" on plot 35 in ward 21 of Mist, Limsa Lominsa, Vylbrand Show on map.

Has this message on its plot placard:

The house of a Misunderstood CULT, who knew?!

Participates in:

  • CasualCasual
  • HardcoreHardcore
  • DungeonsDungeons
  • GuildhestsGuildhests
  • TrialsTrials
  • RaidsRaids

Had also been known under 2 other names:

  • NPC
  • Sleepless Knights
Company ranking history
Date Weekly Monthly Members
64 91 176
17 12 360
10 12 354
10 20 354
8 20 351
23 20 334
23 32 334
27 13 316
20 13 312
13 14 313
8 14 314
34 14 309
16 14 309
31 14 306

Current members:

Lanzer Keva Lord Commander Lanzer Keva Arbs Dreamwalker Temple Knight Arbs Dreamwalker Kormak Swiftstrike Temple Knight Kormak Swiftstrike Roisinn Domore Temple Knight Roisinn Domore Sakaar Celdala Temple Knight Sakaar Celdala Sera Caelum Temple Knight Sera Caelum Seri Lethanae Temple Knight Seri Lethanae Zukkar Vale Temple Knight Zukkar Vale Alaurei Dinhe Inactive Alaurei Dinhe Allie Kilgannon Inactive Allie Kilgannon Anthony Stark Inactive Anthony Stark Anti-sera Caelum Inactive Anti-sera Caelum Aphishie Fish Inactive Aphishie Fish Artemis Howleth Inactive Artemis Howleth Asmodeus Chatwin Inactive Asmodeus Chatwin Azmodius Miminori Inactive Azmodius Miminori Baby Sera Inactive Baby Sera Bell Osum Inactive Bell Osum Celeste Elris Inactive Celeste Elris Dr Scholls Inactive Dr Scholls Eli Frost Inactive Eli Frost Fern Faethorne Inactive Fern Faethorne Jin Soju Inactive Jin Soju Kaieta Ultima Inactive Kaieta Ultima Laci Stoya Inactive Laci Stoya Lassi Lunette Inactive Lassi Lunette Mitch Fizzl Inactive Mitch Fizzl Preauhoix Nauviere Inactive Preauhoix Nauviere R'khon Nuhn Inactive R'khon Nuhn Rabid Monk Inactive Rabid Monk Ray Yonggi Inactive Ray Yonggi Rina Hayanata Inactive Rina Hayanata Rosalind Lepine Inactive Rosalind Lepine Severus Caelum Inactive Severus Caelum Smol Syfre Inactive Smol Syfre Taekwoon Jung Inactive Taekwoon Jung Tako Arishi Inactive Tako Arishi Talirra Thorne Inactive Talirra Thorne Teen Sera Inactive Teen Sera Tiran Leprotecteur Inactive Tiran Leprotecteur Varuth Velwinter Inactive Varuth Velwinter Vazari Valtair Inactive Vazari Valtair Xuldane Fletcher Inactive Xuldane Fletcher A'muda Zhen La Hee A'muda Zhen Aerra Bella La Hee Aerra Bella Aiymee Lunara La Hee Aiymee Lunara Aizel Kon La Hee Aizel Kon Alina Amoro La Hee Alina Amoro Ancelot Pryde La Hee Ancelot Pryde Augrys Vuur La Hee Augrys Vuur Ba Hero La Hee Ba Hero Bault Blackwell La Hee Bault Blackwell Bersh Igity La Hee Bersh Igity Broxxigg Grimmaldus La Hee Broxxigg Grimmaldus Bug Locc La Hee Bug Locc Bugz Bummy La Hee Bugz Bummy Cassandra Malemoros La Hee Cassandra Malemoros Dhartel Wolsey La Hee Dhartel Wolsey Doctor Dake La Hee Doctor Dake Dumbledore Dyes La Hee Dumbledore Dyes Elvar Skor La Hee Elvar Skor Faust Apocalyphe La Hee Faust Apocalyphe Feris Aers La Hee Feris Aers Fipples Warborn La Hee Fipples Warborn Freyalise Ilanowar La Hee Freyalise Ilanowar Gerri Attrique La Hee Gerri Attrique Grid L'och La Hee Grid L'och Gwyneth Ponini La Hee Gwyneth Ponini Hot Chip La Hee Hot Chip Hulk Chungus La Hee Hulk Chungus Jade Fire La Hee Jade Fire Kaelin Aubrenard La Hee Kaelin Aubrenard Kalaena Thelandril La Hee Kalaena Thelandril Kazo Jhumnee La Hee Kazo Jhumnee Keyria Dawnstar La Hee Keyria Dawnstar Khojin Qalli La Hee Khojin Qalli Lena Solnes La Hee Lena Solnes Londer Dukrous La Hee Londer Dukrous Lulu Anders La Hee Lulu Anders Lumari Kaneko La Hee Lumari Kaneko Luminous Dawn La Hee Luminous Dawn Luna La'tokki La Hee Luna La'tokki Lyra Hyacinth La Hee Lyra Hyacinth Marawyn Silvertounge La Hee Marawyn Silvertounge Misaki Tsubasa La Hee Misaki Tsubasa Morganna Lefevre La Hee Morganna Lefevre Naminay Nightleaf La Hee Naminay Nightleaf Rae Jepsen La Hee Rae Jepsen Renzi Zalduca La Hee Renzi Zalduca Reront Lol La Hee Reront Lol Ridonkqlous Isdabes La Hee Ridonkqlous Isdabes Si Tenshi La Hee Si Tenshi Siobhan Rose La Hee Siobhan Rose Skull Kid- La Hee Skull Kid- Stabatha Sharpe La Hee Stabatha Sharpe Tayen Mithrune La Hee Tayen Mithrune Tengu Leonidas La Hee Tengu Leonidas Thrudr Eld La Hee Thrudr Eld Tricheka Sirenia La Hee Tricheka Sirenia Waldibert Breckenhold La Hee Waldibert Breckenhold William Lawaia La Hee William Lawaia Xia-xia Grace La Hee Xia-xia Grace Zoe Wicke La Hee Zoe Wicke Ace Aether Adventurer Ace Aether Aelar Vernal Adventurer Aelar Vernal Alexis Dream-shot Adventurer Alexis Dream-shot Andorage Tyranolde Adventurer Andorage Tyranolde Aralest Montbarron Adventurer Aralest Montbarron Arvya Swyft Adventurer Arvya Swyft Azurela Amoro Adventurer Azurela Amoro Bam Sowon Adventurer Bam Sowon Bambini Chione Adventurer Bambini Chione Beramode Audra Adventurer Beramode Audra Broly Hattori Adventurer Broly Hattori Caleia Tieraal Adventurer Caleia Tieraal Ceej Jay Adventurer Ceej Jay Coan Arcanius Adventurer Coan Arcanius Corath Molkoh Adventurer Corath Molkoh Cuppy Cake Adventurer Cuppy Cake Dar'ska Drahkar Adventurer Dar'ska Drahkar Dionne Lesage Adventurer Dionne Lesage Dream Mist Adventurer Dream Mist Emmalyn Valentyne Adventurer Emmalyn Valentyne Eva Silver Adventurer Eva Silver Fizzna Sato Adventurer Fizzna Sato Ganondorf Drag'mire Adventurer Ganondorf Drag'mire Gianna Keller Adventurer Gianna Keller Haru Vermillion Adventurer Haru Vermillion Hawke Duskwillow Adventurer Hawke Duskwillow Ippon Seionage Adventurer Ippon Seionage Joeli Joyaka Adventurer Joeli Joyaka Joseph Black Adventurer Joseph Black Kagirii Maki Adventurer Kagirii Maki Kallan Spence Adventurer Kallan Spence Katsu Sando Adventurer Katsu Sando Katu Hayanata Adventurer Katu Hayanata Kidoushuu Iyasu Adventurer Kidoushuu Iyasu Lake Leveret Adventurer Lake Leveret Lalani Inoke Adventurer Lalani Inoke Lanayru Farona Adventurer Lanayru Farona Leilani Inoke Adventurer Leilani Inoke Lex'us Laelexi Adventurer Lex'us Laelexi Lulu Pix Adventurer Lulu Pix Marksopp Hightower Adventurer Marksopp Hightower Mars Amaris Adventurer Mars Amaris Megaeranyx Tempest Adventurer Megaeranyx Tempest Melrose Pines Adventurer Melrose Pines Mikh'a Qhantari Adventurer Mikh'a Qhantari Monym Breyta Adventurer Monym Breyta Mortimer Zavala Adventurer Mortimer Zavala Mynril Ebonlight Adventurer Mynril Ebonlight N'yaji Tia Adventurer N'yaji Tia Narisa Meiru Adventurer Narisa Meiru Nekras Retuna Adventurer Nekras Retuna Neruda Dreams Adventurer Neruda Dreams Ney Huin Adventurer Ney Huin Nha'ril Seri Adventurer Nha'ril Seri Nilufa Khan Adventurer Nilufa Khan Nimbly Bimbly Adventurer Nimbly Bimbly Nox Caelum Adventurer Nox Caelum Oah Chielewae Adventurer Oah Chielewae Oatmilk Latte Adventurer Oatmilk Latte Patyk Maslo Adventurer Patyk Maslo Ran Dune Adventurer Ran Dune Rorrim Noehtllaw Adventurer Rorrim Noehtllaw Ryle Meizur Adventurer Ryle Meizur Senn Lavorre Adventurer Senn Lavorre Serena Darkheart Adventurer Serena Darkheart Seres Stormcaller Adventurer Seres Stormcaller Tera Ornitier Adventurer Tera Ornitier Thatsa Kekw Adventurer Thatsa Kekw Thot Binbotaj Adventurer Thot Binbotaj Toky Naga Adventurer Toky Naga Valtani Khatayin Adventurer Valtani Khatayin Vierna Molkoh Adventurer Vierna Molkoh Wind-up Roisinn Adventurer Wind-up Roisinn