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Rank 30 Free Company "Monster" was formed on and registered on with ID 9232097761132830148. Last set of interviews conducted on .

has the following slogan:

Welcome to Monster! Manner play is required. Adults only.

Operates on Diabolos, Crystal, leaving tags "_111_" all over the place and increasing glory of Immortal FlamesImmortal Flames. Has a large base named "Monster's Den" on plot 30 in ward 10 of The Goblet, Ul'dah, Thanalan Show on map.

Has this message on its plot placard:

Home of the little monsters

Participates in:

  • LevelingLeveling
  • CasualCasual
  • HardcoreHardcore
  • DungeonsDungeons
  • GuildhestsGuildhests
  • TrialsTrials
  • RaidsRaids
  • PvPPvP

Is recruiting:

  • TankTank
  • HealerHealer
  • CrafterCrafter
  • GathererGatherer
Company ranking history
Date Weekly Monthly Members
33 15 194
6 5 428
5 5 422
4 5 418
5 5 421
4 5 422
4 3 422
6 7 494
8 3 458
4 3 459
6 3 431
4 3 433
2 5 474
3 5 452
3 5 449
3 5 448
5 5 440
5 5 437
5 5 431
8 3 426
8 3 510
8 3 509
2 3 509
2 3 510
4 2 497
4 2 496
1 2 486
1 2 512
3 2 506
3 2 511
1 3 509
2 3 498
3 3 507
2 4 508
3 4 506
3 3 431
6 3 426
6 3 409
6 3 403
9 5 505
4 7 222

Current members:

Fifike Nike Master Fifike Nike Libby Mai Leader Libby Mai Bigdaddy Scooter Saint of Soil Bigdaddy Scooter Hot Bunny Saint of Soil Hot Bunny Aladeceles Faircloud Officer Aladeceles Faircloud Canfeza Stormrave Officer Canfeza Stormrave Cemi Whompadoodle Officer Cemi Whompadoodle Cotton'eyed Joe Officer Cotton'eyed Joe Intricate Bee Officer Intricate Bee Lapis Lazuli Officer Lapis Lazuli Novae Stormrave Officer Novae Stormrave Tel Frostwander Officer Tel Frostwander Valke Aevaldi Officer Valke Aevaldi Alixandria Mindros Elder Alixandria Mindros Andromeda Highwind Elder Andromeda Highwind Andromeda Nova Elder Andromeda Nova Aruviel Aurifort Elder Aruviel Aurifort Bria Winsome Elder Bria Winsome Bubba Chubbz Elder Bubba Chubbz Captain Cucumber Elder Captain Cucumber Chase Brooks Elder Chase Brooks Count Leinhart Elder Count Leinhart Cyrus Albright Elder Cyrus Albright Draco Dakwhil Elder Draco Dakwhil Dylan Okeya Elder Dylan Okeya Elyra Wyrnmor Elder Elyra Wyrnmor Esme Layer Elder Esme Layer Eve Mon Elder Eve Mon Faith Elvenstar Elder Faith Elvenstar Galina Winterfei Elder Galina Winterfei Giamon Onip Elder Giamon Onip H'aanit Albright Elder H'aanit Albright Hien Kou Elder Hien Kou Iria Oblodra Elder Iria Oblodra Kickio Punchuria Elder Kickio Punchuria Kida Meradon Elder Kida Meradon Koshka Ruka Elder Koshka Ruka Lance Jaeger Elder Lance Jaeger Larigot Longstaff Elder Larigot Longstaff Lush Bunnie Elder Lush Bunnie Maleficent Csillos Elder Maleficent Csillos Nyaala Nevari Elder Nyaala Nevari Ozumar Grey Elder Ozumar Grey Portia Control Elder Portia Control Ruby Winchester Elder Ruby Winchester Sam Flynn Elder Sam Flynn Sami Epocan Elder Sami Epocan Sen Shio Elder Sen Shio Syko Maniak Elder Syko Maniak Theryn Mal Elder Theryn Mal Tobias Stone Elder Tobias Stone Uppies Ward Elder Uppies Ward Vass'ilios Narathdar Elder Vass'ilios Narathdar Vorlana Biolith Elder Vorlana Biolith Yuriko Matsui Elder Yuriko Matsui A'ce Mystlight Veteran A'ce Mystlight Alin Volkov Veteran Alin Volkov Badri Fangball Veteran Badri Fangball Celestia Waifu Veteran Celestia Waifu Cotton-eyed Joe Veteran Cotton-eyed Joe Cottoneye'd Joe Veteran Cottoneye'd Joe Cottoneyed Joe Veteran Cottoneyed Joe Derek Fourtwenty Veteran Derek Fourtwenty Ember Deathclaws Veteran Ember Deathclaws Fat Mcgreasykid Veteran Fat Mcgreasykid Fira Boca Veteran Fira Boca Flower Sun Veteran Flower Sun Futaba Shibuya Veteran Futaba Shibuya Gale Lowen Veteran Gale Lowen Hammerldin Thicc Veteran Hammerldin Thicc Haribehrt Lodalll Veteran Haribehrt Lodalll Hayami Cott Veteran Hayami Cott Healarious Healols Veteran Healarious Healols Isla Skye Veteran Isla Skye Jaa Keyla Veteran Jaa Keyla Jacob Eyeburner Veteran Jacob Eyeburner Jay Breezy Veteran Jay Breezy Kage Kazumi Veteran Kage Kazumi Kaiser Sparda Veteran Kaiser Sparda Karro Kai Veteran Karro Kai Kong Gee Veteran Kong Gee Kosmos Xenos Veteran Kosmos Xenos Kronic Vayne Veteran Kronic Vayne Kusinagi Murakumo Veteran Kusinagi Murakumo Leilow Keys Veteran Leilow Keys Lilium Nymphaea Veteran Lilium Nymphaea Meeki Wildheart Veteran Meeki Wildheart Mika Miqo' Veteran Mika Miqo' Mizuri Akashi Veteran Mizuri Akashi Mulgo Magolgo Veteran Mulgo Magolgo Myst Layer Veteran Myst Layer Nebula Prime Veteran Nebula Prime Ney Fyth Veteran Ney Fyth Princess Fluffybottom Veteran Princess Fluffybottom Pusa Cat Veteran Pusa Cat Qo Quixodra Veteran Qo Quixodra Raramun Sasamun Veteran Raramun Sasamun Rhaynn Stormcloud Veteran Rhaynn Stormcloud Ronakorn Watanyuta Veteran Ronakorn Watanyuta Rune War Veteran Rune War Sachiko Shinozaki Veteran Sachiko Shinozaki Shiara Rose Veteran Shiara Rose Sira Fenris Veteran Sira Fenris Sweet Tooth Veteran Sweet Tooth Syf Moonglow Veteran Syf Moonglow Takaiana Stormreaver Veteran Takaiana Stormreaver Val Kyrja Veteran Val Kyrja Viktor Ivanov Veteran Viktor Ivanov Volder Beek Veteran Volder Beek Xanetia Anarae Veteran Xanetia Anarae Xero Clutch Veteran Xero Clutch A'khebica Rhuwa Member A'khebica Rhuwa Akiko Tamagoto Member Akiko Tamagoto Akira Thorkell Member Akira Thorkell Alec Winters Member Alec Winters Alexios Elheim Member Alexios Elheim Allyona Greyashe Member Allyona Greyashe Alyria Starr Member Alyria Starr Ari'a Kohinur Member Ari'a Kohinur Boogerz Eight Member Boogerz Eight Boromir Vigor Member Boromir Vigor Bowman Horsehead Member Bowman Horsehead Bully Beau Member Bully Beau Cally Mai Member Cally Mai Cathrine Valtin Member Cathrine Valtin Chariana Elara Member Chariana Elara Chocola Vanilla Member Chocola Vanilla Chud Manhauser Member Chud Manhauser Crystal Kawanami Member Crystal Kawanami Deryk Nier Member Deryk Nier Eggs Erroneous Member Eggs Erroneous Elly Ashgrove Member Elly Ashgrove Faiel Darkmoon Member Faiel Darkmoon Fullstyle Dompling Member Fullstyle Dompling Glitter Bomb Member Glitter Bomb Glorious Walrus Member Glorious Walrus Ham Puncher Member Ham Puncher Hartles Arrow Member Hartles Arrow Hiun Shirogane Member Hiun Shirogane Ice'cream Cake Member Ice'cream Cake Infirmi Heart Member Infirmi Heart Jhala Hotaru Member Jhala Hotaru Jinx Hotaru Member Jinx Hotaru Kiharia Brooks Member Kiharia Brooks Kil Dex Member Kil Dex Kuzkina Zek Member Kuzkina Zek Kyja Kiyama Member Kyja Kiyama Leia Kennedy Member Leia Kennedy Leviathan Windwalker Member Leviathan Windwalker Leyla Dree Member Leyla Dree Madroxx Clonecaller Member Madroxx Clonecaller Magnus Vaine Member Magnus Vaine Mareillie Fournier Member Mareillie Fournier Mathros Ziveon Member Mathros Ziveon Mavis Marvell Member Mavis Marvell Megalo Maniacal Member Megalo Maniacal Moist Towelette Member Moist Towelette Mount Master Member Mount Master Myska Winx Member Myska Winx Naksu Bloodmoon Member Naksu Bloodmoon Nyssa Greystone Member Nyssa Greystone Onika Zijira Member Onika Zijira Pastas Pastas Member Pastas Pastas Petra Tate Member Petra Tate Phicculus Darkstar Member Phicculus Darkstar Remi On'dessa Member Remi On'dessa Ryan Valtin Member Ryan Valtin S'on Dyahl Member S'on Dyahl Sabbat Warlight Member Sabbat Warlight Scarlet Begonia Member Scarlet Begonia Scion Fyte Member Scion Fyte Shiromai Sakurajima Member Shiromai Sakurajima Silas Phloran Member Silas Phloran Skaza Bone Member Skaza Bone Surena Reylux Member Surena Reylux Sylvanas Sunreaver Member Sylvanas Sunreaver Sylvara Wulfheart Member Sylvara Wulfheart Talaxia Vrost Member Talaxia Vrost Taso Djt-bidit Member Taso Djt-bidit The' Game Member The' Game Umino Kasuga Member Umino Kasuga Unrepentant Carnage Member Unrepentant Carnage Viktoriya Croix Member Viktoriya Croix Wick Fynn Member Wick Fynn Wolf Destiny Member Wolf Destiny X'yshei Jhian Member X'yshei Jhian Xantcha Fashonti Member Xantcha Fashonti Yomi Onyx Member Yomi Onyx Zade Sigeric Member Zade Sigeric Zeonica Vetenia Member Zeonica Vetenia Zow Winx Member Zow Winx