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Aegis Knights

Rank 30 Free Company "Aegis Knights" was formed on and registered on with ID 9228579323923983484. Last set of interviews conducted on .

has the following slogan:


Operates on Mateus, Crystal, leaving tags "Aegis" all over the place and increasing glory of Order of the Twin AdderOrder of the Twin Adder. Has a large base named "Aegis Heart" on plot 33 in ward 3 of The Lavender Beds, Gridania, The Black Shroud Show on map.

Has this message on its plot placard:

Our walls are thick and our swords are sharp. All are safe within the halls of

Participates in:

  • Role-playingRole-playing
  • LevelingLeveling
  • CasualCasual
  • HardcoreHardcore
  • DungeonsDungeons
  • GuildhestsGuildhests
  • TrialsTrials
  • RaidsRaids
  • PvPPvP

Is recruiting:

  • TankTank
  • HealerHealer
  • CrafterCrafter
  • GathererGatherer

Had also been known under 1 other name:

  • Aegis Lords
Company ranking history
Date Weekly Monthly Members
1 2 499
2 2 508
3 2 505
2 2 505
3 2 506
3 3 502
3 1 503
2 1 501
1 1 502
7 1 500
2 3 494
6 3 433
4 3 435
4 3 439
6 3 442
6 3 443
5 3 437
5 3 490
3 2 482
5 2 499
5 2 500
6 2 503
5 8 291

Current members:

Aerion Knightingale Lord Commander Aerion Knightingale Tank Gawd First Knight Tank Gawd Ryu Fukuro Warden Ryu Fukuro Aleron Stroud Grand Master Aleron Stroud Tetra Sovereign Warleader Tetra Sovereign Evelien Bloodpaw Hype Bun Evelien Bloodpaw Navienne Bloodpaw Hype Bun Navienne Bloodpaw Karui Blackfire Twin Tiger Karui Blackfire Rey Kyubi Twin Tiger Rey Kyubi Edyn Rian HR Lala Edyn Rian Daryth Seraph Honor Guard Daryth Seraph Dippin Dots Honor Guard Dippin Dots Gemini Zerra Honor Guard Gemini Zerra Luka Rhysara Honor Guard Luka Rhysara Misa Seraph Honor Guard Misa Seraph Saiki Uri Honor Guard Saiki Uri Scarlette Rose Honor Guard Scarlette Rose Tibi Quryobhi Honor Guard Tibi Quryobhi Yeon Yihwa Honor Guard Yeon Yihwa Zona Shadowhawk Honor Guard Zona Shadowhawk Aubrey Reed Commander Aubrey Reed Chenoa Fox Commander Chenoa Fox Ephrael Bloodtail Commander Ephrael Bloodtail Nayelli Shadesong Commander Nayelli Shadesong Reven Cole Commander Reven Cole Shade Alexander Commander Shade Alexander Verre Bellareve Commander Verre Bellareve Xanthippe Piroux Commander Xanthippe Piroux Yuuki Kioshi Commander Yuuki Kioshi Aegis Luna Knight Aegis Luna Alexios Theologos Knight Alexios Theologos Alfhild Ingsdottir Knight Alfhild Ingsdottir Amira Krystrael Knight Amira Krystrael Anwyn Constantin Knight Anwyn Constantin Ardent Lysawesfv Knight Ardent Lysawesfv Aru Yuki Knight Aru Yuki Aurelia Jade Knight Aurelia Jade B'ubble Tia Knight B'ubble Tia Crys'ania Tarinius Knight Crys'ania Tarinius Ezio Mattius Knight Ezio Mattius Ferany Arkethos Knight Ferany Arkethos Haruna Aravana Knight Haruna Aravana I'chai Qin Knight I'chai Qin J'odh Nunh Knight J'odh Nunh Juve Juvitos Knight Juve Juvitos Katsu Kitsui Knight Katsu Kitsui Kenyo Hanzo Knight Kenyo Hanzo Kieran Windrunner Knight Kieran Windrunner Kim Che Knight Kim Che Luna Khet Knight Luna Khet Meilan Dailong Knight Meilan Dailong Mikan Myoga Knight Mikan Myoga Natsusu Natsu Knight Natsusu Natsu Nia Stormsong Knight Nia Stormsong Nihlis Starelius Knight Nihlis Starelius Ninigochi Wudiweder Knight Ninigochi Wudiweder Noc Epocan Knight Noc Epocan Queen Davis Knight Queen Davis Rurunpa Memenpa Knight Rurunpa Memenpa Saya Raenone Knight Saya Raenone Shiro Saenathra Knight Shiro Saenathra Sierra Highwind Knight Sierra Highwind Soul Fracture Knight Soul Fracture Talim Crescent Knight Talim Crescent Talus Nal'atu Knight Talus Nal'atu Tarilo Everett Knight Tarilo Everett Valerya Dawnblade Knight Valerya Dawnblade Vantage Elias Knight Vantage Elias Veck Weltall Knight Veck Weltall Vhal Camoa Knight Vhal Camoa Wulfgaar Wrathborn Knight Wulfgaar Wrathborn Yra Shirahn Knight Yra Shirahn Zatanna Zataraa Knight Zatanna Zataraa Aife Takako Adventurer Aife Takako Airent Verone Adventurer Airent Verone Ally Bruh Adventurer Ally Bruh Antoine Gagnon Adventurer Antoine Gagnon Arcaea Serana Adventurer Arcaea Serana B'joti Rhel Adventurer B'joti Rhel Bryn Kisaragi Adventurer Bryn Kisaragi Dan Zorbof Adventurer Dan Zorbof Esmay Borrasca Adventurer Esmay Borrasca Evangelista Thalia Adventurer Evangelista Thalia Freya Nightsong Adventurer Freya Nightsong Gu Xiang Adventurer Gu Xiang Hanastyr Edzfaezsyn Adventurer Hanastyr Edzfaezsyn Jusana Jutah Adventurer Jusana Jutah K'mya Zorah Adventurer K'mya Zorah Kelani Grey Adventurer Kelani Grey Kheris Ejinn Adventurer Kheris Ejinn Kuro- Von-einzbern Adventurer Kuro- Von-einzbern Lilith Daema Adventurer Lilith Daema Lunafreija Noxfleuret Adventurer Lunafreija Noxfleuret M'eg Murri Adventurer M'eg Murri Malixia Gittabunnixia Adventurer Malixia Gittabunnixia Mo Hunt Adventurer Mo Hunt Nionani Yato Adventurer Nionani Yato Novak Borsch Adventurer Novak Borsch Orie Lis Adventurer Orie Lis Piiwa Versivus Adventurer Piiwa Versivus Rellie Elzair Adventurer Rellie Elzair Rheya Marie Adventurer Rheya Marie Shmeat Lord Adventurer Shmeat Lord Shur Fulgur Adventurer Shur Fulgur Sodan Filra Adventurer Sodan Filra Stealtooth Slicewind Adventurer Stealtooth Slicewind Sweets Montana Adventurer Sweets Montana Tania Raydes Adventurer Tania Raydes Tanu Tosho Adventurer Tanu Tosho Tatsuo Jigoken Adventurer Tatsuo Jigoken Thyrell Gildred Adventurer Thyrell Gildred Tiny Tinaz Adventurer Tiny Tinaz Valtyrian Vestgeir Adventurer Valtyrian Vestgeir Vinnie Grey Adventurer Vinnie Grey Viola Voyevoda Adventurer Viola Voyevoda Viviane Roux Adventurer Viviane Roux Ya'roh Nunh Adventurer Ya'roh Nunh Aced Hearts Legend Aced Hearts Ade Jun Legend Ade Jun Ahyern Knuckle Legend Ahyern Knuckle Alaric Branford Legend Alaric Branford Aoi Shin Legend Aoi Shin Arcalas Wise Legend Arcalas Wise Arcia Rinslet Legend Arcia Rinslet Bishop Silver Legend Bishop Silver Cogsy Cama Legend Cogsy Cama Creideiki Alekos Legend Creideiki Alekos Deryk Fiarclougt Legend Deryk Fiarclougt Dragon Bladexi Legend Dragon Bladexi Enji Blackfyre Legend Enji Blackfyre Eona Mercer Legend Eona Mercer Ezra Finch Legend Ezra Finch Fox Cloudburst Legend Fox Cloudburst G'lumia Omega Legend G'lumia Omega Gilly Bean Legend Gilly Bean Gilnoix Raudel Legend Gilnoix Raudel Grima Felldragon Legend Grima Felldragon Haille Pan Legend Haille Pan Himari Kusanagi Legend Himari Kusanagi Hinata Ves Legend Hinata Ves Ilias Stillbringer Legend Ilias Stillbringer Jand Ariel Legend Jand Ariel Juni Fox Legend Juni Fox Kaerwin Longstrider Legend Kaerwin Longstrider Kai Ru Legend Kai Ru Karlo Tharris Legend Karlo Tharris Kato Kitoji Legend Kato Kitoji Kilix Blavier Legend Kilix Blavier Kizu Astora Legend Kizu Astora Klarri Staeln Legend Klarri Staeln Konijn Haten Legend Konijn Haten Leobreaker Bringer Legend Leobreaker Bringer Lexa Winters Legend Lexa Winters Lisa Bach Legend Lisa Bach Lumi'ty Glow Legend Lumi'ty Glow Masha Jinhal Legend Masha Jinhal Med Mccringleberry Legend Med Mccringleberry Percy Miracles Legend Percy Miracles Rathgar Stonefist Legend Rathgar Stonefist Rune Xarxes Legend Rune Xarxes Ruvin Kalmareon Legend Ruvin Kalmareon Sapphyre Phoenix Legend Sapphyre Phoenix Skir Mag Legend Skir Mag Spider One Legend Spider One Surtia Zyria Legend Surtia Zyria Theana Firstone Legend Theana Firstone Tichin Torrets Legend Tichin Torrets Tsutsuri Tsuri Legend Tsutsuri Tsuri Twilight Vale Legend Twilight Vale Valkyrie Fury Legend Valkyrie Fury Vander Epora Legend Vander Epora Von Lawless Legend Von Lawless Zariu Wolf Legend Zariu Wolf Alarra Avagnar Knight Exalted Alarra Avagnar Alexandros Lionheart Knight Exalted Alexandros Lionheart Amelia Stark Knight Exalted Amelia Stark Angelet Outer Knight Exalted Angelet Outer Aoi Ittetsu Knight Exalted Aoi Ittetsu Aozora Yatsurugi Knight Exalted Aozora Yatsurugi Artemis Fydansuuh Knight Exalted Artemis Fydansuuh Avalon Amaryllis Knight Exalted Avalon Amaryllis Azazel Sasaki Knight Exalted Azazel Sasaki B'raaxx U'nggol Knight Exalted B'raaxx U'nggol B'stia Starfang Knight Exalted B'stia Starfang Bellus Harbu Knight Exalted Bellus Harbu Billie Lee Knight Exalted Billie Lee Black Sol Knight Exalted Black Sol Bria Ittetsu Knight Exalted Bria Ittetsu Ceceyigen Himaa Knight Exalted Ceceyigen Himaa Celia Aldmar Knight Exalted Celia Aldmar Character One Knight Exalted Character One Cherry Feathers Knight Exalted Cherry Feathers Dark' Wrath Knight Exalted Dark' Wrath Desirelife Davis Knight Exalted Desirelife Davis Deva Darktalon Knight Exalted Deva Darktalon Diozochal Astermaux Knight Exalted Diozochal Astermaux Doc Snow Knight Exalted Doc Snow Dracora Kimishi Knight Exalted Dracora Kimishi Ellary Kore Knight Exalted Ellary Kore Enuma Elish Knight Exalted Enuma Elish Everett Caldor Knight Exalted Everett Caldor Explodius Maximus Knight Exalted Explodius Maximus Fatal Heart Knight Exalted Fatal Heart Freya Ravenclaw Knight Exalted Freya Ravenclaw Fujin Takashima Knight Exalted Fujin Takashima Gremica Graymane Knight Exalted Gremica Graymane Guarding Cross Knight Exalted Guarding Cross Hecate Evernight Knight Exalted Hecate Evernight Hermod Clostreu Knight Exalted Hermod Clostreu Horimiya Fukuro Knight Exalted Horimiya Fukuro Imperius Bloodrayne Knight Exalted Imperius Bloodrayne Irira Yeliri Knight Exalted Irira Yeliri Issei Grimori Knight Exalted Issei Grimori Jiang Zhenwu Knight Exalted Jiang Zhenwu Kamjlle Bydjan Knight Exalted Kamjlle Bydjan Kasumi Yoshizawa Knight Exalted Kasumi Yoshizawa Kazen Dralunas Knight Exalted Kazen Dralunas Kexo Jhacyi Knight Exalted Kexo Jhacyi Kokoro Aiveria Knight Exalted Kokoro Aiveria Kormak Azarinth Knight Exalted Kormak Azarinth Laurel Rush Knight Exalted Laurel Rush Lexa Inthrift Knight Exalted Lexa Inthrift Lissa Ashkevron Knight Exalted Lissa Ashkevron Lo Deet Knight Exalted Lo Deet Luka Veingres Knight Exalted Luka Veingres Lycah Fury Knight Exalted Lycah Fury Marisoba Ramen Knight Exalted Marisoba Ramen Miya Kaisuri Knight Exalted Miya Kaisuri Morndir Amlugnir Knight Exalted Morndir Amlugnir Myst Sutachairudo Knight Exalted Myst Sutachairudo Mystia Wonder Knight Exalted Mystia Wonder Naomi Nightshade Knight Exalted Naomi Nightshade Nia Heart Knight Exalted Nia Heart Nora Everhart Knight Exalted Nora Everhart Nox Infinitum Knight Exalted Nox Infinitum Odin Aesgir Knight Exalted Odin Aesgir Ooo Sparkles Knight Exalted Ooo Sparkles Osgar Woodward Knight Exalted Osgar Woodward Papanpa Poponpa Knight Exalted Papanpa Poponpa Poi Ninja Knight Exalted Poi Ninja Queen Ruby Knight Exalted Queen Ruby Quinn Silverlaine Knight Exalted Quinn Silverlaine Ragnar Lothbrk Knight Exalted Ragnar Lothbrk Rain Nightflare Knight Exalted Rain Nightflare Raptor Hey-zues Knight Exalted Raptor Hey-zues Rayne Avagnar Knight Exalted Rayne Avagnar Reina Neos Knight Exalted Reina Neos Reinettea Aurifort Knight Exalted Reinettea Aurifort Rhogar Drachedandion Knight Exalted Rhogar Drachedandion Rin Kurikara Knight Exalted Rin Kurikara Rindo Kobayashi Knight Exalted Rindo Kobayashi Ririnji Nananji Knight Exalted Ririnji Nananji Robin Argyle Knight Exalted Robin Argyle Runir Bloodpaw Knight Exalted Runir Bloodpaw Seraphina Dazkar Knight Exalted Seraphina Dazkar Shen Yanigans Knight Exalted Shen Yanigans Shhhirou Emmmiya Knight Exalted Shhhirou Emmmiya Suo Ha Knight Exalted Suo Ha Super Chan Knight Exalted Super Chan Synthetic Love Knight Exalted Synthetic Love Talith Kinone Knight Exalted Talith Kinone Tens Kurosaki Knight Exalted Tens Kurosaki Tilenye Stormbringer Knight Exalted Tilenye Stormbringer Tirih'a Nitta Knight Exalted Tirih'a Nitta Uzem Kha Knight Exalted Uzem Kha Vaughn Warren Knight Exalted Vaughn Warren Velvetina Scarlette Knight Exalted Velvetina Scarlette Vexin Nightscar Knight Exalted Vexin Nightscar Vincent Redding Knight Exalted Vincent Redding Vira Xephyre Knight Exalted Vira Xephyre Vox Altair Knight Exalted Vox Altair Wawo Heart Knight Exalted Wawo Heart Wide Cat Knight Exalted Wide Cat Yumiko'hime Takeda Knight Exalted Yumiko'hime Takeda Zaelia Laryn Knight Exalted Zaelia Laryn Zaqul Blacktalon Knight Exalted Zaqul Blacktalon Zo-e Washburne Knight Exalted Zo-e Washburne Adurna Garjzla Soldier Adurna Garjzla Aikar Adora Soldier Aikar Adora Akatsuki Greywolfe Soldier Akatsuki Greywolfe Aku Aihara Soldier Aku Aihara Alden Hintermir Soldier Alden Hintermir Alea Donomi Soldier Alea Donomi Alexander Korlyn Soldier Alexander Korlyn Alice Winterfrost Soldier Alice Winterfrost Alstera Foster Soldier Alstera Foster Amanno Jyakuu Soldier Amanno Jyakuu Amphitrite Nereis Soldier Amphitrite Nereis Apel Fish Soldier Apel Fish Ardon Crystalweave Soldier Ardon Crystalweave Aria Cauldron Soldier Aria Cauldron Arislyn Te'lyn Soldier Arislyn Te'lyn Arken'th Nevermore Soldier Arken'th Nevermore Arthis Menethil Soldier Arthis Menethil Arya Dragmire Soldier Arya Dragmire Arya Rose Soldier Arya Rose Asher Vladius Soldier Asher Vladius Asheron Goor Soldier Asheron Goor Astranne Aliefidionne Soldier Astranne Aliefidionne Astrid Elakha Soldier Astrid Elakha Auntie Dawn Soldier Auntie Dawn Aura Mansea Soldier Aura Mansea Aurelle Faux Soldier Aurelle Faux Autumn Crystal Soldier Autumn Crystal Azazel Creed Soldier Azazel Creed Balynara Silvanmir Soldier Balynara Silvanmir Blenna Ymir Soldier Blenna Ymir Bnuyy Bun Soldier Bnuyy Bun Bothallo Gogenjima Soldier Bothallo Gogenjima C'kalash Nunh Soldier C'kalash Nunh Carter Riley Soldier Carter Riley Celeste Rey Soldier Celeste Rey Celestia Star Soldier Celestia Star Cheezy Breezy Soldier Cheezy Breezy Clairely Brilliant Soldier Clairely Brilliant Cordelia Carrow Soldier Cordelia Carrow Dadamata Yayamata Soldier Dadamata Yayamata Daimon Gunji Soldier Daimon Gunji Dark Laser Soldier Dark Laser Daru Kul'rothai Soldier Daru Kul'rothai Desiderious Erasmus Soldier Desiderious Erasmus Doa Relanah Soldier Doa Relanah Donovan Borrowmere Soldier Donovan Borrowmere Edelgard Valentia Soldier Edelgard Valentia Elyssia Galdor Soldier Elyssia Galdor Emiko Kusakari Soldier Emiko Kusakari Ephina Theza Soldier Ephina Theza Erina Guz'an Soldier Erina Guz'an Evertired Mixcoatl Soldier Evertired Mixcoatl F'zulaa Tia Soldier F'zulaa Tia Fal Alafel Soldier Fal Alafel Ferra Joachim Soldier Ferra Joachim Fiona Branford Soldier Fiona Branford Forgiven Nyu Soldier Forgiven Nyu Forsetti Fallenshield Soldier Forsetti Fallenshield Frosty Mistystorm Soldier Frosty Mistystorm Fuzzems Rumbottom Soldier Fuzzems Rumbottom Gagazette Stormhold Soldier Gagazette Stormhold Galactic Trash Soldier Galactic Trash Gilgamesh Ginger Soldier Gilgamesh Ginger Gonvik Herzog Soldier Gonvik Herzog Groth Susej Soldier Groth Susej H'zula Hazu Soldier H'zula Hazu Harailt Skaoi Soldier Harailt Skaoi Harvard Bacnet Soldier Harvard Bacnet Helena Wysmer Soldier Helena Wysmer Helex Harasha Soldier Helex Harasha Honorable Sentinal Soldier Honorable Sentinal I'zanah Jesal Soldier I'zanah Jesal Ileuadisial Bahasihe Soldier Ileuadisial Bahasihe Iota Y'skaret Soldier Iota Y'skaret It's Ave Soldier It's Ave Iyrnskoena Eyrithota Soldier Iyrnskoena Eyrithota J'azih Kanon Soldier J'azih Kanon Jaax Tia Soldier Jaax Tia Jade Fyre Soldier Jade Fyre Jason Heal Soldier Jason Heal Ji-yong Gale Soldier Ji-yong Gale Jimbob Green Soldier Jimbob Green Jin Oki Soldier Jin Oki Jocelyn Nylons Soldier Jocelyn Nylons Juni Wuni Soldier Juni Wuni Kai Hijinx Soldier Kai Hijinx Kaid Strife Soldier Kaid Strife Kammus Corelli Soldier Kammus Corelli Karate Snoopy Soldier Karate Snoopy Katla Swift Soldier Katla Swift Kato Atsushi Soldier Kato Atsushi Kazek Ulgasch Soldier Kazek Ulgasch Keiko Snow Soldier Keiko Snow Kelval Lothwaine Soldier Kelval Lothwaine Kezel Valenthian Soldier Kezel Valenthian Khal'tan Cerau Soldier Khal'tan Cerau Kiht'sae Zhwan Soldier Kiht'sae Zhwan Kioshi Saito Soldier Kioshi Saito Kohana Abarai Soldier Kohana Abarai Koko Abunai Soldier Koko Abunai Kokoro Hikari Soldier Kokoro Hikari Konita Molko Soldier Konita Molko Kori'ander Zod Soldier Kori'ander Zod Krinsel Draegun Soldier Krinsel Draegun Kvothe Papashan Soldier Kvothe Papashan L'amour Toujours Soldier L'amour Toujours Lady Etheria Soldier Lady Etheria Lady Guenhwyvar Soldier Lady Guenhwyvar Leila Cross Soldier Leila Cross Lexisnexis Say Soldier Lexisnexis Say Lil Bobo Soldier Lil Bobo Lion El'jonson Soldier Lion El'jonson Lopu Rhaavuna Soldier Lopu Rhaavuna Lord Eos Soldier Lord Eos Lyon Azeria Soldier Lyon Azeria Magnar Midstein Soldier Magnar Midstein Magnolia Morningstar Soldier Magnolia Morningstar Maiko Saito Soldier Maiko Saito Mana Yatsurugi Soldier Mana Yatsurugi Maquoketa James Soldier Maquoketa James Matt Torrets Soldier Matt Torrets Memoru Voaen Soldier Memoru Voaen Mibalio Solune Soldier Mibalio Solune Mittie Kilka Soldier Mittie Kilka Miyeon Beowulfgang Soldier Miyeon Beowulfgang Mjrn Wren Soldier Mjrn Wren Moon Zervy Soldier Moon Zervy Mume Godo Soldier Mume Godo Murdock Br Soldier Murdock Br Murnah Menemonee Soldier Murnah Menemonee Na'irb Od'azor Soldier Na'irb Od'azor Nari Gugsi Soldier Nari Gugsi Nicholas Mage Soldier Nicholas Mage Nightan Tsukinomi Soldier Nightan Tsukinomi Niko Luminous Soldier Niko Luminous Nimil Naji Soldier Nimil Naji Nyctor Corvius Soldier Nyctor Corvius Nyxi Oro Soldier Nyxi Oro O'mara Tia Soldier O'mara Tia Oaka Vuaka Soldier Oaka Vuaka Ohr Bahir Soldier Ohr Bahir Ohr Gadol Soldier Ohr Gadol Omari Starborne Soldier Omari Starborne P'ya Monhi Soldier P'ya Monhi Panox Thunderscore Soldier Panox Thunderscore Pawah Lihzeh Soldier Pawah Lihzeh Phase Stormblessed Soldier Phase Stormblessed Phoq Wyn Soldier Phoq Wyn Planking Wizard Soldier Planking Wizard Pootytang Tang Soldier Pootytang Tang Pumpkinpino Puch Soldier Pumpkinpino Puch R'atoh Gia Soldier R'atoh Gia Rain Vigarde Soldier Rain Vigarde Rasmiss Black Soldier Rasmiss Black Rein Duranthal Soldier Rein Duranthal Renneux Halchoise Soldier Renneux Halchoise Reptar Rabbit Soldier Reptar Rabbit Reymi Macklin Soldier Reymi Macklin Rhas Husanir Soldier Rhas Husanir Rhea Rakshasa Soldier Rhea Rakshasa Rias Gremorys Soldier Rias Gremorys Ricarius Solivade Soldier Ricarius Solivade Robert Frost Soldier Robert Frost Rohe Trebaruna Soldier Rohe Trebaruna Runa Eryut Soldier Runa Eryut Rune Walsh Soldier Rune Walsh Ruthor Blackstar Soldier Ruthor Blackstar Ryouki Shinakaki Soldier Ryouki Shinakaki Ryuji Matsumoto Soldier Ryuji Matsumoto S'alehm Rhiki Soldier S'alehm Rhiki Sandarukai Lightforge Soldier Sandarukai Lightforge Sapphire Coceter Soldier Sapphire Coceter Saxon Gorgon Soldier Saxon Gorgon Schlubotipelto Beebop Soldier Schlubotipelto Beebop Sebula Wendigo Soldier Sebula Wendigo Second Monocle Soldier Second Monocle Senryo Ikeda Soldier Senryo Ikeda Sevro Vitalis Soldier Sevro Vitalis Shannon Le-lala Soldier Shannon Le-lala Shia Torimo Soldier Shia Torimo Shoyo Nishinoya Soldier Shoyo Nishinoya Sienna Nor Soldier Sienna Nor Sigma Prime Soldier Sigma Prime Sonja Sjasarisa Soldier Sonja Sjasarisa Sour Lemonade Soldier Sour Lemonade Spudsbob Squarepants Soldier Spudsbob Squarepants Stella Starfire Soldier Stella Starfire Sumiko Nagato Soldier Sumiko Nagato Sumire Imai Soldier Sumire Imai Sunny Ice Soldier Sunny Ice T'alissa Kabuto Soldier T'alissa Kabuto Taho'sae Sangnoir Soldier Taho'sae Sangnoir Taryn Naji Soldier Taryn Naji Teri Tearose Soldier Teri Tearose Thaeryn Byrde Soldier Thaeryn Byrde The Arcturian Soldier The Arcturian Thorn Astrid Soldier Thorn Astrid Tiffy Topp Soldier Tiffy Topp Tohka Laqi Soldier Tohka Laqi Tony Bologna Soldier Tony Bologna Toyo Ken Soldier Toyo Ken Travin Dintori Soldier Travin Dintori Tuesday Westwood Soldier Tuesday Westwood Uw'znu Lorewalker Soldier Uw'znu Lorewalker Vaelin Al-sorna Soldier Vaelin Al-sorna Valtyrian Tatayori Soldier Valtyrian Tatayori Venriik Vandrounik Soldier Venriik Vandrounik Vivian Kholin Soldier Vivian Kholin Voce Viva Soldier Voce Viva Vol Dore Soldier Vol Dore Vyzka Fe Soldier Vyzka Fe Wei Wangji Soldier Wei Wangji Wilson Spalding Soldier Wilson Spalding Yan Yggdrasill Soldier Yan Yggdrasill Ysares Atoel Soldier Ysares Atoel Yunyir Enfynair Soldier Yunyir Enfynair Zardaria Swiftwind Soldier Zardaria Swiftwind Zebold Adlbertsmiter Soldier Zebold Adlbertsmiter Zelfie Tym Soldier Zelfie Tym Zillia Rosefield Soldier Zillia Rosefield Zory Santill Soldier Zory Santill Zujo Tajajo Soldier Zujo Tajajo