Service to track different information for Free Companies (guilds), PvP Teams, Linkshells (chat groups) and individual characters for Final Fantasy XIV online game developed and published by Square EnixSquare Enix. Utilizes data grabbed from official LodestoneLodestone with special Githubparser.

Service has an official Lodestone Forumthread on Lodestone forum.

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Snow Angels Snow Angels Snow On Blakeana Snow On Blakeana Snowball Snowball Snowballs Team Snowballs Team Snowfall Snowfall Snowflakes Snowflakes Snowflakes Snowflakes SNSc SNSc Snu Snu Squad Snu Snu Squad Snuggle Bug V2.0 Snuggle Bug V2.0 SnuggyNuggz SnuggyNuggz Soap Droppers Soap Droppers Soapy Soapy Society's Woes Society's Woes socius socius Soda Ssppilleled Soda Ssppilleled SODENGERS SODENGERS Sofredores Sofredores Soft & Wet-O Soft & Wet-O Softbank Eorzea Softbank Eorzea Soga Soga sohosoho sohosoho SOJU! SOJU! Soken's Hope Soken's Hope sokuseki sokuseki Sol of Behemoth Sol of Behemoth SolaR 1 SolaR 1 Solar Flare Solar Flare Sold Souls Sold Souls soldier 1st soldier 1st Soldiers of FATE Soldiers of FATE Solely Punctuation Solely Punctuation Solid Gold Solid Gold SolidGamers SolidGamers Solo Play Solo Play Solo's Solo's Solongo Solongo Solongo Solongo SOLS SOLS Sols Supah Squad Sols Supah Squad Solus Solus SomalianSpacePirates SomalianSpacePirates Some Dumb PvPers Some Dumb PvPers SomeTeam SomeTeam Something Something Something Fun Something Fun Something Stupid Something Stupid Somnus I Somnus I SONG SONG Songs of Time Songs of Time Sonic's Angles Sonic's Angles SonicandKnuckles SonicandKnuckles Sons of Hydaelyn Sons of Hydaelyn SOOFINAS SOOFINAS Sooki's Harem Sooki's Harem Soon Soon Sophia Sophia Sora Sora sorachi!!!!!!! sorachi!!!!!!! sorairo sorairo sorau sorau Sorbouboul Sorbouboul Sorin's Yard Sorin's Yard SOS Squad SOS Squad Sosorisier Sosorisier SOTN SOTN Soul of Cinder Soul of Cinder Soul Power Soul Power Soul Reapers Soul Reapers SOUL Sisters SOUL Sisters Soul Society Soul Society Soul Train Soul Train Soulbound Soulbound Souls Souls Souls for Tots Souls for Tots Souls of War Souls of War Sounds Good!? Sounds Good!? SOUP SOUP Soup Soup Souperior Souperior Soupie Slayers Soupie Slayers Soups dudes Soups dudes Soupvp Soupvp SOURIRE D'ANGE SOURIRE D'ANGE SOUTEN DRIVE SOUTEN DRIVE South Street Slayers South Street Slayers Sovereign Dynasty Sovereign Dynasty Sovereign of Silence Sovereign of Silence SPACCACULI SPACCACULI SPACE SPACE Space Highway Space Highway Space Impact Space Impact Spaghegi Spaghegi Spaghettarius Spaghettarius SparklePony SparklePony Sparkling Wigglies Sparkling Wigglies Special Forces Special Forces Special Snowflakes Special Snowflakes SpecialOccasion SpecialOccasion Specter Alliance Specter Alliance