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Shady Pines

Rank 30 Free Company "Shady Pines" was formed on and registered on with ID 9237305048202038782. Last set of interviews conducted on .

has the following slogan:

Recruiting members New/Old/Casual/Hardcore. Send us an application today! We have regular raid and farm days. Check our discord for more info

Operates on Sargatanas, Aether, leaving tags "LGBTQ" all over the place and increasing glory of Order of the Twin AdderOrder of the Twin Adder. Has a large base named "S.P. Retirement Home" on plot 36 in ward 15 of The Lavender Beds, Gridania, The Black Shroud Show on map.

Has this message on its plot placard:

Welcome to the Shady Pines Retirement Home. Activities begin at 7 a.m and nap time is at 11 a.m. Please do not tip the elderly.

Participates in:

  • Role-playingRole-playing
  • LevelingLeveling
  • CasualCasual
  • HardcoreHardcore
  • DungeonsDungeons
  • GuildhestsGuildhests
  • TrialsTrials
  • RaidsRaids
  • PvPPvP

Is recruiting:

  • TankTank
  • HealerHealer
  • CrafterCrafter
  • GathererGatherer

Had also been known under 1 other name:

  • Rage Quit

Current members:

A'sai En A'sai En Aacis Lloyd Aacis Lloyd Aaron Astraltide Aaron Astraltide Abe Ne Abe Ne Admiral Levingne Admiral Levingne Aerin Saeta Aerin Saeta Aeryonyx Eld'anased Aeryonyx Eld'anased Ahslyn Taelir Ahslyn Taelir Aiden Godlight Aiden Godlight Akimos Ryukari Akimos Ryukari Alberad Alf Alberad Alf Alder Theroux Alder Theroux Aldin Winterwood Aldin Winterwood Aldros Trueshot Aldros Trueshot Alexandros Kotarik Alexandros Kotarik Alicester Nimrune Alicester Nimrune Allen Walker' Allen Walker' Anansera Ririsera Anansera Ririsera Anita Polecat Anita Polecat Anthony Tidesplitter Anthony Tidesplitter Aragibal Goro Aragibal Goro Arcade Angel Arcade Angel Ariel Bloomer Ariel Bloomer Arvie Caelum Arvie Caelum Ashe O'hana Ashe O'hana Ashulum Ravensfall Ashulum Ravensfall Astara Pup Astara Pup Astharoshe Shadow Astharoshe Shadow Astolpho Casterwill Astolpho Casterwill Astrael Kogane Astrael Kogane Astro Logian Astro Logian Atticus Novalla Atticus Novalla Aurora Frostmourne Aurora Frostmourne Ava Needles Ava Needles Avila Dalvang Avila Dalvang Ayaru Flamefall Ayaru Flamefall Aynahl Buttercup Aynahl Buttercup Azar Brint Azar Brint Azeah Astraltide Azeah Astraltide Azure Mantiz Azure Mantiz Babykins La'roux Babykins La'roux Balthamos Azure Balthamos Azure Bastian Theroux Bastian Theroux Bathua Nbolo Bathua Nbolo Bello Morte Bello Morte Blessed Jackal Blessed Jackal Blond Ezel Blond Ezel Blu Bandit Blu Bandit Blue Vas'luna Blue Vas'luna Bolverk Delron Bolverk Delron Bunny Sprite Bunny Sprite Burnie Sanders Burnie Sanders Caecilia Metella Caecilia Metella Caecilius Cain Caecilius Cain Caenis Weary Caenis Weary Caim Azimuth Caim Azimuth Caireel Auracaria Caireel Auracaria Calvin Holt Calvin Holt Cat Cabbage Cat Cabbage Ceridian Asternai Ceridian Asternai Ceti Omicron Ceti Omicron Cheyron Tia Cheyron Tia Chickie Nugg Chickie Nugg Cho Seung-youn Cho Seung-youn Clair Lariel Clair Lariel Claire Farron Claire Farron Country Velvet Country Velvet Creanise Arda Creanise Arda Cumulonimbus Clouds Cumulonimbus Clouds Daddy Devito Daddy Devito Daega Flux Daega Flux Dayir Naeuri Dayir Naeuri Delarus Softfang Delarus Softfang Den Valentine Den Valentine Derkita Turkita Derkita Turkita Derse Dreams Derse Dreams Dimi Kakaris Dimi Kakaris Dragr Kotir Dragr Kotir Edweird Meownster Edweird Meownster Edyn Faye Edyn Faye Eimhyr Claymore Eimhyr Claymore Einar Nivis Einar Nivis Emily Valexia Emily Valexia Emperor Sun Emperor Sun Emriss Keomi Emriss Keomi Esper Drake Esper Drake Evan Paw Evan Paw Evangelis Numain Evangelis Numain Evren Daggerheart Evren Daggerheart Exluna Scientia Exluna Scientia F'elix Zakarum F'elix Zakarum Femmebois Houtiers Femmebois Houtiers Fenix Lightbane Fenix Lightbane Fenris Blood Fenris Blood Fern Young Fern Young Fjor' Skyn Fjor' Skyn Flap Jaaak Flap Jaaak Flick Littlefoot Flick Littlefoot Flint Drekon Flint Drekon Fox Trotfish Fox Trotfish Frosty Piplup Frosty Piplup Gelther Wyght Gelther Wyght Genbu Tabito Genbu Tabito Gh'naer Drox Gh'naer Drox Gladum Carnova Gladum Carnova Grayson Quiverly Grayson Quiverly Gremmy Shinx Gremmy Shinx Guinis Lionheart Guinis Lionheart Gustav Aubrenard Gustav Aubrenard Haluk Galo Haluk Galo Haxu Aquestion Haxu Aquestion Hazel Otgaard Hazel Otgaard Hedone Volu Hedone Volu Helpi'm Beinrepressed Helpi'm Beinrepressed Herba Thea Herba Thea Hex Syx Hex Syx Hg Drifter Hg Drifter Hoso-terra Toma Hoso-terra Toma Hydo Kusushi Hydo Kusushi I'm Blue I'm Blue India Shiranui India Shiranui Indigo Tiotol Indigo Tiotol Iowyn Dolynd'a Iowyn Dolynd'a Isuel Anni'hani Isuel Anni'hani Ivorisa Capriccio Ivorisa Capriccio Ivy Drip Ivy Drip Jag Off Jag Off Jannes Silvius Jannes Silvius Jessina Valgona Jessina Valgona Jet Lag Jet Lag Jigen Kawaki Jigen Kawaki Johannes Aether Johannes Aether Johnny Kupo Johnny Kupo Johnnyboy Jr Johnnyboy Jr Joji Jo Joji Jo Joowaba Booey Joowaba Booey Joseph Dlutowski Joseph Dlutowski Judex Aeterna Judex Aeterna Judge Fudge Judge Fudge Julio Heb Julio Heb K'iev Visei K'iev Visei K'rama Tia K'rama Tia Kadarius Aethershade Kadarius Aethershade Karhu Delacroix Karhu Delacroix Katey Batih Katey Batih Kayleo Thrall-child Kayleo Thrall-child Khit'to Baj'hiri Khit'to Baj'hiri Kissan Macka Kissan Macka Knotty Coyote Knotty Coyote Kygus Blackfire Kygus Blackfire Kyto Soot Kyto Soot Lamitt Sol Lamitt Sol Latin Leche Latin Leche Laughing Mountain Laughing Mountain Lemon Qt Lemon Qt Leone Pridemore Leone Pridemore Leucis Sifu Leucis Sifu Lian Higashino Lian Higashino Lillian Isley Lillian Isley Lily Olive Lily Olive Linariaa Navani Linariaa Navani Logan Paul Logan Paul Lolo Mcnasty Lolo Mcnasty Lolofono Zazafono Lolofono Zazafono Lotus Water Lotus Water Lubi Sunreign Lubi Sunreign Lucius Braun Lucius Braun Luna Frostmourne Luna Frostmourne Lunaris Shadow Lunaris Shadow Luneth Shivasen Luneth Shivasen Lutz Bohemin Lutz Bohemin Magnus Banee Magnus Banee Malec Lightbane Malec Lightbane Marrow Sol Marrow Sol Mason Sawyer Mason Sawyer Matrim Kalverin Matrim Kalverin Maty Lane Maty Lane Mel Knight Mel Knight Miakodan Lykopis Miakodan Lykopis Milliarde Vairemont Milliarde Vairemont Minako Naryu Minako Naryu Mitha Yuroku Mitha Yuroku Miwa Valkyrie Miwa Valkyrie Mommy Shark Mommy Shark Mrs Joan Mrs Joan Mylla Hex Mylla Hex Myrina Lykopis Myrina Lykopis Myrkes Juggalette Myrkes Juggalette Nadine Novalla Nadine Novalla Naegi Springfield Naegi Springfield Naomi Smells Naomi Smells Neela Eua Neela Eua Nexus Novalla Nexus Novalla Nicodemus Beoulve Nicodemus Beoulve Nightbun Pup Nightbun Pup Nilium Pems Nilium Pems Noah Andrew Noah Andrew Noomi Rapaces Noomi Rapaces Nox Eclipso Nox Eclipso Nyrra Za Nyrra Za Orrin Garibal Orrin Garibal Ositoma Zir Ositoma Zir Othe De Othe De Pamela Margaliss Pamela Margaliss Pan Magdon Pan Magdon Papi Michel Papi Michel Peridot Diggery-do Peridot Diggery-do Petro Selinum Petro Selinum Pick One Pick One Plant Lady Plant Lady Plastique Tiara Plastique Tiara Poggy Woggy Poggy Woggy Pootwaffle Floofybutt Pootwaffle Floofybutt Pow Wow Pow Wow Prin Ericka Prin Ericka Qin Shun Qin Shun Qote Pentactles Qote Pentactles Ququpaqa Lolopaqa Ququpaqa Lolopaqa Ra-nu Dravelar Ra-nu Dravelar Rahi'a Ketashipah Rahi'a Ketashipah Rakaso Lykopis Rakaso Lykopis Rampaging Thorn Rampaging Thorn Random Stoner Random Stoner Reeve Tenebris Reeve Tenebris Regalia Glaiveheart Regalia Glaiveheart Rei Lunaria Rei Lunaria Rhea Robin Rhea Robin Ringabel Vateo Ringabel Vateo Rinko Ni Rinko Ni Riveria Ljos Riveria Ljos Robin Reid Robin Reid Rocco Locco Rocco Locco Romeo Le'darkness Romeo Le'darkness Roshti Toshti Roshti Toshti Rycharde Arkwright Rycharde Arkwright Sae Fe Sae Fe Saras Dormier Saras Dormier Sasha Morningstar Sasha Morningstar Sausage Fest Sausage Fest Scodia Revils Scodia Revils Seann Swift Seann Swift Seann Swyft Seann Swyft Sen Ji Sen Ji Senedra Valexia Senedra Valexia Serenity Kalavast Serenity Kalavast Serylda Viras Serylda Viras Sesere Sere Sesere Sere Shamira Fuliese Shamira Fuliese Shane Thomas Shane Thomas Shayla Kett Shayla Kett Sheila Fields Sheila Fields Sheva Ikitori Sheva Ikitori Shivah Shuri Shivah Shuri Shivzya Backscritches Shivzya Backscritches Silvaire Nillefrant Silvaire Nillefrant Sir Bussington Sir Bussington Skadi Ex Skadi Ex Skylar Heartfilia Skylar Heartfilia Soggy Bottom Soggy Bottom Soren Lyall Soren Lyall Staven Lune Staven Lune Strident Whirlpools Strident Whirlpools Sushe Asfl Sushe Asfl Svetozar Azora Svetozar Azora Symore Butiste Symore Butiste Talia Vilantria Talia Vilantria Tatapoki Gagapoki Tatapoki Gagapoki Tenebris Umbra Tenebris Umbra Tessitore Di-sogni Tessitore Di-sogni Texas Toast Texas Toast Thata'sae Molkot Thata'sae Molkot Thorn Not'knows Thorn Not'knows Tiki Rabiniki Tiki Rabiniki Turru Mey Turru Mey Usagi Goro Usagi Goro Vaahn Demetre Vaahn Demetre Vignette Delacour Vignette Delacour Vincent Hail Vincent Hail Vindalou Suzane Vindalou Suzane Vixen Blood Vixen Blood Vox Zava Vox Zava Weide Richards Weide Richards Willow Elahk Willow Elahk Wilmetta Langdale Wilmetta Langdale Winter Nightshade Winter Nightshade Wren Draxis Wren Draxis Wromptiana Dupree Wromptiana Dupree Xavin El'lodian Xavin El'lodian Yabusamae Tanshi Yabusamae Tanshi Zaria Lunice Zaria Lunice Ze Sereno Ze Sereno Zeroni Whiscars Zeroni Whiscars Zexoria Zinthos Zexoria Zinthos Zhou Shen Zhou Shen Zorn Knows'not Zorn Knows'not Zuzunori Miminori Zuzunori Miminori