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Egil's Torch

Rank 30 Free Company "Egil's Torch" was formed on and registered on with ID 9237305048202029281. Last set of interviews conducted on .

has the following slogan:

Egil's Torch is dedicated to fun and social gaming. Need help? Just ask! Discord communications. New and Old Veterans! ^o^/ (Submit Applicatio

Operates on Sargatanas, Aether, leaving tags "Shine" all over the place and increasing glory of Immortal FlamesImmortal Flames. Has a large base named "Kashuan Keep" on plot 37 in ward 12 of Shirogane, Kugane, Hingashi Show on map.

Has this message on its plot placard:

Kashuan Keep - Home of Egil's Raiders
Come Find Your Way Amongst Friends - and Light the Sunfire Torch! ^o

Participates in:

  • Role-playingRole-playing
  • LevelingLeveling
  • CasualCasual
  • HardcoreHardcore
  • DungeonsDungeons
  • GuildhestsGuildhests
  • TrialsTrials
  • RaidsRaids
  • PvPPvP

Is recruiting:

  • TankTank
  • HealerHealer
  • CrafterCrafter
  • GathererGatherer

Had also been known under 3 other names:

  • .Chocobo.
  • The Crazy 88
  • The Golden Chocobo

Current members:

Aeshira Garamonde Sunfire Throne Aeshira Garamonde Abbul Stonecleaver Rat Slayer Abbul Stonecleaver Party Barty Rat Slayer Party Barty C'laire N'versurender Kings Guard C'laire N'versurender Hiname Mazan Kings Guard Hiname Mazan Kahl Drogon Kings Guard Kahl Drogon Lucci Santus Kings Guard Lucci Santus Mihoshi Kazham Kings Guard Mihoshi Kazham Pharah Melody Kings Guard Pharah Melody Shiryu Minamoto Kings Guard Shiryu Minamoto Alzur's Thunder Torch Bearers Alzur's Thunder Ariuna Dalamiq Torch Bearers Ariuna Dalamiq Azriel Pazzuzu Torch Bearers Azriel Pazzuzu Buster Gearhold Torch Bearers Buster Gearhold Elysia Nyx Torch Bearers Elysia Nyx Eyvind Kelda Torch Bearers Eyvind Kelda Inboc Vakarian Torch Bearers Inboc Vakarian Kazzerith Kazham Torch Bearers Kazzerith Kazham Mhin Neversurrender Torch Bearers Mhin Neversurrender Stella Hale Torch Bearers Stella Hale Toyo Minamoto Torch Bearers Toyo Minamoto Umeia Cantabilea Torch Bearers Umeia Cantabilea Asha Black Dragon Master Asha Black Castiel Novak' Dragon Master Castiel Novak' Cha'cl Meway Dragon Master Cha'cl Meway Kaia Black Dragon Master Kaia Black Lucy Lockheart Dragon Master Lucy Lockheart Makeout Paradise Dragon Master Makeout Paradise Moose Machine Dragon Master Moose Machine Myst Chievous Dragon Master Myst Chievous Nagi Vyr Dragon Master Nagi Vyr Punches Withlove Dragon Master Punches Withlove Saya Vyr Dragon Master Saya Vyr Shian Raine Dragon Master Shian Raine Siqamour Gasparde Dragon Master Siqamour Gasparde Sky Rathalos Dragon Master Sky Rathalos A'venro Tia Sleeping Imp A'venro Tia Anti Pater Sleeping Imp Anti Pater Antipater Deicidas Sleeping Imp Antipater Deicidas Artorias Adams Sleeping Imp Artorias Adams Cyriri Cyri Sleeping Imp Cyriri Cyri Dancing Rain Sleeping Imp Dancing Rain King Shagz Sleeping Imp King Shagz Limika Dawnstar Sleeping Imp Limika Dawnstar Rei Myamoto Sleeping Imp Rei Myamoto Rin Lanbatall Sleeping Imp Rin Lanbatall Sawx Sys Sleeping Imp Sawx Sys Taticalnuke Speedheal Sleeping Imp Taticalnuke Speedheal Xara Lightborn Sleeping Imp Xara Lightborn Yongsun Lee Sleeping Imp Yongsun Lee Bilbo Bagginsxx Griffin Rider Bilbo Bagginsxx Bobbie Walters Griffin Rider Bobbie Walters Edgar Vonbranford Griffin Rider Edgar Vonbranford Espere Inconnu Griffin Rider Espere Inconnu Faith Sin Griffin Rider Faith Sin Fuy Gieri Griffin Rider Fuy Gieri Hagop Rebosa Griffin Rider Hagop Rebosa Itsa'me Amariyo Griffin Rider Itsa'me Amariyo J'atoh Knight Griffin Rider J'atoh Knight Jake Morningwood Griffin Rider Jake Morningwood Kami Senshu Griffin Rider Kami Senshu Keltyra Nailo Griffin Rider Keltyra Nailo Killua Zoldyyck Griffin Rider Killua Zoldyyck Maxxzwell Kiriguya Griffin Rider Maxxzwell Kiriguya Mika Silver Griffin Rider Mika Silver Novik Sonos Griffin Rider Novik Sonos Oki Avagnar Griffin Rider Oki Avagnar Rinh Amariyo Griffin Rider Rinh Amariyo Selnia Rina Griffin Rider Selnia Rina Soke Sokeke Griffin Rider Soke Sokeke Thigh Crusher Griffin Rider Thigh Crusher Viola Silvanhawk Griffin Rider Viola Silvanhawk Alice Knight Wyvern Tamers Alice Knight Big Yikes Wyvern Tamers Big Yikes Catherine Margrave Wyvern Tamers Catherine Margrave Cazic Gwan Wyvern Tamers Cazic Gwan Cody Kapsos Wyvern Tamers Cody Kapsos Ekko Malha Wyvern Tamers Ekko Malha Ellie Ecru Wyvern Tamers Ellie Ecru Freya Malha Wyvern Tamers Freya Malha Gilbart Highwind Wyvern Tamers Gilbart Highwind Jay Dark Wyvern Tamers Jay Dark L'arachel Rausten Wyvern Tamers L'arachel Rausten Meta Morphisis Wyvern Tamers Meta Morphisis Mikitui Mozenbirth Wyvern Tamers Mikitui Mozenbirth Moist Hams Wyvern Tamers Moist Hams Mystery Megz Wyvern Tamers Mystery Megz Noctum Darkstar Wyvern Tamers Noctum Darkstar Nova Starfire Wyvern Tamers Nova Starfire Ophelie Noirterel Wyvern Tamers Ophelie Noirterel Pinefirous Woods Wyvern Tamers Pinefirous Woods Popoto Delight Wyvern Tamers Popoto Delight Rahotep Shiva Wyvern Tamers Rahotep Shiva Slim Ghostwood Wyvern Tamers Slim Ghostwood Talanon Silvanhawk Wyvern Tamers Talanon Silvanhawk Tantalus Drehk Wyvern Tamers Tantalus Drehk U'mona Tia Wyvern Tamers U'mona Tia Uoyihooo Mol Wyvern Tamers Uoyihooo Mol Zeke Aries Wyvern Tamers Zeke Aries Aedan Malloy Egil's Raiders Aedan Malloy Aer D'lune Egil's Raiders Aer D'lune Aera Tohsaka Egil's Raiders Aera Tohsaka Alaesa Fiore Egil's Raiders Alaesa Fiore Amit Seth Egil's Raiders Amit Seth Angiras Balvana Egil's Raiders Angiras Balvana Annie Thropic Egil's Raiders Annie Thropic Aranea Untamed Egil's Raiders Aranea Untamed Armon Hammer Egil's Raiders Armon Hammer Arthas Raiden Egil's Raiders Arthas Raiden Astrid Alkirk Egil's Raiders Astrid Alkirk Asuna- Scarlet Egil's Raiders Asuna- Scarlet Auguste Rainteau Egil's Raiders Auguste Rainteau Ayegon Gogo Egil's Raiders Ayegon Gogo Bammie Juro Egil's Raiders Bammie Juro Brandini Booo Egil's Raiders Brandini Booo Casual Legendbreaker Egil's Raiders Casual Legendbreaker Celica Apphel Egil's Raiders Celica Apphel Chas Vin Egil's Raiders Chas Vin Cheeseburger Helper Egil's Raiders Cheeseburger Helper Coheed Killgannon Egil's Raiders Coheed Killgannon Cotota Kaha Egil's Raiders Cotota Kaha Darsidus Blackclaw Egil's Raiders Darsidus Blackclaw Demon Toast Egil's Raiders Demon Toast Diavolo Crimson Egil's Raiders Diavolo Crimson Docblade First Egil's Raiders Docblade First Eadwin Ackerman Egil's Raiders Eadwin Ackerman Efa Lhea Egil's Raiders Efa Lhea Eghil Aoide Egil's Raiders Eghil Aoide Ekorn Jr Egil's Raiders Ekorn Jr Elustriel Arrav Egil's Raiders Elustriel Arrav Emarline Danath Egil's Raiders Emarline Danath Erebus Raze Egil's Raiders Erebus Raze Eterna Leigh Egil's Raiders Eterna Leigh Eternal Oblivion Egil's Raiders Eternal Oblivion Face Jug Egil's Raiders Face Jug Fallen Shinobi Egil's Raiders Fallen Shinobi Felyn Grey Egil's Raiders Felyn Grey Frie'ja Kellengaard Egil's Raiders Frie'ja Kellengaard Genshin Refugee Egil's Raiders Genshin Refugee Git Gud Egil's Raiders Git Gud Grace Wins Egil's Raiders Grace Wins Happy Baggins Egil's Raiders Happy Baggins Harsher Vadry Egil's Raiders Harsher Vadry Havoc Shimada Egil's Raiders Havoc Shimada Holly Malloy Egil's Raiders Holly Malloy Hp Mp Egil's Raiders Hp Mp Hunter Ghostwood Egil's Raiders Hunter Ghostwood Illegal Saurus Egil's Raiders Illegal Saurus Illumis Drake Egil's Raiders Illumis Drake James Williams Egil's Raiders James Williams Kaiser Leonhart Egil's Raiders Kaiser Leonhart Kanazar Black Egil's Raiders Kanazar Black Kato Star Egil's Raiders Kato Star Kazan Azure Egil's Raiders Kazan Azure Ketsui Tachi Egil's Raiders Ketsui Tachi Krma Sitinomis Egil's Raiders Krma Sitinomis Kyo Katsu Egil's Raiders Kyo Katsu Lado Rana Egil's Raiders Lado Rana Lily Nielsen Egil's Raiders Lily Nielsen Lune Niijima Egil's Raiders Lune Niijima Lynn Fallenstar Egil's Raiders Lynn Fallenstar Lyrael Angelus Egil's Raiders Lyrael Angelus M'sumbla Jutahh Egil's Raiders M'sumbla Jutahh Matharael Valehq Egil's Raiders Matharael Valehq Milomilo Knight Egil's Raiders Milomilo Knight Miri Greycastle Egil's Raiders Miri Greycastle Misty Tomoe Egil's Raiders Misty Tomoe Monte Car'lo Egil's Raiders Monte Car'lo My Shaboppy Egil's Raiders My Shaboppy Mystical One Egil's Raiders Mystical One Mystifying Charm Egil's Raiders Mystifying Charm Naga Rihan Egil's Raiders Naga Rihan Nerro Stark Egil's Raiders Nerro Stark Phantasmal Inferno Egil's Raiders Phantasmal Inferno Phrike Noire Egil's Raiders Phrike Noire Pivot Firebird Egil's Raiders Pivot Firebird Potato'salad Pip Egil's Raiders Potato'salad Pip Raelle Rose Egil's Raiders Raelle Rose Rena Camoa Egil's Raiders Rena Camoa Rocco Heatt Egil's Raiders Rocco Heatt Rone Hauer Egil's Raiders Rone Hauer Rydia Azran Egil's Raiders Rydia Azran Rydia Mistof Egil's Raiders Rydia Mistof Saber Arturia Egil's Raiders Saber Arturia Sabion Krantzer Egil's Raiders Sabion Krantzer Saga Nomica Egil's Raiders Saga Nomica Senor Edgelord Egil's Raiders Senor Edgelord Sero Lytefall Egil's Raiders Sero Lytefall Seymour Berttrim Egil's Raiders Seymour Berttrim Shedrach Mysic Egil's Raiders Shedrach Mysic Shiroe Spino Egil's Raiders Shiroe Spino Sokka Backbender Egil's Raiders Sokka Backbender Spade Lunas Egil's Raiders Spade Lunas Syg Vyr Egil's Raiders Syg Vyr Taladien Steelweaver Egil's Raiders Taladien Steelweaver Theren Menethil Egil's Raiders Theren Menethil Tia'na Lecuyer Egil's Raiders Tia'na Lecuyer Tyrnas O'kami Egil's Raiders Tyrnas O'kami Vahlyn Lockhart Egil's Raiders Vahlyn Lockhart Vaurien Burke Egil's Raiders Vaurien Burke Vi Finis Egil's Raiders Vi Finis Vixie Kha Egil's Raiders Vixie Kha Xellious Misaya Egil's Raiders Xellious Misaya Yamadurje Grey Egil's Raiders Yamadurje Grey Ygraine Priotaix Egil's Raiders Ygraine Priotaix Yihwa Yeon Egil's Raiders Yihwa Yeon Yugen Prinze Egil's Raiders Yugen Prinze Zagros Hunt Egil's Raiders Zagros Hunt Zooey Lover-of-pies Egil's Raiders Zooey Lover-of-pies