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La Marimorena

Rank 30 Free Company "La Marimorena" was formed on and registered on with ID 9237023573225334627. Last set of interviews conducted on .

has the following slogan:

Contamos con casa de la FC totalmente equipada y Discord https://discord.gg/stHTMp

Operates on Ragnarok, Chaos, leaving tags "MM" all over the place and increasing glory of MaelstromMaelstrom. Has a large base named "La Gran Marimorena" on plot 2 in ward 20 of Mist, Limsa Lominsa, Vylbrand Show on map.

Has this message on its plot placard:

Bienvenidos a la casa de los Marimoreno

Participates in:

  • Role-playingRole-playing
  • LevelingLeveling
  • CasualCasual
  • HardcoreHardcore
  • DungeonsDungeons
  • GuildhestsGuildhests
  • TrialsTrials
  • RaidsRaids
  • PvPPvP

Is recruiting:

  • TankTank
  • HealerHealer
  • CrafterCrafter
  • GathererGatherer

Had also been known under 5 other names:

  • Caballeros Chocobo
  • Chocobo Iberico
  • Chocobos Bastrdos
  • Moguris Borrachos
  • Pinky Pancakes

Current members:

A'kiho Lewenhart A'kiho Lewenhart Ahratiel Queensairen Ahratiel Queensairen Aitor Zupas Aitor Zupas Akhorahil Darkblade Akhorahil Darkblade Alanna Osipithia Alanna Osipithia Alymk Calmseeker Alymk Calmseeker Alys Grayve Alys Grayve Andresmoreno Gallardo Andresmoreno Gallardo Angry Ciciar Angry Ciciar Arc Maple Arc Maple Artyom Margrace Artyom Margrace Asrai Valerius Asrai Valerius Auber Gin Auber Gin Axel Pas Axel Pas Blair Hawthorn Blair Hawthorn Blake Hawkbloom Blake Hawkbloom Blaze Doombringer Blaze Doombringer Bran Dorne Bran Dorne Briian Lothric Briian Lothric Canariia Garcia Canariia Garcia Crysna Wyrm Crysna Wyrm Daedrim Lafdar Daedrim Lafdar Dauro Brukser Dauro Brukser Deadlylove Dizel Deadlylove Dizel Deena Frois Deena Frois Delpra Beardless Delpra Beardless Dex Mafay Dex Mafay Dikkon Dragoo Dikkon Dragoo Doctor Traumas Doctor Traumas Dracostea Din'tei Dracostea Din'tei Elena Whiterose Elena Whiterose Elsa Patero Elsa Patero Ember Faith Ember Faith Enih Elgod Enih Elgod Fenix Ragnarok Fenix Ragnarok Furan Eyre Furan Eyre Gumi Gumimi Gumi Gumimi Haru Estia Haru Estia Iluminao Cricri Iluminao Cricri Kahili Hono Kahili Hono Kai' Sa Kai' Sa Kino Katamari Kino Katamari Kozzi Cos Kozzi Cos Kride Valefor Kride Valefor Kurei Arataki Kurei Arataki Kvoothe Sinsangre Kvoothe Sinsangre Kwan Hjalkarsson Kwan Hjalkarsson Kyoko Lilithmaya Kyoko Lilithmaya Lanzeroth Kainth Lanzeroth Kainth Lindo Pulgoso Lindo Pulgoso Lune Noctem Lune Noctem Luthezd Xrd Luthezd Xrd Millia Starbound Millia Starbound Mithos Sage Mithos Sage Moszkowski Shablowski Moszkowski Shablowski Naoah Ragnarok Naoah Ragnarok Natsuki Shinomiya Natsuki Shinomiya Neo Herondale Neo Herondale Neon Lux Neon Lux Nhao Betwanhe Nhao Betwanhe Nimerio Nesun Nimerio Nesun Nirnt Velkoz Nirnt Velkoz Noxme Hanadur Noxme Hanadur Nozel Silva Nozel Silva Opalo Negro Opalo Negro Opi Ttv Opi Ttv Perses Bjord Perses Bjord Picea Omorika Picea Omorika Pufel Daru'q Pufel Daru'q Qrow Branwen Qrow Branwen Rayden Elyon Rayden Elyon Rengoku Raion Rengoku Raion Renunsio Atodo Renunsio Atodo Rock Halpert Rock Halpert Scot Nial Scot Nial Sekai Kujo Sekai Kujo Shan're Zhafira Shan're Zhafira Shion Cifer Shion Cifer Sigma Velakor Sigma Velakor Sittyz Ross Sittyz Ross Sui Muk Sui Muk Syo Kurusu Syo Kurusu Theodore Fawkes Theodore Fawkes Tyriel Angmar Tyriel Angmar Villa Famy Villa Famy Virtualbox Machina Virtualbox Machina Voidwulf Abysswalker Voidwulf Abysswalker Xenia Eleri Xenia Eleri Yokimitsuro K'shtah Yokimitsuro K'shtah Zebro Colms Zebro Colms Zima Zero Zima Zero