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Rank 30 Free Company "VIPdeFF14" was formed on and registered on with ID 9236882835736887844. Last set of interviews conducted on .

has the following slogan:

Operates on Masamune, Mana, leaving tags "vip" all over the place and increasing glory of Immortal FlamesImmortal Flames. Has a large base named "VIP Works .Ltd" on plot 15 in ward 5 of Mist, Limsa Lominsa, Vylbrand Show on map.

Has this message on its plot placard:

Paissa is dead
Goddess is WATCHING YO

Participates in:

  • Role-playingRole-playing
  • LevelingLeveling
  • CasualCasual
  • HardcoreHardcore
  • DungeonsDungeons
  • GuildhestsGuildhests
  • TrialsTrials
  • RaidsRaids
  • PvPPvP

Current members:

Akane Autumn Akane Autumn Akuta Nozarasi Akuta Nozarasi Al Qadimah Al Qadimah Ankayori Aichakutsuku Ankayori Aichakutsuku Ayaka Momotatsu Ayaka Momotatsu Ayaka Scheveornanco Ayaka Scheveornanco Bonjily Meteor Bonjily Meteor Caramel Ribbon Caramel Ribbon Chibi Shota Chibi Shota Corporate Slave Corporate Slave Curry Daisuki Curry Daisuki Dante Harvey Dante Harvey Dou Tei Dou Tei Ebitiri Ebimayo Ebitiri Ebimayo Elin Gi Elin Gi Futa Narry Futa Narry Gourmet Shampoo Gourmet Shampoo Hadakano Sio Hadakano Sio Higega Sugoi Higega Sugoi Hoisa Hoisassa Hoisa Hoisassa Ike- Men Ike- Men Ip Koros Ip Koros Isono Osono Isono Osono Katy Wood Katy Wood Kilala Kila Kilala Kila Kmsk Taru Kmsk Taru Konmatuke Vipper Konmatuke Vipper Koruri Oronir Koruri Oronir Lilulu Lilu Lilulu Lilu Manzi Rumanzi Manzi Rumanzi Meme Momo Meme Momo Meza Weissprobe Meza Weissprobe Miageru Mieteru Miageru Mieteru Mizuko Kuyo Mizuko Kuyo Moe Shop Moe Shop More Tious More Tious Muchimuchi Bigass Muchimuchi Bigass Mursama Blade Mursama Blade Mya-ko Holyangel Mya-ko Holyangel Naruse Nene Naruse Nene Neatly Beach Neatly Beach Neko Kichii Neko Kichii Niku Simohuri Niku Simohuri Nome Cirha Nome Cirha Nuku Nuku Nuku Nuku Oishii Omizu Oishii Omizu Omoti Motimot Omoti Motimot Pico Kan Pico Kan Pole Dra Pole Dra Ponta Muramura Ponta Muramura Rora Tategami Rora Tategami Rouge Trobairitz Rouge Trobairitz Sabakan Sanyen Sabakan Sanyen San Jose San Jose Sara Saty Sara Saty Shiko Chii Shiko Chii Shinzo Abe Shinzo Abe Shiroi Op Shiroi Op Sho Tachinp Sho Tachinp Subesube Oneesan Subesube Oneesan Sugakiya Recruit Sugakiya Recruit Suifu Walder Suifu Walder Suke Be Suke Be Supo Ron Supo Ron Supple Vitamin Supple Vitamin Surume San Surume San Taisaku Ikeda Taisaku Ikeda Takeshi Ksl Takeshi Ksl Usami Mizuki Usami Mizuki Weakness Orc Weakness Orc Weakness Ork Weakness Ork Yakiniku Hakkakutei Yakiniku Hakkakutei Yamaari Taniari Yamaari Taniari Yokka Yoichi Yokka Yoichi Youjo Dazo Youjo Dazo Yuki Stark Yuki Stark Sonshi Sonshi 聖遺物 Sonshi Sonshi Chage Chu 麻雀最弱王 Chage Chu Go Rira 麻雀最弱王 Go Rira Neet Ceasium really creepy Neet Ceasium Nodoka Miyazaki really creepy Nodoka Miyazaki Dotzip Dotexe 船長 Dotzip Dotexe Nijino Haha 船長 Nijino Haha Uma Pakapaka 船長 Uma Pakapaka Zipde Yokose 船長 Zipde Yokose Benjo Impact 便所掃除 Benjo Impact Benjo Mercy 便所掃除 Benjo Mercy Benjo Metal 便所掃除 Benjo Metal Benjo Yoguire 便所掃除 Benjo Yoguire Kurokawa Blackleather 便所掃除 Kurokawa Blackleather Aiu Eo 首 Aiu Eo Jakucho Setouchi 首 Jakucho Setouchi L'chloe Amih 首 L'chloe Amih Onako Onacool 首 Onako Onacool Tanigawa Dake 首 Tanigawa Dake The Guts 首 The Guts Ayana Moylan いきもの(受粉)かかり Ayana Moylan Lain Goddess いきもの(受粉)かかり Lain Goddess Marbled Meat いきもの(受粉)かかり Marbled Meat Midea Hahnenfuss いきもの(受粉)かかり Midea Hahnenfuss Miso Oden いきもの(受粉)かかり Miso Oden Muscle Matsumoto いきもの(受粉)かかり Muscle Matsumoto Neet Calcium いきもの(受粉)かかり Neet Calcium Ponsuke Scheveornanco いきもの(受粉)かかり Ponsuke Scheveornanco Sugakiya Ramen いきもの(受粉)かかり Sugakiya Ramen Sugakiya Rising いきもの(受粉)かかり Sugakiya Rising Akie Abe メイド Akie Abe Are Nasu メイド Are Nasu Bonus Time メイド Bonus Time Bouryoku Hantai メイド Bouryoku Hantai Delicious Water メイド Delicious Water Katy Paper メイド Katy Paper Kokutou Kakinohana メイド Kokutou Kakinohana Koruri Maibito メイド Koruri Maibito L'lily Lee メイド L'lily Lee Liokki Liliwesfv メイド Liokki Liliwesfv Meat Hope メイド Meat Hope Meme Mimi メイド Meme Mimi Moneymoney Ojousama メイド Moneymoney Ojousama Nukku Nuku メイド Nukku Nuku Nuku Nukku メイド Nuku Nukku Onegai Mymelody メイド Onegai Mymelody Oz Flaette メイド Oz Flaette Poji Seed メイド Poji Seed Popoa Poa メイド Popoa Poa Sara Lie メイド Sara Lie Sugakiya Re'third メイド Sugakiya Re'third Sugakiya Remen メイド Sugakiya Remen Sugakiya Returns メイド Sugakiya Returns Sv Pasta メイド Sv Pasta Turuturu Ojichan メイド Turuturu Ojichan Yokka Yotsuba メイド Yokka Yotsuba Yui Scottie メイド Yui Scottie Aim Aurora 休職中 Aim Aurora Aji Pon 休職中 Aji Pon Aka Miso 休職中 Aka Miso Akali Mizunashi 休職中 Akali Mizunashi Alice Lipton 休職中 Alice Lipton Alty Undertone 休職中 Alty Undertone Anago San 休職中 Anago San Anarchy Anaki 休職中 Anarchy Anaki Anarl Frisk 休職中 Anarl Frisk Ane Sama 休職中 Ane Sama Anger Max 休職中 Anger Max Anman Kennen 休職中 Anman Kennen Aoi Sacra 休職中 Aoi Sacra Aqua Horizon 休職中 Aqua Horizon Aru Akaino 休職中 Aru Akaino Asagi Celah 休職中 Asagi Celah Asikoki Mesugaki 休職中 Asikoki Mesugaki Banana Soymilk 休職中 Banana Soymilk Bell Fryxell 休職中 Bell Fryxell Boon Opp 休職中 Boon Opp Boukun Habanero 休職中 Boukun Habanero Brilliant Camellia 休職中 Brilliant Camellia Buta Niku 休職中 Buta Niku Carcosa Leith 休職中 Carcosa Leith Cat Foods 休職中 Cat Foods Chan Tanaka 休職中 Chan Tanaka Chick N'e 休職中 Chick N'e Chimpan Zee 休職中 Chimpan Zee Chiyome Motizuki 休職中 Chiyome Motizuki Chori Ko 休職中 Chori Ko Chorissu Galo 休職中 Chorissu Galo Clorets Cola 休職中 Clorets Cola Cloud' Strife' 休職中 Cloud' Strife' Coffee Time 休職中 Coffee Time Creme Brulee' 休職中 Creme Brulee' Crow Neko 休職中 Crow Neko Curouni Obiroa 休職中 Curouni Obiroa Daekichan Sloppy 休職中 Daekichan Sloppy Daidu Andy 休職中 Daidu Andy De Bu 休職中 De Bu Dictionary Jisyo 休職中 Dictionary Jisyo Dirty Nakajima 休職中 Dirty Nakajima Doutea Emperor 休職中 Doutea Emperor Dozae Dozae 休職中 Dozae Dozae Drive Through 休職中 Drive Through E'uryale Nimueh 休職中 E'uryale Nimueh Ebimi Omar 休職中 Ebimi Omar Edda Chan 休職中 Edda Chan Egg Tenga 休職中 Egg Tenga Elcondor Pasa 休職中 Elcondor Pasa Emuo Style 休職中 Emuo Style Eperu Myonal 休職中 Eperu Myonal Esora Marl 休職中 Esora Marl Evi An 休職中 Evi An Fap Fap 休職中 Fap Fap Final Agent 休職中 Final Agent Flog Geko 休職中 Flog Geko Fullaccele Nakajima 休職中 Fullaccele Nakajima Gari De 休職中 Gari De General Omantis 休職中 General Omantis Geri Numenume 休職中 Geri Numenume Gintiyo Tatibana 休職中 Gintiyo Tatibana Good Maguro 休職中 Good Maguro Goth Loli 休職中 Goth Loli Habanero Boukun 休職中 Habanero Boukun Hachi Kou 休職中 Hachi Kou Hala Madrid 休職中 Hala Madrid Halcom Falco 休職中 Halcom Falco Half Andhalf 休職中 Half Andhalf Hara He 休職中 Hara He Harakiri Fujiyama 休職中 Harakiri Fujiyama Hatakeno Sio 休職中 Hatakeno Sio Helga Wolf 休職中 Helga Wolf Hello Work 休職中 Hello Work Hellowork Syokuan 休職中 Hellowork Syokuan Hemato Philia 休職中 Hemato Philia Hoihoi Greene 休職中 Hoihoi Greene Honey Potter 休職中 Honey Potter Horizon Naito 休職中 Horizon Naito Iary Alheit 休職中 Iary Alheit Iesus Xristos 休職中 Iesus Xristos Iketeru Mens 休職中 Iketeru Mens Imakita Haijanaiger 休職中 Imakita Haijanaiger Inu Neko 休職中 Inu Neko Japan Airline 休職中 Japan Airline Ji Banyan 休職中 Ji Banyan Joe Jack 休職中 Joe Jack Judge Fou 休職中 Judge Fou Kaito Kamiizumi 休職中 Kaito Kamiizumi Kaji Tetudai 休職中 Kaji Tetudai Kana Konkichi 休職中 Kana Konkichi Kangaeruno Mendou 休職中 Kangaeruno Mendou Kante Ite 休職中 Kante Ite Kaori Kurinohana 休職中 Kaori Kurinohana Kawaii Miqo'te 休職中 Kawaii Miqo'te Kekemu Kemu 休職中 Kekemu Kemu Kikka Nakajima 休職中 Kikka Nakajima Kilma Flaette 休職中 Kilma Flaette Kodomo Oyaji 休職中 Kodomo Oyaji Kohiba Behike 休職中 Kohiba Behike Koko Sumire 休職中 Koko Sumire Kone Ragnarok 休職中 Kone Ragnarok Konemegane Ragnarok 休職中 Konemegane Ragnarok Koume Ellen 休職中 Koume Ellen Kumyumyu Kumyu 休職中 Kumyumyu Kumyu Kun Tanaka 休職中 Kun Tanaka Kuro Suke 休職中 Kuro Suke Kurono Toriga 休職中 Kurono Toriga Kurumi Ponchi 休職中 Kurumi Ponchi Kuwai Dandy 休職中 Kuwai Dandy Kuzu Gomi 休職中 Kuzu Gomi Kyosuke Hyoudou 休職中 Kyosuke Hyoudou Kyubey Incubator 休職中 Kyubey Incubator Lambda Miller 休職中 Lambda Miller Leon Bazooka 休職中 Leon Bazooka Lily Oracle 休職中 Lily Oracle Little Girl 休職中 Little Girl Loli Pop 休職中 Loli Pop Mad Capsule 休職中 Mad Capsule Maid Vip 休職中 Maid Vip Mamoru Jitaku 休職中 Mamoru Jitaku Mamy Poco 休職中 Mamy Poco Mamy Poko 休職中 Mamy Poko Mantin Ikuo 休職中 Mantin Ikuo Manzi Manzi 休職中 Manzi Manzi Marl West 休職中 Marl West Mawasun Gacha 休職中 Mawasun Gacha May Club 休職中 May Club Meet Ceasium 休職中 Meet Ceasium Mega Necco 休職中 Mega Necco Meta Knight 休職中 Meta Knight Meza Wiltflower 休職中 Meza Wiltflower Midori Ao 休職中 Midori Ao Mig Micolash 休職中 Mig Micolash Misaki Shira 休職中 Misaki Shira Moa Mogerar 休職中 Moa Mogerar Momonga Ains 休職中 Momonga Ains Monikuso Shimetsu 休職中 Monikuso Shimetsu Mono Kuro 休職中 Mono Kuro Mottiaruki Tabetai 休職中 Mottiaruki Tabetai Motuni Udon 休職中 Motuni Udon Moukon Mushiru 休職中 Moukon Mushiru Mucc Mucc 休職中 Mucc Mucc Muscle Muscle 休職中 Muscle Muscle Muscle Spark 休職中 Muscle Spark Nakano Ichika 休職中 Nakano Ichika Naked Vipp 休職中 Naked Vipp Namae Kimaran 休職中 Namae Kimaran Nana Si 休職中 Nana Si Nanami Nanananami 休職中 Nanami Nanananami Nanana Syachiku 休職中 Nanana Syachiku Naomi Cyanbell 休職中 Naomi Cyanbell Natural White 休職中 Natural White Ne Kama 休職中 Ne Kama Necomimi Mode 休職中 Necomimi Mode Neet Komusume 休職中 Neet Komusume Negimaki Bajihri 休職中 Negimaki Bajihri Nekomimi Chan 休職中 Nekomimi Chan Nekutai Mimi 休職中 Nekutai Mimi Nelly Brain 休職中 Nelly Brain Neo Tanimura 休職中 Neo Tanimura Nikuman Vipomanchin 休職中 Nikuman Vipomanchin Ninja Kawasaki 休職中 Ninja Kawasaki Nipa Pa 休職中 Nipa Pa Nishikino Maki 休職中 Nishikino Maki Niyake Mara 休職中 Niyake Mara Noir Hache 休職中 Noir Hache Nomelon Nolemon 休職中 Nomelon Nolemon Nora Kuro 休職中 Nora Kuro Nowe Yellnish 休職中 Nowe Yellnish Nozip Nolife 休職中 Nozip Nolife Nun Nuko 休職中 Nun Nuko Nuru Poppo 休職中 Nuru Poppo Nya Rome 休職中 Nya Rome Nyan Tashiro 休職中 Nyan Tashiro Nyuutou Dabi 休職中 Nyuutou Dabi Oden Tawaraya 休職中 Oden Tawaraya Ohagi Mochi 休職中 Ohagi Mochi Oi Kiitennoka 休職中 Oi Kiitennoka Omuretu Anko 休職中 Omuretu Anko Onakin Skywalker 休職中 Onakin Skywalker Oneeeeeeee Chaaaaaaan 休職中 Oneeeeeeee Chaaaaaaan Orange Powder 休職中 Orange Powder Orn Anco 休職中 Orn Anco Pahja Relanah 休職中 Pahja Relanah Peen Paaan 休職中 Peen Paaan Peni Ban 休職中 Peni Ban Pepesu Pesu 休職中 Pepesu Pesu Pokemonmaster Lulu 休職中 Pokemonmaster Lulu Potechi Umai 休職中 Potechi Umai Puni Hole 休職中 Puni Hole Puniana Dx 休職中 Puniana Dx R'tahjha Suhzu 休職中 R'tahjha Suhzu Rakdos Scarlet 休職中 Rakdos Scarlet Ramey Micha 休職中 Ramey Micha Ren Kinsaki 休職中 Ren Kinsaki Rinrin Gabe 休職中 Rinrin Gabe Roar Gold 休職中 Roar Gold Robyn Fenty 休職中 Robyn Fenty Rom Ram 休職中 Rom Ram Rosita Me 休職中 Rosita Me Rouge Sutoraihu 休職中 Rouge Sutoraihu Royal Milktea 休職中 Royal Milktea Royalneet Aiko 休職中 Royalneet Aiko Sabakan Zeroyen 休職中 Sabakan Zeroyen Sakae Store 休職中 Sakae Store Saki Miyanaga 休職中 Saki Miyanaga Sassokumizu Motikomi 休職中 Sassokumizu Motikomi Sasuga Anija 休職中 Sasuga Anija Saylow Gun 休職中 Saylow Gun Seimei Jissou 休職中 Seimei Jissou Shabu Suki 休職中 Shabu Suki Shachiku Knight 休職中 Shachiku Knight Shiika Noir 休職中 Shiika Noir Shilshil Shilshil 休職中 Shilshil Shilshil Shirley Temple 休職中 Shirley Temple Sio Yude 休職中 Sio Yude Siro Neko 休職中 Siro Neko Skartinov Maramaki 休職中 Skartinov Maramaki Solt Orb 休職中 Solt Orb Song Little 休職中 Song Little Sonsi Sonsi 休職中 Sonsi Sonsi Spell Mardel 休職中 Spell Mardel Spi Sansan 休職中 Spi Sansan Suger Black 休職中 Suger Black Suguru Niku 休職中 Suguru Niku Sumire Oblige 休職中 Sumire Oblige Summer Ore 休職中 Summer Ore Super Ikemenman 休職中 Super Ikemenman Tabitha Kerolyr 休職中 Tabitha Kerolyr Takane Kawaii 休職中 Takane Kawaii Takashi Ultimate 休職中 Takashi Ultimate Take Sato 休職中 Take Sato Takenoko Nosato 休職中 Takenoko Nosato Tantalus Hildagarde 休職中 Tantalus Hildagarde Tantan' Utsu 休職中 Tantan' Utsu Tengoku Junbi 休職中 Tengoku Junbi The Tsu 休職中 The Tsu Tikuwa Makarooni 休職中 Tikuwa Makarooni Tirami Su 休職中 Tirami Su Titin Tin 休職中 Titin Tin To Ki 休職中 To Ki Tonkotu Tonkotu 休職中 Tonkotu Tonkotu Torayano Youcan 休職中 Torayano Youcan Toto Pig 休職中 Toto Pig Toto Toilet 休職中 Toto Toilet Tour Operator 休職中 Tour Operator Tsutomu Nigou 休職中 Tsutomu Nigou Tuma Youji 休職中 Tuma Youji Tyoki Kirisaki 休職中 Tyoki Kirisaki Ura Charmant 休職中 Ura Charmant Usagi Rabbit 休職中 Usagi Rabbit Usu Usu 休職中 Usu Usu Valrhona Heiwajima 休職中 Valrhona Heiwajima Videomania Tsutomu 休職中 Videomania Tsutomu Vitamin Tablets 休職中 Vitamin Tablets Vivi Ann 休職中 Vivi Ann Walnut Ponch 休職中 Walnut Ponch Wanko Soba 休職中 Wanko Soba Ya Ryman 休職中 Ya Ryman Yama Green 休職中 Yama Green Yamada Maririn 休職中 Yamada Maririn Yarujan Seyaro 休職中 Yarujan Seyaro Yaruki Switch 休職中 Yaruki Switch Yes Lolita 休職中 Yes Lolita Yokozuna Asashoryu 休職中 Yokozuna Asashoryu Yoruca Neruca 休職中 Yoruca Neruca Yoshida Aaaaaaa 休職中 Yoshida Aaaaaaa Youjo Neet 休職中 Youjo Neet Zip File 休職中 Zip File Zippei Car 休職中 Zippei Car