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Rank 30 Free Company "Vane" was formed on and registered on with ID 9236038410806755331. Last set of interviews conducted on .

Operates on Aegis, Elemental, leaving tags "Vane" all over the place and increasing glory of Order of the Twin AdderOrder of the Twin Adder. Has a large base named "Rabbit house" on plot 5 in ward 6 of Mist, Limsa Lominsa, Vylbrand Show on map.

Participates in:

  • Role-playingRole-playing
  • LevelingLeveling
  • HardcoreHardcore
  • TrialsTrials
  • RaidsRaids

Current members:

Tomoyo After 老害ホーム用務員 Tomoyo After Tousai Nocte ぺろりんQ Tousai Nocte Azaryuna Tristar 永遠の灯 Azaryuna Tristar Apnan Migratorybird いよいよ6.2だなぁオイ! Apnan Migratorybird Makizo Onlinesleeper Online Sleeper Makizo Onlinesleeper Shyni Marimoko 菩薩の心 Shyni Marimoko Licax Lockhart プロ Licax Lockhart F'iene Suhzu ふじたん♪ F'iene Suhzu Rurune Rune なまず Rurune Rune Saku Rifice Tenzen Saku Rifice Kankan Draphfarmer 牧場主 Kankan Draphfarmer Kankan Gustav 牧場主 Kankan Gustav Ambroise Bleu 雑魚 Ambroise Bleu Mega Led 雑魚 Mega Led Dansan Dameoyazi 初見です! Dansan Dameoyazi Edi Fell 初見です! Edi Fell Enxi Lionheart 初見です! Enxi Lionheart Equs Ragnarok 初見です! Equs Ragnarok Freetime King 初見です! Freetime King Honey Po 初見です! Honey Po Kaphwan Kim 初見です! Kaphwan Kim Kurumi Woods 初見です! Kurumi Woods Minea Scarlet 初見です! Minea Scarlet Nero Zaimis 初見です! Nero Zaimis Ntk Ibuki 初見です! Ntk Ibuki Pion Veleno 初見です! Pion Veleno Ririy Lowol 初見です! Ririy Lowol Shaka Usagi 初見です! Shaka Usagi Tentenkun O'angel 初見です! Tentenkun O'angel Winbee Dieeasy 初見です! Winbee Dieeasy Aimi Hollywoods ばねめん Aimi Hollywoods Ama'oh Misato ばねめん Ama'oh Misato Aoshi Lightbringer ばねめん Aoshi Lightbringer Ayakage Whitetale ばねめん Ayakage Whitetale Chak Bomber ばねめん Chak Bomber Chloe Captivate ばねめん Chloe Captivate Chloe Nectaris ばねめん Chloe Nectaris Fes Rabbitfoot ばねめん Fes Rabbitfoot Foulu Bright ばねめん Foulu Bright Giko Cat ばねめん Giko Cat Giko El ばねめん Giko El Hamachi Ypsilon ばねめん Hamachi Ypsilon Keitia Estinio ばねめん Keitia Estinio Kimura Dx ばねめん Kimura Dx Know Thyself ばねめん Know Thyself Kuuga Highrider ばねめん Kuuga Highrider Lady Vox ばねめん Lady Vox Laura Manastorm ばねめん Laura Manastorm Leffiene Ferus ばねめん Leffiene Ferus Lilim Rond ばねめん Lilim Rond Lily Highrider ばねめん Lily Highrider Lina Ito ばねめん Lina Ito Livix Estrella ばねめん Livix Estrella Livix Siesta ばねめん Livix Siesta Lollipop Chainsaw ばねめん Lollipop Chainsaw Lord Nagafen ばねめん Lord Nagafen Loreena Valentine ばねめん Loreena Valentine Madokko Nyan ばねめん Madokko Nyan Mama Saan ばねめん Mama Saan Mami Ensoniq ばねめん Mami Ensoniq Marierra Cat ばねめん Marierra Cat Mazyi Meatgeneral ばねめん Mazyi Meatgeneral Merst Clover ばねめん Merst Clover Mimi Zokku ばねめん Mimi Zokku Mr Comebo ばねめん Mr Comebo Mysterious Challenger ばねめん Mysterious Challenger Ouca Tsugine ばねめん Ouca Tsugine Popoyon Poporon ばねめん Popoyon Poporon Roh Hibiya ばねめん Roh Hibiya Rouge Rabbit ばねめん Rouge Rabbit Sakura Ogsun ばねめん Sakura Ogsun Selana Snowlight ばねめん Selana Snowlight Shep Wonderer ばねめん Shep Wonderer Shyni Scottishfold ばねめん Shyni Scottishfold Sika Otoko ばねめん Sika Otoko Sirou Heartnet ばねめん Sirou Heartnet Syoborine Valentine ばねめん Syoborine Valentine Tiyochan Mihama ばねめん Tiyochan Mihama Tomoyo Fraulein ばねめん Tomoyo Fraulein Unagi Fry ばねめん Unagi Fry Usa Rabbit ばねめん Usa Rabbit Volefan Ferus ばねめん Volefan Ferus Ymir Koto ばねめん Ymir Koto Zuntan Flare ばねめん Zuntan Flare