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Isolated Life

Rank 30 Free Company "Isolated Life" was formed on and registered on with ID 9234631035923326186. Last set of interviews conducted on .

has the following slogan:

Our Free Company is looking for new friendly and crazy members o:
"This is it. This is your story. It all begins here" - Auron, F

Operates on Cerberus, Chaos, leaving tags "IsoLi" all over the place and increasing glory of Immortal FlamesImmortal Flames. Has a medium base named "Isolated House" on plot 49 in ward 24 of Shirogane, Kugane, Hingashi Show on map.

Has this message on its plot placard:

We have Cookies :3 *nom* *no

Participates in:

  • Role-playingRole-playing
  • LevelingLeveling
  • CasualCasual
  • HardcoreHardcore
  • DungeonsDungeons
  • GuildhestsGuildhests
  • TrialsTrials
  • RaidsRaids
  • PvPPvP

Is recruiting:

  • TankTank
  • HealerHealer
  • CrafterCrafter
  • GathererGatherer

Current members:

Aelin Galathyius Aelin Galathyius Aeterni Tap Aeterni Tap Alex De'winter Alex De'winter Alice Kaw Alice Kaw Ananta Shesha Ananta Shesha Anashari Salathiel Anashari Salathiel Anna Lee Anna Lee Antonidas Dalares Antonidas Dalares Arkans Lionwhite Arkans Lionwhite Artyom Mikoyann Artyom Mikoyann Asti Fox Asti Fox Asuna Nightsky Asuna Nightsky Atofe Asura Atofe Asura Axel Wargrace Axel Wargrace Axelfadar Ura Axelfadar Ura Azmia Fee Azmia Fee Azurlana Mubrez Azurlana Mubrez Barak Lourk Barak Lourk Bazooka Medica Bazooka Medica Beau Gosse Beau Gosse Blackrose Serafin Blackrose Serafin Butter Fist Butter Fist Captain Necro Captain Necro Cel Rehw-setlas Cel Rehw-setlas Coop Diddy Coop Diddy Cordreuth Venn Cordreuth Venn Cutdown Azrael Cutdown Azrael Cybezter Zar Cybezter Zar Cyril Kaze Cyril Kaze D- Lion D- Lion Darius Alhazred Darius Alhazred Deberto Leon Deberto Leon Demetria Nephilim Demetria Nephilim Denk Spakka Denk Spakka Dilart Dark Dilart Dark Dillon Templetoot Dillon Templetoot Drifting Sapphire Drifting Sapphire Eddie Graham Eddie Graham Edward Ken Edward Ken Eizo Ktnh Eizo Ktnh Elise Langston Elise Langston Esdes Frozen Esdes Frozen Esellia Lia Esellia Lia Fakhamaa Hussain Fakhamaa Hussain Farron Light Farron Light Fifteen Zeroes Fifteen Zeroes Flare Purpleheart Flare Purpleheart Foudre Lightningblade Foudre Lightningblade Fregrin Ashgather Fregrin Ashgather Gan Zoars Gan Zoars Garand Ocelot Garand Ocelot Gladiolus Nanaki Gladiolus Nanaki Grace Hotbodyson Grace Hotbodyson Grawlix Winters Grawlix Winters Grela Sturmdrang Grela Sturmdrang Guldo L'esthete Guldo L'esthete Gull Stjornu Gull Stjornu Haossa Hao Haossa Hao Harald Haldorsen Harald Haldorsen Healer Died Healer Died Hinako Tachikake Hinako Tachikake Hunter Clawthorne Hunter Clawthorne Hyxia White Hyxia White Icchi Roronoa Icchi Roronoa Idris Forebear Idris Forebear Ildri Ejinn Ildri Ejinn Ilsyer Rilvenar Ilsyer Rilvenar Infusion Nn Infusion Nn Inphyy Brimstone Inphyy Brimstone Inphyy Brimstone Inphyy Brimstone Ithronel Mirayra Ithronel Mirayra Jackie Skellington Jackie Skellington Jane Tawah Jane Tawah Jasmine Lovelock Jasmine Lovelock Jopopotaru Joestar Jopopotaru Joestar Jorono Jovanna Jorono Jovanna Kaichu Ryu Kaichu Ryu Kaidou San Kaidou San Kaitlyn Wulf Kaitlyn Wulf Koritsu Shiota Koritsu Shiota Kosni Topboy Kosni Topboy Kvyra Night Kvyra Night Kyoriri Chumimi Kyoriri Chumimi Kyzaon Blackmoore Kyzaon Blackmoore Leanne Ashana Leanne Ashana Lemon Tart Lemon Tart Light Zash Light Zash Lilinette Luizenbarn Lilinette Luizenbarn Lotte Yanson Lotte Yanson Lucifer Denica Lucifer Denica Lucille Desroches Lucille Desroches Lucky De'dannan Lucky De'dannan Lucky Rare Lucky Rare Luisa Eldunari Luisa Eldunari Lyryie Raava Lyryie Raava Mac Macca Mac Macca Makun Le'for Makun Le'for Massimo Portas Massimo Portas Masta Buhen Masta Buhen Maxus Darkthorn Maxus Darkthorn Mikhail Gvarishvili Mikhail Gvarishvili Mikro Eijnn Mikro Eijnn Mir Noa Mir Noa Mizuna Aquazi Mizuna Aquazi Monhi Ptchacka Monhi Ptchacka Mordred Fate Mordred Fate Mouflon Lepouff Mouflon Lepouff Mysa Ki Mysa Ki Nasty Lap Nasty Lap Neo Poli'tan Neo Poli'tan Nero Shiko Nero Shiko Netorare Deka Netorare Deka Neuro Chloro Neuro Chloro Nice Kage Nice Kage Nidavaite Xex Nidavaite Xex Nikita Blyat Nikita Blyat O'rinoco Flow O'rinoco Flow Odalric Ithronel Odalric Ithronel Okin Aramdin Okin Aramdin Old Madao Old Madao Phyxdan Ismodeus Phyxdan Ismodeus Piu Memitius Piu Memitius Princess Healer Princess Healer Psixxxeya Psixxxopad Psixxxeya Psixxxopad Rage God Rage God Raven Blue Raven Blue Ref Slow Ref Slow Remi Aba Remi Aba Rosyrie Averiel Rosyrie Averiel Rovius Artemicion Rovius Artemicion Rubyy Fae Rubyy Fae Rupert Redwald Rupert Redwald Saebi Xantra Saebi Xantra Saki Hakuuchi Saki Hakuuchi Seika Nando Seika Nando Shadow Klinser Shadow Klinser Shauna Whitestar Shauna Whitestar Sheydy Whitemoon Sheydy Whitemoon Shimmering Dawn Shimmering Dawn Shinah Hikaru Shinah Hikaru Shiroe Kogane Shiroe Kogane Shunsui Hattori Shunsui Hattori Skeithee Zeal Skeithee Zeal Sofia Stormbringer Sofia Stormbringer Sole Aether Sole Aether Sorin Valencia Sorin Valencia Space Toastbrot Space Toastbrot Strikeforce Gundan Strikeforce Gundan Taleporias Mperikios Taleporias Mperikios Tami Exnihilo Tami Exnihilo Tami Suzuna Tami Suzuna Tasos Kabosyan Tasos Kabosyan Tendercheek Terlline Tendercheek Terlline Theonly Moony Theonly Moony Thor Azgard Thor Azgard Thror Spikehammer Thror Spikehammer Toto Pepega Toto Pepega Tsuni Tsunashi Tsuni Tsunashi Ulf Nitj'sefni Ulf Nitj'sefni Unholy Wynter Unholy Wynter Valentine Luinwe Valentine Luinwe Vanilla Uwu Vanilla Uwu Vankash Avashiva Vankash Avashiva Varyen Canzy Varyen Canzy Vavmor Foxx Vavmor Foxx Ven Inja Ven Inja Vinxina Alaveara Vinxina Alaveara Vira Targaryen Vira Targaryen Wanadiel Cerah Wanadiel Cerah Y'scerz Tia Y'scerz Tia Y'tissa Rhel Y'tissa Rhel Yadrea Choon Yadrea Choon Yellowapron Bubba Yellowapron Bubba Yue Ying Yue Ying Yurhee Rumi Yurhee Rumi Z'lyhia Rhel Z'lyhia Rhel Zack Soldier Zack Soldier Zak Slinger Zak Slinger Zander Dawgaurd Zander Dawgaurd Zephi Nightpride Zephi Nightpride Zvaiver Stormrage Zvaiver Stormrage Zynrael Crowe Zynrael Crowe Abysswalker Miyuki 4thClassSOLDIER Abysswalker Miyuki Adaman Taimai 4thClassSOLDIER Adaman Taimai Agate Soraya 4thClassSOLDIER Agate Soraya Alice Raau 4thClassSOLDIER Alice Raau Altan Zerach 4thClassSOLDIER Altan Zerach Awesome Forrest 4thClassSOLDIER Awesome Forrest Bohris Delacruz 4thClassSOLDIER Bohris Delacruz Bread Pit 4thClassSOLDIER Bread Pit Bread Sheeran 4thClassSOLDIER Bread Sheeran Buddy Rhys 4thClassSOLDIER Buddy Rhys Chipin Jang 4thClassSOLDIER Chipin Jang Coffee Addict 4thClassSOLDIER Coffee Addict Corn Flake 4thClassSOLDIER Corn Flake Daiz Goldenheart 4thClassSOLDIER Daiz Goldenheart Danny Ali 4thClassSOLDIER Danny Ali Daoiri Flynn 4thClassSOLDIER Daoiri Flynn Davaite Xex 4thClassSOLDIER Davaite Xex Dia Creet 4thClassSOLDIER Dia Creet Dodda Khebheb 4thClassSOLDIER Dodda Khebheb Drekalis Verfell 4thClassSOLDIER Drekalis Verfell Ebashu Vkashu 4thClassSOLDIER Ebashu Vkashu Elena Stormsister 4thClassSOLDIER Elena Stormsister Ember Eventide 4thClassSOLDIER Ember Eventide Ever Silico 4thClassSOLDIER Ever Silico Funkeyyyy Antonelli 4thClassSOLDIER Funkeyyyy Antonelli Gehrman Redsteel 4thClassSOLDIER Gehrman Redsteel Hymliryss Ahldabylsyn 4thClassSOLDIER Hymliryss Ahldabylsyn Inania Regna 4thClassSOLDIER Inania Regna Jinuo Darkblade 4thClassSOLDIER Jinuo Darkblade Kiryumi Kazuma 4thClassSOLDIER Kiryumi Kazuma Loma Varia 4thClassSOLDIER Loma Varia Loma Veria 4thClassSOLDIER Loma Veria Lomaa Veria 4thClassSOLDIER Lomaa Veria Lomaaa Veria 4thClassSOLDIER Lomaaa Veria Lord Radahn 4thClassSOLDIER Lord Radahn Lori Rysto 4thClassSOLDIER Lori Rysto Losnar Lakesvill 4thClassSOLDIER Losnar Lakesvill Lucas Stormbreaker 4thClassSOLDIER Lucas Stormbreaker Lyla Kath 4thClassSOLDIER Lyla Kath Malaveth Arden 4thClassSOLDIER Malaveth Arden Mariautez Branchais 4thClassSOLDIER Mariautez Branchais Matthew Anthony 4thClassSOLDIER Matthew Anthony Might Day 4thClassSOLDIER Might Day Millbert Colt 4thClassSOLDIER Millbert Colt Mogrim Freyr 4thClassSOLDIER Mogrim Freyr Moth Kathain 4thClassSOLDIER Moth Kathain Narcissistic Baka 4thClassSOLDIER Narcissistic Baka Necedra Riva 4thClassSOLDIER Necedra Riva Nick Papado 4thClassSOLDIER Nick Papado Nour Lios 4thClassSOLDIER Nour Lios Pommes Currywurst 4thClassSOLDIER Pommes Currywurst Pucink Ria 4thClassSOLDIER Pucink Ria Ragnell Dite 4thClassSOLDIER Ragnell Dite Ray Danshi 4thClassSOLDIER Ray Danshi Razariah Arvida 4thClassSOLDIER Razariah Arvida Reapor Xel 4thClassSOLDIER Reapor Xel Rinoa Abysswalker 4thClassSOLDIER Rinoa Abysswalker Saeris Ashbringer 4thClassSOLDIER Saeris Ashbringer Sky Weber 4thClassSOLDIER Sky Weber Sol Raven 4thClassSOLDIER Sol Raven Sparda Demonsslayer 4thClassSOLDIER Sparda Demonsslayer Striion Hanake 4thClassSOLDIER Striion Hanake Tera Kamio 4thClassSOLDIER Tera Kamio The Punisher 4thClassSOLDIER The Punisher Vanessa Darkholme 4thClassSOLDIER Vanessa Darkholme Vuthil Hrimleif 4thClassSOLDIER Vuthil Hrimleif Yalaidhwen-ni Eir 4thClassSOLDIER Yalaidhwen-ni Eir Yama Caelum 4thClassSOLDIER Yama Caelum Yang'sae Amariyo 4thClassSOLDIER Yang'sae Amariyo Yola'fen K'hurasi 4thClassSOLDIER Yola'fen K'hurasi