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Existence is Pain

Rank 30 Free Company "Existence is Pain" was formed on and registered on with ID 9233645873504842815. Last set of interviews conducted on .

has the following slogan:

We have a house, constant buffs, and communal chocobo raising. Feel free to ask questions. We have no expectations, I just hope you enjoy the gam

Operates on Adamantoise, Aether, leaving tags "WEEB" all over the place and increasing glory of Order of the Twin AdderOrder of the Twin Adder. Has a large base named "Animu Manor" on plot 3 in ward 26 of The Lavender Beds, Gridania, The Black Shroud Show on map.

Has this message on its plot placard:

One Drugs Pleas

Participates in:

  • LevelingLeveling
  • CasualCasual
  • HardcoreHardcore
  • DungeonsDungeons
  • GuildhestsGuildhests
  • TrialsTrials
  • RaidsRaids

Is recruiting:

  • TankTank
  • HealerHealer
  • CrafterCrafter
  • GathererGatherer

Current members:

Aegirine Gymir Aegirine Gymir Aervor Alvitr Aervor Alvitr Aevar Bishop Aevar Bishop Aine Sutara Aine Sutara Akagii Sora Akagii Sora Akane Avalon Akane Avalon Aladdin Tempo Aladdin Tempo Aldiytha Thorne Aldiytha Thorne Aletheia Dawnbreaker Aletheia Dawnbreaker Alex Rhel Alex Rhel Alexandria Snow Alexandria Snow Alicina Fields Alicina Fields Alin Lutz Alin Lutz Alissamoon Saphira Alissamoon Saphira Alwin Hayward Alwin Hayward Alyss Courvoisier Alyss Courvoisier Am Loop Am Loop Andruid Cannonic Andruid Cannonic Ankle Nibbler Ankle Nibbler Annette Thrallwyn Annette Thrallwyn Aqua Reaper Aqua Reaper Arabella Diamante Arabella Diamante Arctic War Arctic War Ariel Angelico Ariel Angelico Aris Tumbletop Aris Tumbletop Ariya Saracin Ariya Saracin Ark Weavan Ark Weavan Artorias Abyss'walker Artorias Abyss'walker Ash Faery Ash Faery Ash Highwind Ash Highwind Ashin Arkwright Ashin Arkwright Asio Mcnug Asio Mcnug Athiouz Darkstar Athiouz Darkstar Atrisian Molridor Atrisian Molridor Aura Angelsoar Aura Angelsoar Aurianna Redd Aurianna Redd Auswell Endswell Auswell Endswell Auzu Claritas Auzu Claritas Avira Aikon Avira Aikon Awayuki Maibito Awayuki Maibito Azazel Faroth Azazel Faroth B'reani Tyata B'reani Tyata Banana Nunh Banana Nunh Basilik Eryut Basilik Eryut Bastion Hill Bastion Hill Beatrix Cromwell Beatrix Cromwell Bee Bread Bee Bread Beedo Fencer Beedo Fencer Bellus Magus Bellus Magus Belziros Tematur Belziros Tematur Bigol Critties Bigol Critties Billos Billos Billos Billos Blagera Forsay Blagera Forsay Bortz Blackwolf Bortz Blackwolf Brak Apollos Brak Apollos Brandy Gg Brandy Gg Braxma Tonem Braxma Tonem Bultger Ejinn Bultger Ejinn Burnt Curry Burnt Curry Caithe Do'urden Caithe Do'urden Cal'urinn Amrir Cal'urinn Amrir Cam Rensat Cam Rensat Canibous Wolfsbane Canibous Wolfsbane Capio Tribal Capio Tribal Catleed Nadanada Catleed Nadanada Cave Cat Cave Cat Cedira Viras Cedira Viras Celestine Lunagaron Celestine Lunagaron Chartreuse Matoya Chartreuse Matoya Cheycheyigen Moll Cheycheyigen Moll Chokolate Vincit Chokolate Vincit Cind El Cind El Clam Tastic Clam Tastic Clint Torres Clint Torres Clockwork Sandman Clockwork Sandman Comic Book Comic Book Controller Gamer Controller Gamer Cooter Killer Cooter Killer Corrin Sothis Corrin Sothis Cotota Dataq Cotota Dataq Cowsashi Miyamoto Cowsashi Miyamoto Creepy Soul Creepy Soul Daibhidh Hawke Daibhidh Hawke Danica Nilani Danica Nilani Darenlan White Darenlan White Darkness Nadanada Darkness Nadanada Davey Noodle Davey Noodle Day Song Day Song Denky Ubyltusyn Denky Ubyltusyn Derka Tank Derka Tank Deviljow Darkwave Deviljow Darkwave Dionysius Diamante Dionysius Diamante Dirk Gentley Dirk Gentley Divar Dracul Divar Dracul Dorinya Delumia Dorinya Delumia Dormir Daigon Dormir Daigon Dracomar Drakonis Dracomar Drakonis Dragonsong Hannah Dragonsong Hannah Drog Ved-shul Drog Ved-shul Dyne Myst Dyne Myst E'y'eio Dawnwalker E'y'eio Dawnwalker Eden Nakiri Eden Nakiri Elea Kervonen Elea Kervonen Elincia Astra Elincia Astra Ella Ella Ella Ella Emi Dose Emi Dose Emiria Vess Emiria Vess Evangeline Luviana Evangeline Luviana Ezra Flux Ezra Flux Ezra Shivani Ezra Shivani Feldamege Mull Feldamege Mull Fiishin Space Fiishin Space Finn Finnster Finn Finnster Fireborn Volinir Fireborn Volinir Flavour Town Flavour Town Flesh Hungry Flesh Hungry Fluffy Catmom Fluffy Catmom Forgiven Deadbeat Forgiven Deadbeat Frosty Oi Frosty Oi Generally Oblivious Generally Oblivious Gerald Coldheart Gerald Coldheart Geralt Vilgefortz Geralt Vilgefortz Germ Germ Germ Germ Gremia Azeneth Gremia Azeneth Griffith Godhand Griffith Godhand Grimlock Dinobot Grimlock Dinobot Gun Control Gun Control Hamfu Hammer Hamfu Hammer Haname Nagae Haname Nagae Hanamieya Nadanada Hanamieya Nadanada Hel'ya Brother Hel'ya Brother Hellen Barley Hellen Barley Hello Holiday Hello Holiday Hikari Hirayama Hikari Hirayama Hinata Rui Hinata Rui Hiro Yeager Hiro Yeager Hiroyuki Owari Hiroyuki Owari Hotty Mchot Hotty Mchot Howie Feltersnatch Howie Feltersnatch Hugh Munghus Hugh Munghus Izanu Khatayin Izanu Khatayin Izuna Onishi Izuna Onishi J'onn J'onzz J'onn J'onzz Jace Shadowfoot Jace Shadowfoot Jae Eun Jae Eun Jazara Fleetfoot Jazara Fleetfoot Jesse Armstrong Jesse Armstrong Jester Traits Jester Traits Jimmeuht Mercer Jimmeuht Mercer Jin Blood Jin Blood Johann Pachelbel Johann Pachelbel John Chores John Chores Johnn'y Bravo Johnn'y Bravo Joker Uwu Joker Uwu Jubrunnah Diamante Jubrunnah Diamante Justnada Nadanada Justnada Nadanada Jvb Nobody Jvb Nobody K'ai Sansen K'ai Sansen Kaia Fukov Kaia Fukov Kaine Rubrum Kaine Rubrum Karthur Spicer Karthur Spicer Karzi Wynter Karzi Wynter Katapas Sammet Katapas Sammet Katerina Gydromystein Katerina Gydromystein Kato Armas Kato Armas Katpoo Inmyfurr Katpoo Inmyfurr Kay Kross Kay Kross Keera Weisshartt Keera Weisshartt Kentrosci Kenji Kentrosci Kenji Kesian Aquazephyr Kesian Aquazephyr Kestra Starsong Kestra Starsong Kevins Chili Kevins Chili Khal Dalamiq Khal Dalamiq Khali Nokomis Khali Nokomis Kiden Razafar Kiden Razafar Killa Whale Killa Whale King Drool King Drool Kiri Komori Kiri Komori Kortanya Salvator Kortanya Salvator Krimas Sagahl Krimas Sagahl Krube Qubian Krube Qubian Kukka Xiv Kukka Xiv Kususu Kusu Kususu Kusu Kwag Atron Kwag Atron Lama Jackson Lama Jackson Laniella Apollos Laniella Apollos Lazlo Roda Lazlo Roda Lee Littlepaws Lee Littlepaws Legacy Sword Legacy Sword Lephi Camoa Lephi Camoa Levin Straze Levin Straze Lexico Drass Lexico Drass Light Reign Light Reign Liina Rose Liina Rose Lilium Amare Lilium Amare Lionel Rubrum Lionel Rubrum Lola Elegance Lola Elegance Lord Wells Lord Wells Lostvayne Enigma Lostvayne Enigma Lou Makise Lou Makise Loyd Forger Loyd Forger Lumi Minttu Lumi Minttu Luna Lunaria Luna Lunaria Luna Malanthrose Luna Malanthrose Luner Reed Luner Reed Lyra Lucis Lyra Lucis Mae'vvi Stoermshade Mae'vvi Stoermshade Mal Forge Mal Forge Maria Grace Maria Grace Meaunant Deaufond Meaunant Deaufond Melk Galactian Melk Galactian Merni Mernesto Merni Mernesto Mether Operain Mether Operain Miketh Walther Miketh Walther Miraak Malbert Miraak Malbert Miriel Loux Miriel Loux Mizu Aijin Mizu Aijin Mizuki Teriyaki Mizuki Teriyaki Molibro Spro Molibro Spro Moonia Zylon Moonia Zylon Morgant Darkwind Morgant Darkwind Mr Grimmonkey Mr Grimmonkey Mr Thyme Mr Thyme Myroh Ferox Myroh Ferox Nashu M'hakaracca Nashu M'hakaracca Navellea Kondur Navellea Kondur Nessa Lightstone Nessa Lightstone Nikkita Shepard Nikkita Shepard Noelle Luya Noelle Luya Not Ash Not Ash Not Healing Not Healing Nyar Ixyae Nyar Ixyae Nymphadora Nyx Nymphadora Nyx Nyx Mercer Nyx Mercer Oari Crimson Oari Crimson October Samael October Samael Odebla Dendrite Odebla Dendrite Okami Katsumi Okami Katsumi Omega Dungeon Omega Dungeon Omni Callion Omni Callion Opie Waeth Opie Waeth Ostensibly Mikoto Ostensibly Mikoto Oyumi Kakita Oyumi Kakita Pathi Borel Pathi Borel Pepper Dr Pepper Dr Periko Hana Periko Hana Philomen Schulltheiss Philomen Schulltheiss Pho Aenon Pho Aenon Pid Au'ra-ara Pid Au'ra-ara Pithus Killtok Pithus Killtok Polydeuces Zeppeli Polydeuces Zeppeli Pres Chicken Pres Chicken Pretty Bvnny Pretty Bvnny Princess Zelda Princess Zelda Professor Apollos Professor Apollos Quinna Lingus Quinna Lingus Quistis T'repe Quistis T'repe Racketeering Toddler Racketeering Toddler Raid Wiper Raid Wiper Raiden Snow Raiden Snow Raiel Djt-marouc Raiel Djt-marouc Raise Pls Raise Pls Rayllis Duskstrider Rayllis Duskstrider Reagar Nightblade Reagar Nightblade Red Fantasea Red Fantasea Red Magnolia Red Magnolia Red Zephyr Red Zephyr Reina Zane Reina Zane Rerei Rei Rerei Rei Rgence G'wen Rgence G'wen Rhysa Enshine Rhysa Enshine Riad Westr Riad Westr Rictor Kraven Rictor Kraven Rocky Reekn Rocky Reekn Roderik Malanthrose Roderik Malanthrose Roroma Roma Roroma Roma Rosie Tethras Rosie Tethras Rowan Soothsayer Rowan Soothsayer Sachie Kogara Sachie Kogara Saddie Plaguebearer Saddie Plaguebearer Saulden Bellveil Saulden Bellveil Scarlet Nadanada Scarlet Nadanada Seen Enrage Seen Enrage Senah Wystbrook Senah Wystbrook Sepulatura Porter Sepulatura Porter Sera Quowaital Sera Quowaital Shadowx Reaper Shadowx Reaper Shadowxxx Reaper Shadowxxx Reaper Shamwowww Cleaning Shamwowww Cleaning Shiden Urabe Shiden Urabe Shigure Shadowblade Shigure Shadowblade Shiina Kami Shiina Kami Shyomi Katsumi Shyomi Katsumi Sifuwana Bahnghyur Sifuwana Bahnghyur Sigurd Barr'bhekyu Sigurd Barr'bhekyu Silver Strive Silver Strive Simple Weeb Simple Weeb Sky Nadanada Sky Nadanada Sleepy Sparks Sleepy Sparks Solaris Everine Solaris Everine Sophocles Rex Sophocles Rex Specter Firemist Specter Firemist Spiri Fire Spiri Fire Splorchess Tictac Splorchess Tictac Srickey Lhea Srickey Lhea Stella Polaris Stella Polaris Stella Starlight Stella Starlight Strazh Aminova Strazh Aminova Suoqon Tiese Suoqon Tiese Suriyanna Sargella Suriyanna Sargella Swoop Greywolfe Swoop Greywolfe Sylphil Valentine Sylphil Valentine Sylvia Grr Sylvia Grr Synn Blackstone Synn Blackstone Taino Zyron Taino Zyron Talan Rivers Talan Rivers Talon Vankaiser Talon Vankaiser Taran Tula Taran Tula Taygeta Lucis Taygeta Lucis Taylor Masq Taylor Masq Teeny Dude Teeny Dude Teh Chron Teh Chron Tenchi Aurelius Tenchi Aurelius Tharja Viras Tharja Viras The Pigeon The Pigeon Themis Lakhesis Themis Lakhesis Therre Hawthorne Therre Hawthorne Thunder Demon Thunder Demon Tiphane Janlenoux Tiphane Janlenoux Toats Magoats Toats Magoats Tohru Sato Tohru Sato Toki Kiki Toki Kiki Torgaz Or'honsen Torgaz Or'honsen Trian Ashura Trian Ashura Tsuyomik Tsu Tsuyomik Tsu Turkyface Dragon Turkyface Dragon Tyrael Cezanth Tyrael Cezanth Valtira Kamei Valtira Kamei Valysria Sol'rath Valysria Sol'rath Varius Tallstagg Varius Tallstagg Vassara Mi'ir Vassara Mi'ir Vexia Maxum Vexia Maxum Viiltd Lunor Viiltd Lunor Ville Hermen Ville Hermen Vince Vito Vince Vito Violent Evergarden Violent Evergarden Violet Goode Violet Goode Violette Noir Violette Noir Voynomir Brankasch Voynomir Brankasch Wolf Izanami Wolf Izanami Worse Company Worse Company Xenia Xarcabard Xenia Xarcabard Xenon Forcer Xenon Forcer Xeran Krio Xeran Krio Xiao Rawbewesfv Xiao Rawbewesfv Y'rellia Iskarr Y'rellia Iskarr Yassy Nutz Yassy Nutz Yemskar C' Yemskar C' Yenzelle Bosco Yenzelle Bosco Yuki Shusendo Yuki Shusendo Yvaine Dust Yvaine Dust Z'aleh Tenebrae Z'aleh Tenebrae Z'attano Nyx Z'attano Nyx Zaladaine Xain Zaladaine Xain Zana'tan Ul'tusyn Zana'tan Ul'tusyn Zellular Saracin Zellular Saracin Zhule Porobear Zhule Porobear Zorrina Dob Zorrina Dob Furi Dotharl House Designers Furi Dotharl Gidon Origson House Designers Gidon Origson